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Alex Jones / 911 Truth / We Are Change - Who Are the Gatekeepers? - There is a war on for your mind. And since you aren't using it, we will.
The 2 Sides of Freemasonry - Controlling the 911 Truth Movement

 The Machine: Hey kid, we have something to talk with you about.
Alex Jones: Oh, yeah, I don't have anything to talk to you about, other than letting you have a piece of my mind. I hate what the system is doing to people, and there isn't anything you can tell me to change my mind. I have been researching your game and I know what you're all about.
The Machine: Settle down, young man, we're not here to harass you or bother you, we want to make you a very special offer.
Alex Jones: Yeah, i'm listening, what is it you want?
The Machine: We have been watching you. We have noticed you have some good qualities and you're very passionate. You really want to change the system, dont you?
Alex Jones: Yes, i'm sick of it! I can't stand the abuses, the concentration camps, the gearing up for martial law, the genocide, etc.
The Machine: Your a very articulate young man, and you appear to have a very memory retention as well. That can work well for you.
Alex Jones: Well, I have been studying the issues and they are important to me.
The Machine: Well, you know, people don't make a living hawking conspiracy books and videos. It's not a financially rewarding job.
Alex Jones: Well that's allright, I'm determined, i'll do what it takes, and who knows, maybe i'll become a famous film-maker one day.
The Machine: We already know that you'll become a famous film-maker one day.
Alex Jones: How do you know that? What do you mean?
The Machine: We told you what to dream. You dreamed of a big radio star, who made major films that were seen wide and far.
Alex Jones: And I like to eat in the steak bar. Do you think I will drive a Jaguar?
The Machine: Well, Alex, you know the only people who survive in the game, are the ones that play along with the rules of the game. You know this, don't you?
Alex Jones: Well, I dont necessarily believe that. If they want to kill me, they can do that. But they won't dampen my spirit and my effect on the world.
The Machine: Alex, there are worse things that can happen to you than you being injured or killed. Your family could suffer, and then you'll suffer even more. Now, i'm not saying that will happen, but i'm just proposing, that there are always people who can reach you, and hurt you. What is to stop them from doing this?
Alex Jones: Look, if you're threatening me, you better leave right now buddy, cause you're getting me real mad.
The Machine: Well, I don't want to get you mad Alex. Actually, you see, I came to speak to you to offer you a real serious and promising opportuinity.
Alex Jones: I knew it, of course, they want to stop me. Of course they want to buy me out or pay me off to suppress me right?
The Machine: No, actually we want to do the opposite.
Alex Jones: What do you mean? Is this some sort of a trick or something? You know, you can't fool me. I know all your games. You play people against each other, you rape, kill and destroy people's lives, you're all dirty players, and I can small your dirt a mile away.
The Machine: Well you know Alex, we are not all, "bad" people. Some of us actually oppose some of the ideas of the New World Order. We are not all on the same side, you know. There is great division in the ranks. You have heard of the John Birch Society haven't you?
Alex Jones: Yes, I know of them, they are a pretty good group of people.
The Machine: Well, yeah they are, and believe it or not, they work for us.
Alex Jones: In what way?
The Machine: Well, who do you think helped set up the John Birch Society? The Rockefeller's helped start it off. Oh, you were't aware of that, were you?
Alex Jones: Well, no, I wasn't. That just doesn't make sense. Why would the Rockefellers do that, when they are the ones who are pushing for a one-world government?
The Machine: Well, it's simple really. You're an intelligent person, Alex, I'm sure you'll understand this. The families that are in power that no real challenges in the world. We don't really believe the people will ever wake up even if the truth was placed right in front of them. We have tested this over and over, and we know the nature of peple and what makes them tick. As long as they have their luxuries, they will look the other way.
Alex Jones: Yeah, tell me about it.
The Machine: Well, you see, my friend, some of our supposed enemies are actually our "friends". Our friends not only recieve funding from us from time to time, they get left alone, in the overall scheme of things. Our "friends" get to meet all sorts of famous people, like celebrities and rock stars, and they get to basically do and say what they want. We don't treat our friends bad. After all, we are helping each other.
Alex Jones: Well, how are you proposing that I can help you, and you can help me?
The Machine: Just continue to do what your doing now. Don't change a thing, overall. You can keep talking about the New World Order, the FEMA concentration camps, the United Nations troops, the martial law program, the eugenics and genocide and things like gun rights and your views on god, abortion and the bible. That's all fine with us.
Alex Jones: Really! You are actually encouraging me to do this?
The Machine: Well, to a limit, of course.
Alex Jones: What limites are we talking about?. I dont know if I like the sound of that.
The Machine: Well, we are offering you success, Alex. We are offering you safety. We are offering you financial rewards that the ability to do what your heart and passion desires, with your life, and your activism.
Alex Jones: Well, what are these limits, then. Tell me now!
The Machine:
1.) We don't want you to encourage the people to rise up through violence or the use of guns. We don't want you provoking people. You can warn them all you want, but don't be provocative or encouraging with dangerous action. We want you to sound the ararms like Patrick Henry, but don't be a George Washington.
2.) We don't want you to encourage the "sovereign" activists through encouraging them to use the court system to fight for their freedoms. We will put you in touch with best insider, Larry Becraft. He is considered a "patriot attorney" and you will refer all IRS and court freedom activists in his direction, where he will corral them all in an orderly fashion. Our man Larry helps people SOMETIMES...and sometimes he needs to make some CASH! He is our man, so work with him.
3.) We are going to pull off a MAJOR event in the near future. We will let you in on some of it and keep you informed of some of the "inside" details, and you will become very popular around this subject, for informing people of theings the government isn't telling them. Your job will be to help us steer the information inthe direction we want it to go in. You see, there is a need to guide certain movements, and you will help us do this, and nobody will ever be the wiser.
4.) We need you to keep a focus on the major issues of the John Birch Society, and we will tolerate a variance from these topics, but the frocus MUST remain on the same topics that the Birch people have been working on for years. The One-World Government, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, and you can even bring secret societies into the mix. You can talk a little on topics like Zionism and the Catholic Church, but these are the areas you will stay away from, for the most part, and what little information you reveal will be tightly controlled and packaged for the masses.
The Machine: Do you understand your assignment?
Alex Jones: Well, I don't understand why you're doing this, really and what my boundaries are?
The Machine: Alex, we need people to oppose the globalists. We need a visual and audio presence who is challenging our objectives. It is only through this process, when the waters of Chaos are stirred with the ingredients of Order, that society progresses. We have done this for thousands of years. There has to be opposition, and people have to be intellectually stimulated. If we don't have a voice out there opposing us, it will be apparent to the people that we have killed all the opposition, because they will surely know something is wrong, and wonder to themselves, how come no one is speaking about it?
Alex Jones: I see now, I see. This way we both get to do what we long as we each leave each other alone, in our private homes, so to speak, right?
The Machine: Exactly!
Alex Jones: Consider me a part of the team, but don't ever come up to me in public, or I will have to yell at you and make you look real bad, allright?
The Machine: Of course, Alex, my friend. And we will do the same, so please don't take it personally. This will be our little secret.

