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Alex Jones Call-In

  Here is my post to Prison Planet right before my call-in to the program on April 8, 2008 -

Hi Alex,
    I have never called into the program, but I'm about to for the first time.
I've been researching for almost 20 years, like yourself. I agree with about 95% of what you have to say. But, there are some topics of discussion that I will happily debate you on.

    First off, please don't be angry with me. I want to challenge you, and make you take a higher ground stand for the truth.

   There are several topics I want to debate you on, however, it will never happen in ten or twenty minutes, so if you want ot have me on, i'll be calling this week to try to get on to talk with you. Please don't curse at me or lose your cool. I'll do my best to show my respect for you and your opinion. Maybe we can have a REAL debate. Provided you don't ban yourself. (No cursing)

    If you're not afraid, and if you're not in a bad mood, and if your willing to confront issues that I can and will debate, then let's really take the gloves off, and do some straight shooting arguing.

Topic #1 - Which side are you on? -- According to the book "Scarlet and the Beast" by John Daniel, argueably the greatest conspiracy book ever put together, and not very well known.....There always have been two sides fighting against each other. There are the French Lodges of Freemasonry and the English Lodges of Freemasonry. There are also the Grand Orient "Unwarranted" lodges. There are also the Scottish Rite and York Rite Lodges. The Scottish Rite has a Northern and Southern Jurisdiction. -- I'm curious Alex, which side are you on? I will debate that you represent one side of this two sided coin. -- According to the Book, movers and shakers like Lydon LaRouche are likely but not fingered, members of the Grand Orient Lodges who are "unwarranted" and oppose English York Rite Freemasonry, represented by the bankers, Wall Street, Skull and Bones, and the Eastern Banking Establishment. According to John Daniel, the author, the unwarranted lodges work in stealth and not in "official" ways, to oppose the actions of the other side. In other words, Freemasonry has always been at war with itself, and all factions in the world, are working for one of the two sides, whether knowing it or not. The French Lodges or the English Lodges. Both are at war with each other, being orchestrated only by the higher ups. According to the book, the Priory of Sion split with the Templars under an arrangement called the "Cutting of the Elm at Gisors", and both agreed to go their seperate ways. But this was after the Templars stole the Wealth of Soloman's Gold from the Priory, which was under Soloman's Temple, and the Sion group vowed revenge and to get their gold back. The persecution of the Templars by Philip the Fair, was apparently related to this event. -- My question to you Alex, is you know the difference between the various lodges and sides? and if not, why not? and basically to flesh this whole thing out with you, as much as possible in about 10 minutes or so, if possible. The last 1700 years have been all about the war between these two factions, and somewhere in here, we can find some common ground, and maybe a decent arguement or two.

Topic #2 - No Planes hit the Twin Towers on 911. TV Fakery. Fetzer, Reynolds, and the missing buildings, 19 rector street, the rendering bridge, the cartoon planes. -- I firmly don't believe any planes hit the Twin Towers on 911. Call me crazy, but I have slowed down all the frames. I have watched all the videos. I have analyzed FRAME BY FRAME the planes crashing into the towers, and I have saved the videos and made the comparisons. There are far too many "glitches in the matrix" in this one for me to ignore.
     Number 1....the Planes do not explode until they are actually inside the buildings. No plane crash on the face of any buildings, only planes "magically dissappearing into the buildings" in ALL videos. Aluminum does not trump steel. (FACT) -- There are frames with only one wing showing. Frames with the airplane nose coming out from the other side of the building BEFORE you see explosions on the face of the buildings the planes entered in.
     Number 2....The cartoons shown to us by CNN and the major networks contains movement flaws. The bridge is "rendered" as in CGI in one of the films. That is CLEAR to anyone who has done ANY animation. the Tower get's closed in on, in the camers view, but the bride seems to be floating by like it's a sailboat or something. THIS IS A FAKE VIDEO! 
     Number 3....The Cartoons ALL show different angles of the planes crashing into the buildings. One shows a straight flight path, and another shows an angled flight pattern. Clearly, one of them is FAKE!!! (At least one of them, if not all of them) -- How can a plane be shown to fly straight in one video and angled in another.
     Number 4....In the video 19 Rector Street, it is clearly proven that the CNN video contains a "missing building". A building that exists in the skylike next to the Towers is MISSING from the CNN video. The Google Earth or Whatever the tricksters used to make the video....lect out this building and they didn't realize it when showing it to the public on TV.

My question to you Alex, is .......what do you have to say to respond to this? I want you to respond to EACH ONE OF THESE ISSUES, WITHOUT DIVERTING THE SUBJECT. I doubt you can and will, but maybe you'll prove me wrong. I hope you will.

