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Concentration Camps In America

Is it true? Is the Military or FEMA preparing to round up
dissident civilians and lock them up in Slave Labor Camps?

    Believe it or not, this issue has been talked about in this country since the 1960's. The Japanese were interned during the Second World War. We are currently under Martial Law in America. Before Hitler took power, he passed laws making everything he was about to do legal. He then passd anti-gun legislation to reduce the possibility of opposition. All of the laws have been passed in this country giving the power to the President to suspend the Constitution under a so-called "Declared State of National Emergency". The power has also been given to the president to use the Military in Civilian Law Enforcement as well as the power to round up large groups of civilians.
The same Wall Street Bankers who put Hitler in power are capable and willing to have a Holocaust in America. If there is ONE DOLLAR to be made, there is a banker willing to throw a Revolution.
1st there was "Rex-84 Bravo". During the Iran-Contra hearings I couldn't believe my ears when I heard a Representative asking Oliver North if he was involved in a plan or knew anything of a plan to suspend the Constitution and another Representative stepped in and asked him to refrain from asking a question like that because it pertains to "National Security". This was frightening but I was just out of High School at the time and took it to mean government was a little out of hand as usual. This contributed alot to my desire to study these types of issues and I have fro 10 years now.
Don't take my word for it, look up the laws yourself.

Here they are :

    There is also "Operation Garden Plot" and "Operation Lasso", both centered on "RACIAL TENSION and the L.A. RIOTS in order to bring about a "CHAOTIC" state , justifying the use of the Military. Fred Celani is on tape from inside a Federal Prison discussing how he was recruited by the CIA and how he has been involved in operations like "Operation Lasso" where he was provided with guns, drugs and money to distribute around the area of Florence and Normandy two weeks prior to the riots. He also discusses recruiting L.A. street gang leaders to do assignments and he talks about personally dropping Damian Williams off at the corner off Florance and Normandy the day he beat up Reginald Denny. THIS IS THE "ORDO AB CHAO" MASONIC MOTTO AT WORK. Create CHAOS, then create ORDER through the already created "SOLUTION" i.e. MILITARY, MARTIAL LAW, and ultimately this paves the way to round up civilians.
FEMA has been put in control of National Emergency Situations. FEMA has several underground facilities and several recently built facilities in conjunction with rebuilt railroad stations.
This is going on around the country and has been reported and photographed. The SCARY element of these facilities is the  long cattle fencing with BARBED WIRE TURNED INWARD, obviously to keep people from escaping. There are jail bars and turnstiles and large gas furnices in full view. There are also vents on top of the ground showing the size of the underground areas (Very Large). TAKE A LOOK AT THESE PICTURES!!
There is another element to all this. The Airports being built. One particularly in Denver, the Denver International Airport. Here there are murals of NAZI stormtroopers on the walls. Writings from children in the holocaust, and there is a Masonic Symbol of the Interlocked Compass and it says New World Airport Commision. THIS IS AMAZING!! SEE THIS FOR YOURSELF!!

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