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George Nelson Page - RE: Alex Jones

Copy of Ret. Col. George Nelson's letter to Prison Planet's Paul Watson
RE: Pods and Missiles.

15 September 2006

To: Prison Planet. com
Attention: Paul Watson

Mr. Watson:

I'm writing to you in response to your 12 September 2006 announcement,
which suggests a need for a 9/11 legal group, but I'm not a lawyer;
therefore, that's not the reason for this letter to you. Neither do I
consider myself a member of any so-called, 9/11 Truth Movement, so I have
no real concern whether or not my observations or conclusions may cause
damage to anyone's truth movement. I retired from the US Air Force in 1995
after a reasonably successful 30-year career in aircraft maintenance, and
a variety of other command support functions. I'm a licensed, commercial
pilot and an airframe and power plant mechanic. I'm a certified,
experienced aircraft crash investigator, and have worked in, out, around
and under just about every type of aircraft flown by the US Air Force
during the past 50 years. That information is to help you understand, that
as the subject may pertain to aircraft, I'm no novice.

Since 1992, beginning with Ruby Ridge where a federal sniper killed a
man's wife and young son, there has been a successive number of rather
serious incidents in our country that have obviously involved the
complicity of dark elements within the United States government. Following
Ruby Ridge, there was Waco, where a Federal raid resulted in the deaths of
74 men, women and children, and then there was the Oklahoma City Murrah
building, where 168 men, women and babies were killed. A Pentagon study
eventually concluded that five support columns were destroyed by pre-
planted explosives, and coincidentally, no BATF employees had showed up
for work that morning. One government patsy was quickly executed for the
crime. I could go on and on, including a mention of the first attempt on
the World Trade Center, with evidence suggesting that elements within the
FBI were involved. In each of these incidents, Americans yawned, with
hardly a whimper

It wasn't until September 11, 2001, when Americans, including yours truly
were awakened to the grim reality of the mass murder of over 3,000 souls
(and still counting), in a complex operation that some working for the US
government had dubbed, "a new Pearl Harbor". If the objective was to scare
the living hell out of me, I want everyone who reads this to know that the
murderous events of 9/11 have had exactly the opposite effect on me and
many millions of other thinking Americans. The government's official
explanation of the four 9/11 events is profoundly pathetic, from start to
finish, and the Kean/Hamilton 911 commission has expressed a considerable
measure of embarrassment in their recently published book.

A 90-page report, Rebuilding America's Defenses, published by The Project
for a New American Century (PNAC), said that what was needed was a "new
Pearl Harbor". An interesting metaphor, considering that we've now learned
that in 1941, President Roosevelt had picked a fight with Japan and he
knew weeks in advance that the Pearl Harbor Naval Base in Hawaii was going
to be attacked by Admiral Yamamoto's navy. The President made no move to
warn Navy commanders or to even evacuate vulnerable ships from Pearl
harbor. Consequently, more than 2,400 innocent lives were lost that
beautiful Sunday morning in Hawaii, and the war was on. I could draw a
very clear parallel here, but I think my point is made clear.

Now, back to your 12 September article, and I quote

"The dam on proving the destruction of the trade towers was an inside job
has broken and the only thing that can stop it now is infiltration and
misdirection towards unproven and discrediting theories about pods,
missiles, ghost planes and other outlandish distractions."

Just who the hell do you think you are, Mr. Watson?? Who appointed you as
judge and jury on what is or what isn't an "outlandish distraction"? Of
all the disinformation agents floating around, you are, in my opinion, the
most presumptuous egomaniac who has yet dared to float a trial balloon for
your truth movement's consideration. On April 20, 2004, you went to great
lengths to describe to your readers that there appeared to be a "pod"
firing missiles to the left and to the right, from "pods" of both flight
11 and flight 175. You even pushed your book, Order Out of Chaos, wherein
you said, "features a discussion on the use of missiles in the 911

So what's happened to change your mind since April 2004? Have the "pods
and missiles" since disappeared from all the DVDs and postings since you
wrote that article and your book?

I spoke to a crowd of about 200 people last December in a Tampa, Florida
theatre, which was a stop on the Jimmy Walter's Reopen 9/11 Tour. On
stage, a large theatre screen displayed a still photo of the airplane that
was supposed to be flight 175, with a "pod", and the flash, and I asked
the audience; "Is there anyone here who has trouble seeing the unusual
piece of equipment attached to the underside of this aircraft"? The silent
response from the audience was unanimous. I said to them, "At the present
time, it matters very little, what the purpose of that large object is

what really matters is that by regulation, one would never see such
equipment that does not belong on a FAA Part 121, scheduled airliner,
therefore, that aircraft has been switched enroute with the authentic
Flight 175."