Topic #3....UFOs and Aliens on Earth, Moon Missions, NASA Etc.
      Alex claims that the people who put this information out are trying to confuse and add disinformation to the truth movement and conspiracy related forums.
      Alex, you mean to tell me that Bill Cooper, Bill Hamilton, John Lear, Richard Hoagland, David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Jeff Rense, Whitley Streiber, Bud Hopkins, Brad Steiger, Billy Meir, Val Valerian, Dan Burish, Project Camelot, little 11 year old Boriska, David Wilcock, Philip Corso, Gary McKinnon, Steven Greer, Major George Filer, Lt Col. John Williams, Dr. Carol Rosen, Comm. Graham Bethuny, Don Philips, Prof. Robert Jacobs, and the whole Disclosure Project, Robert Morning Sky, Alex Collier, Barbara Marciniak, Bob Lazaar, etc. etc. etc.'re claiming they are all agents working on the same team huh?
     All working to spread lies and alien information that does not exist for what purpose? To keep us all looking in places for something that does not exist? That's a whole lot of people in on a major plot to disinform the public, consciously.
     Well, Alex, your argument that there is a NWO and that hundreds of people work together in collusion to perfect a more controlled population and that they plan to exterminate people etc. That's believable because there is a ton of information on it. But all you have to show that the UFO movement is a government conspiracy of disinformation is the fact that Rockefeller sponsored a meeting of UFO researchers and that The Rockefellers are involved in a related way, somehow and they are also behind the "green" movement so, therefore, you proclaim, that the whole thing is NOT REAL.
    Well, at the same time, you are actually dismissing a whole world of spirituality that exists in fact. You claim your a Christian, but you show no tolerance for other people's version of spirituality. The world is not as material and physical as you believe. Matter is NOT solid. There is a ton of space in between. In the same way, there is a ton of information out there that proves to anyone with an open mind, that there is more to reality than there is that meets the eye. In an instance, your dismissing everything non-material.
    You dismiss all abductions, unless they are government secret projects. You dismiss all channelings. All contactee experiences. All ideas foreign to the idea that the government is involved. That's closed minded, and reeks of ignorance or deliberate intentional misguidance. I'm not accusing you of doing anything bad intentionally. But you could be severely misguided yourself.
     I find it of peculiar interest that you don't allow room for an alternative point of view. Alex does not say anything like "there could be something to it, but i'm not aware of it personally", or "there is truth to it i'm sure, but there is so much disinformation out there mixed in with the truth, that I would be foolish to tackle it and try to prove it to you" that is reasonable, but instead, Alex claims it's all government disinformation and the information is all either manufactured, or put out by unwitting dupes of CIA mind control. That argument is ridiculous in my opinion.
    So, Alex, ghosts don't exist, bigfoot doesn't exist, UFOs are all government black ops, and all abductions are done by the government or they are hallucinations and never happened....and btw, when you die, that's the end of you, right? No Reincarnation or chance to do it again, or differently, right? Survivalist thinking to the ultimate degree. Food storage, gold, and fight till the end, kill the enemy before he kills you, right? Don't get me wrong...those are all good things to consider, but how about the SPIRIT? What happened to the spirit?
    There are 3 kinds of people. One kind speaks nothing but spiritual matters. One kind speaks of spiritual matters and also material matters, and a third speaks of nothing but material matters. Ghosts, Bigfoots, UFOs and other earthy and non earthly anomalies are considered to be spiritual in nature. They are not "the norm" but to accept them as a possible reality is part of having an open mind. Anyone who claims the opposite, is seeking to control you and keep you from having an open mind. That is obvious to me. An open minded person, who is spiritual, will always allow others to have a particular belief, regardless of whether or not its true in their opinion. Why is this? Because the truly open minded and spiritual person, always considers that maybe, just maybe, there is a chance they are wrong, themselves, so usually an enlightened and spiritual person, will preface what they say as their truth with the words, "it is my opinion that ....." or "what I believe is ....." -- That's part of allowance in communication. If Alex were to speak with me or debate me, anyone listening would hear me refer to my beliefs in this way.
    Now, comparing this idealogy and approach to your own Alex, what do you have to say about this? Any attempt to dismiss it, is an excuse to avoid it. Do you allow room for others to think the way they want to about spiritual matters? Or do you insist that people think like you and if they disagree then they are all agents working together, along with unwitting dupes? Please elaborate., and give MORE PROOF than Rockefeller involvement in funding a UFO conference, and a few articles about how the CIA can implant thoughts into people's minds, and how they have used alien abduction scenarios in mind control projects. That is all well and dandy, but it does little to disprove the existance of aliens of non-earth based spaceships, when compared with the overwhelming amount of evidence to the contrary.