Of course, this was a hypothetical conversation that never really happened. Or did it? That's the million dollar question, isn't it?

     I don't really know the answer to that, and I will not assume this is what happened, but I believe the reality is very, very close to this.
Why do I think this? Well, I spent some time investigating Alex Jones for myself. Being a conspiracy researcher myself, and having been investigating conspiracies at least as long as Alex Jones, I felt I could take a closer look at the situation and figure out what is behind "Prison Planet" if anything. Were they actually on "our" side (the people), or were they a part of the system (freemasons) in some unknown and unconnected way.
     I spent several weeks in the prison planet forum posting thoughts, and writings, and links. I encountered a very strange phenomenon. Everyone was warlike and unfriendly, if you were not in agreement with their theories and findings of facts and conclusions concerning several particular conspiracies like 911 in particular.
     Well, I have been in lots of forums on the internet and most of them are full of young kids who like to argue. This was different though. These little kids were intelligent grownups, who were acting like kids, but even more like "agents".
     I have also been around lots of conspiracy researchers, and usually, people agree to disagree. I have never been around conspiracy researchers who insist they have the only answer and truth. Until I ran into the 911 Truth crowd. Well, Alex Jones is at the forefront of the 911 Truth movement. These people are fanatics like I have never seen or experienced before. Of course, there are things that we can all agree on, that are evident, like bombs in the buildings. Yes, people heard explosions, but there are lots of things that are unknown or unproven. Now, to insist you have the answer, is either "intentional propaganda", or just plain dumb arrogance. In this case, the insistence, combines with the consistant labeling of alternative theories is condemned as being "agent provacateurs", and/or "project mockingbird", actors.
     The real truth came out one day when I was listening to Alex and he said the following : Oct. 1, 2008 -
Alex Jones Quote "These people build giant computer companies.....they're worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Trilllions total. They design the buildings, the architecture, the roads, things work! They run things! ... you understand? ... They've got their stuff together! ...
They're in power! And they're arrogant! ... and they see you watching football games...and they see you fighting like white trash in your frontyards...and they see you stupidly buying the prozac ads and all the rest of it...and going along with their scam.....and they say don't have a right to live because you're so stupid you bought into what we did. ... They claim that they have 'rules', .... and that's why they tell you what they are going to do to you. ... (OP's Comment : Here is where he really reveals himself) ... I've even been told through the grapevine, and in person by elitists .....Alex, we're glad you're know, we believe that the slaves ought to have a chance to know what were going to do to them.....our intellects are so much greater than people are so pathetic and know, we want to give you a little head start...we want to give you a little idea of what were going to do to you...and you've got these self assured smiley faced tough guy men (Read alex jones) into their false illusion of them being tough....

