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Have you seen the movie "Enemy of the State" yet? If not, you should right away if you are interested in these things. Most people do not have the slightest idea how much technology our "National Security" agencies have or how much their technology has progressed in recent years. When I was younger, they didn't have anything compared to what they have today.
    Do you think they know about you or your thoughts? If you "Know anything", you can bet they are monitoring you to some degree. Since most of them are too dumb and lazy to figure anything out for themselves, they rely on you and I for information. Most of us give it up daily on our phone conversations, e-mails, fax communications Etc. Have you heard of "Project Echelon"? Yes, the NSC has finally admitted it's existence after many years of speculation by the conspiracy theorists. A program has been in place to track and record all phone conversations, e-mails and fax communications for years now and the sheeple have been asleep at the wheel. Everytime the system would pick up a "keyword" like "bomb" or
"drugs" or "CIA" or "porno movie" their computers would start recording everything you said and log it for examination. (Now, is when the "Pot Paranoia" really sets in). How about your sex conversations. How do you feel knowing all your deepest feelings and thoughts are being sifted through by some "suit" in Washington to determine if you are subversive. This is just the beginning of the "Surveillance State". Do you feel more "secure" now? Is the nation any "safer"?
    We actually NEVER needed any National Security! The reason is that we have never had an enemy we didn't create or were not keeping track of. The Soviet Union? (what a joke, Click Here to find out what really happened with that). Iraq? Another joke! (George Bush, Oil, April Glaspie, need I say more? If so, Click Here!) Who is it that we are hiding and protecting ourselves from? WHO DAMMIT??  I want to know!!!
    In REALITY, it is the criminals in the current government who are hiding themselves and protecting themselves from us!!!!!!!!!!! If they don't want the people to see something, it is classified "Top Secret" for reasons of "National Security"!!  Like when Oliver North was asked at the Iran Contra hearings by Senator Jack Brooks about whether North was involved in a plan to "Suspend the Constitution" or knew anything about such a plan and Sen. Inoye from Hawaii, I believe, raised the objection to the line of questioning stating it was a matter of "National Security" and then Brooks pursued the questioning and Inoye again stopped him and told him it can be discussed in a "special session" but not at this time and that was the end of it. The American people never got to know what this "Plan to suspend the Constitution" was all about. The people who WORK FOR US, OUR EMPLOYEES, decided on their own merit, that we, the American People were not allowed to know. Whose "security interest" are they protecting?
Their own ASSES!! Certainly not ours!!! If the Constitution, which gives them a job working for us can be suspended without our knowledge, then that sounds like one thing to me, MUTINY. I don't know about you, but I for one, DON'T FEEL MORE SECURE with the lunatics running the asylum.
    The origin of Intelligence goes back to Freemasonry. British Intelligence, which the CIA is an arm of, is itself an arm of a much larger hand.  International Freemasonry intelligence, which is older than all nations. Yes, the Eye in the Pyramid, the All-Seeing Eye has been with us for centuries. How far back does it go? At least to the days of the Knights Templars and Priory of Sion in 1000 A.D. They used spies to keep their vast wealth protected.

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