Topic # 4....Sovereignty and Law and the Lien process.
      No matter what you say, or claim, I have got 14 years of studies in this area of FREEDOM, and YOU DON'T! - I have been to hundreds of meetings of the real patriots and sovereigns. Not the people who sit in talk show booths, but the people who are on the street fighting in the courts for their freedom and yours. These are people who DO BATTLE where battle is done legally and and at it's most violent, without actually killing anyone. That is the real battle. The battle exists in the courtroom, not the radio talk show booth. That is the war of words, and the war for the mind (Mind Control). But what makes a cop back off a person, and leave them alone, and what makes a prosecutor run out of the courtroom, and what makes a judge flee the bench, and what makes the city, county and state actually leave you alone? FIGHTING THEM IN COURT!!!!  Representing yourself, taking a stand, and hitting them before they hit you. How is this done? The entire court system is a corporate fiction, and they are acting as government representatives, and they do not have authority unless we give it to them. There are hundreds of ways to keep them off your back, and ways to fight and win in court. It's only when they play dirty, and take our property without doing it properly, that we can use weapons like the lien process to keep them in line. Many people do things wrong, and many people make mistakes, but there is no mistake in using the lien process when it is used peoperly.
     The entire IRS system is a Lien process. The affidavit filed, served and notice. The Account. The Charges. The Default Notices, etc. Every time the government takes your body and warehouses it in prison, the lien process is being used against you. The whole time they take your house and car and bank account the lien process is being used against you. YOU, Alex, tell people NOT to use the lien process, and not to represent themselves and not to learn to fight the system in the courts. It sounds to me like you are a sheepherder, or a "Shepherd".
     Larry Becraft is probably THE MOST HATED LAWYER IN ALL THE PATRIOT MOVEMENT. He has backstabbed more people and sold out more patriots down the river than any other sellout lawyer there is. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Larry is a traitor to many.
    My question to you, is...."Why do you consistently keep people from learning about alternative methods of fighting in the courts? That's Larry Becraft's job!!! -- And you can't use the excuse that you don't want to see people go to jail, because there have been plenty that Larry has helped send to jail with less than justicable plea bargains.

Topic # 5..... Topic # 5.....2012
     Alex claims that everything related to 2012 is being used to bring about fear in the population. Yes, he admits, there are weather changes that are happening that are part of natural cycles, and yes, there will be some upheaval, but don't worry about it, it's mostly just the government trying to scare you. That's a bunch of bullcrap, Alex. 2012 is a real event, and nobody knows exactly what will happen. There is some speculation that the reason nobody knows has to do with the idea that if there are 6 billion people on earth, that there will be 6 billion different outcomes occuring at the same time, on different frequency levels. Each person experiencing what he or she expects will happen or experienving what he or she is anticipating or according to their individual belief system.
     I would like you, Alex, to speak to the fact of not only the end of the Mayan Calender, which is more well known, but also the Terrence McKennas Time Wave Zero Graph created in conjunction with the I-Ching which is a computer program which ended on exactly Dec. 12, 2012. And the Web-Bot financial analysis software which also ended on Dec. 21, 2012, coincidentally. These are some very interesting times we are in, and there is much to discuss, but simply relegating it all to "government junk science" or anything similar is an excuse to avoid dealing with the real issue, which is all the corresponding information presented everywhere you look, from Yellowstone Supervolcano possibilities, to Solar Flares building up to a climax in 2012, to Project Looking Glass, and the Astral Travelers of the Monroe Institute and more. There is so much to discuss and compare, but if we can only entertain certain ideas, with closed minds, then will may not get very far. We may end up with...."it's a government disinformation plot to keep you from learning about Martial Law, and the Bilderbergs, and the 911truth movement". Right, Alex? Or am I wrong? Please debate me, if you have balls of steel like the legends and fables proclaim.

Then I called in -
(This link is no longer working. I have to find the audio in my archives, then repost it here)

Allright, most of this was written before I called in this afternoon. Now I should respond to Alex and what he said to me today.

     That was a cheap shot Alex.

     I came on the program, in all sincerity, in all kindness, to debate you on the issues true to my heart. My voice is no less important than yours, especially when you consider your thousands of hours of yapping on the air.
     Thank you for listening to me about the No Planes theries even if you did only give me a few moments to speak on it.
     You NEVER responded, or even finished listening to my second comment and question AT ALL. Or simply, shouted and started getting angry with me when I merely mention Larry Becraft, as if to jump in front of the train to save your best friend. That was totally uncalled for, and you could have at least heard me out, if your going to cut me off, yell at me, and then yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, for the next 14 minutes about all the disinformation agents. (Totally diverting the subject, once again, for which you are becoming famous)......yap, yap, yap, the guy at the rally, the crazy hair, the No Planers being all disinfo agents, and then your standing on your high horse, and saying there will probably be a utube video, and people will accuse you of stifling free speech etc. Sound like Orwellion double speak to me, Alex.
     You RUSHED ME through my call, then CUT ME OFF, then used 14 minutes of valuable airtime, which we could have been debating legitimately, and used it to preach from the high mountain, about all the peopole opposing you and how they are all disinformation agents or crazy people. Great use of your airtime, and finances, and making the most of the situation, TO YOUR ADVANTAGE, ALEX. Why not let in some alternative viewpoints from time to time? What have you got to fear?
    I'll be sending you the no-planes page I put together recently, and I want you to address each and every issue and I'll be calling back in this week to debate you more.

   I'm challenging you Alex. Let's spare, allright. Friendly fighting among fellow researchers, both working towards good causes, in our hearts. Step up to the plate, and let's see if you can hit the pitches I throw you, and i'll do the same. No name calling, no accusations, no screaming, and NO GLOVES! Let's go!