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The Bush Crime Family

 Probably THE most influential family in America today. This is not just a "Pawn" family. They are intimately connected to the Royal families, and thus the world-wide power structure. Make no mistake about the "hidden" power behind this family.
    At the time of this writing, George Bush's Son, is running for President. I somehow knew I would see this day. When Georgie was President, he talked about a "New World Order" repeatedly. Do you think his sons think any different. Most of the people in Bush's immediate family are Yale graduates and members of the now imfamous "Skull & Bones". (In some ways, it could be a good thing, if he becomes president. When Bush was president, is when everyone started talking about Skull & Bones) But, unfortunately, if he does become President, we will certainly get what we deserve. That is, a "New World Order" plan put into action.

    The New World Order, itself, is already here, and we are in it and a part of it at this time. But, each successive President that gets elected and put into power, that has as an agenda, this diabloical plot, will push us even more in the direction of total "Slavery".

    Since this powerful family will not just go away, maybe we can shed some "light on the cockroaches". That usually works. This page will take some time to totally finish, but it will be well worth checking back often.

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