     Believe it or not, I do have some respect for Alex Jones. If it was not for Alex Joes, millions of people would still be asleep.
However, I also believe that Alex works for the system, somehow, somewhere. The system needs people to warn people about things. Let's say, the government is going to vaccinate people without their permission. Well, if you were approached by a government representative and they asked you to stick out your arm, you would say "Hell NO!". But, with a warning first, then you know it's coming. Then your mind prepares for the ecent, and when it happens, it comes as no surprise, and the resistance is weakened. This is what I believe Alex's job is. Gatekeeper of the Truth Movement. Why do I say this? Because the Prison Planet Forum has consistently censored me, and so has Alex Jones.

     I called in one time to Alex's program and I was all set to discuss 911 Truth and my "No Planes" information. I was censored like crazy and Alex used the opportunity to prop himself up instead of the information. If you listen carefully to everything Alex says, you will find him doing something very peculiar. ALL OF ALEX JONES SPEECH IS INVERTED. Everytime he talks, all you have to do is reverse the speech and see if Alex is really talking about himself. Alex claims to preach about the truth, but what he does is tells lies, and if you want the truth, all you have to do is listen to him as if he's talking about himself. Listen to this call-in of mine.

Here is a copy of the post I made to Prison Planet Forum before the call-in. Click Here!

From April 8, 2008 - - (Someone supports me so much that they made a video to go along with the call-in.)
(Unfortunately, this video has been removed, like most videos from the past.

     Now, if that was not funny and an obvious attempt to make me look bad, and discredit the "No Planes" information......

From the Internet somewhere...
     Copy of Ret. Col. George Nelson's letter to Prison Planet's Paul Watson - RE: Pods and Missiles -- 15 September 2006

     A While back, i started posting on Prison Planet Forum, and discovered that it was heavily censored. Almost all my posts were heavily criticized, and a small group of people were behind the attacks and flames. Mostly these were diehard Alex Jones supporters, who blindly supported Alex without any hesitation. I became highly suspect.

     I have listened to Alex for years and I agree with most things he has to say, HOWEVER, there are people who are in the movement who are PLACED there for certain purposes, and not all of them are aware of this. I believe Alex is aware of his role as an "insider" because of his involvement with the John Birch Society, his hardcore distain for all "No Planes or TV Fakery" on 911 information, and his MEGA-SUCCESSFUL MULTI-MEDIA EMPIRE, not to mention the fact that he is a fear monger who people like Bill Cooper and Gen. Goerge Nelson warned us all about.

     One of my posts that I started on Prison Planet dealt with a personal experience of mine and a close friend who worked at the Shriners Hospital. He became a freemason and one day, at a lodge meeting, had a personal reptilian experience. He saw one in person. This is someone who NEVER believed me before, and generally did not listen when I spoke of these things. I posted this experience in the Prison Planet Forum, and I headed it, a Personal Experience of Mine involving Reptilians. The post "Title" was changed to something else by the staff at Prison Planet Forum, and that is why I know they are a disinformation campaign, with no doubt. Here is what they changed the post to " Topic: A Personal Story about how I like to spread the Reptilian agenda on truth sites" -- Here is a link to the thread. - - Take Notice how the Prison Planet supporters and posters all sound the same. They sound like children playing in a sandbox. In case they take it down, you can see the screenshot here. Click Here!

     Next, we have my Religion and UFO's Post. I posted a thread in order to get people thinking, about the similarities between Religion and the Spirituality of UFO's and Alien life. The post is very serious and thought provoking. I forget what the Post Header said, but I can tell you it was changed to what it currently reads..."How Mockingbird divides the truth movement by equating religion to UFOlogy". -- How about that one folks? The "Agenda" of Alex Jones and his followers is being exposed. The 911 Truth movement and the Truth Movement in general is being slowly hijacked by the fascists from Prison Planet, Infowars, We Are Change, etc. Here is a link to the thread : -- See the Image for Yourself. Click Here!

     How would you like it??? and How would you feel??? ....if you posted something on a site, with full intention to spread what you believe is your truth, (whether or not it's true, who is the judge?) ...and someone did this to your post? What would you think if someone intentional changed your post header and in effect changed and altered the meaning of it completely? Well, it would be one thing if you posted as Bugs Bunny, but I actually posted under my website domain name, "Freedomdomain". This has led me to believe that Alex Jones Infowars, is really a WAR TO CONTROL YOUR MIND!

     I made this page - Larouche / John Birchers / War Between Freemasonry Factions which was also posted to Prison Planet Forum.