I have 4 grown children and six grand children, and altogether they have
at least 30 cousins. My neighbors have kids and grand kids, and they also
have cousins. You, Mr. Watson, may have children yourself, and our young
people are about to inherit this country, that's no longer Mayberry, RFD,
and you know damn well what I mean. I have a lot of Watsons in my family
genealogy, so you and I could be related, but it makes no difference to
-I would still care about the well being of your children whether we're
related or not. If I live another eight months, I'll see my 70th birthday
roll by; therefore, my kids, my neighbor's kids and even your kids are
more important to me than my own life at this very moment, and from now

If a dark-suited man of mystery were to pull into my driveway tomorrow
and offer me unlimited millions to pimp for the government's fictional
account of 911, he would be fortunate if my only reaction would be to spit
in his face. Would you and Alex Jones do that for your progeny? I
sincerely hope that you would.

I'm going to share something with you that I believe will help you to
avoid the mistake of sounding like a disinformation artist, which I hope
you are not. There's only one way to avoid sounding like a disinformation
agent, and that is by sticking to the facts and holding to the truth as
you best know it to be. If Prison Planet assumes a presumptive position of
leadership, and then assumes the license to discredit ideas and evidence
other than your own, then there's only one conclusion that can be drawn
from that position. If Prison Planet and Info Wars have not become agents
of disinformation, and your words were simply poorly chosen, then the
following tips, given to me by a former military intelligence officer
should be helpful.


George Nelson
Colonel, USAF (ret.)
AKA, Lone Eagle

Tips for identifying disinformation artists.

1. The first and foremost sign that an Internet poster is a disinformation
artist is abusive language. A shrill tone that attacks a person rather
than a theory is a bad sign. So also are terms of abuse for a theory
rather than a person. An example: "The nuts who push the lunatic
no-757-at-the-Pentagon theory are probably off their meds."

2. Excessive zeal in attempting to take an option off the table is another
bad sign. Suppose, for instance, that someone thinks they have identified
a particular type of engine at the Pentagon. Attempts to close the
discussion without exploring all possible alternatives (retrofitted part,
salted evidence, etc.) indicates an agenda of throwing serious researchers
off the track.

3. Calls for unity in the Truth Movement as a basis for failure to pursue
a line of inquiry are another bad sign. There is no Truth Movement. All
sorts of figures waltz into the discussion calling themselves members of
the Truth Movement, and then attempt to limit discussion based on a plea
for unity. Example: "We can all agree that all three WTC towers were
brought down by demolition charges. But any attempt to identify the
explosives as possibly nuclear, thermite/thermate, RDX etc. is just
divisive. In the interests of unity in the Truth Movement, we must stop
speculating about exactly what type of means may have been used to bring
down the building." The fallacy of this approach should be apparent. The
use of micronukes, for instance, would open up new vistas for
investigation. If there is any evidence for such use, attempting to sweep
this off the table is a bad sign.

4. Any use of threats is a bad sign. If one's case cannot stand on its own
merits, use of threats is a sign of an agenda different from that of a
search for the truth.

5. It must be remembered that the stakes in the information game are the
highest possible. Our perceptions of the world determine our strategies in
dealing with the world. Throughout human civilization, there have been
highly successful, integrated programs to make masses of people act
contrary to their actual interests through the presentation of false
pictures of the world. Those pictures must be reinforced by multiple,
apparently independent sources, who in turn expect a share of the profits
from the deception. Those profits typically include security from injury,
financial profit, sexual domination, status, rank, land, etc. The losing
side in the propaganda war, whether they are called heretics or lunatics,
may expect precisely the opposite outcome.

6. It must be emphasized that this process can be regarded as a game. It
is a deadly serious game, but a game nonetheless. One is not insulting
someone if one comes to the conclusion that this person is a conscious
disinformation agent. A helpful analogy would be that of a football
huddle. If one notices someone with the wrong color jersey in your huddle,
the fact must be noted and corrected. Nothing personal. He is just on the
wrong team, and our own team needs its privacy and trust to deliberate