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 Written Approx 1997 - See Below for Newly Written Update

  All that we are and all that we know makes up our consciousness. That is everything we understand. We are all conscious. And that ability gives us a chance to reason with reality. What is real, and what is not? Not all that is percieved is real. And all that is real and "true" is not percieved.
    We exist in a state of "ignorance". 1st. we must admit that, in order to move on. This does not have to hurt.
    Everything we do not immediately realize is (without) our state of Consciousness. All that we immediately realize is within our state of Consciousness. Therefore, the question is, What are we conscious of?
    That depends on who you are. Some of us are conscious of "all that is", and others are only grasping at part of the puzzle.
    Our individual goal ( I believe) is to grasp all that we can.  That will make for a super-consciousness and that is what we are all trying to achieve. Unfortunately, work, life and the system can get in the way dramatically. That is why, to defeat the New World Order, I believe it is each of our responsibility to learn what is going on so that each one of us can be responsible for our destiny and that of the U.S., knowing that what we do affects the world.
    If each one of us "knows" what the "New World Order" is up to, then there can be very little effort on their part to attempt to implement their "game plan". It is up to each of us to become aware of what the "New World Order" is in order for each one of us to act accordingly.
    Our individual consciousness is what makes that determination. What do we "individually" believe?
    After studying for many years, I have come to realize that it does not matter what others believe in the world, what matters is the "Truth"!!. How conscious are you of the "Truth", that is all that matters.
    Ignorance breeds ignorance in the world. Ignorance is always unconsciously (ignorantly) trying to stiffle consciousness. I believe that "Ignorance" is "evil" in it's purest form. Evil is not a force until many ignorant people get together or one ignorant individual attempts to do something that they are not aware is "evil". They are ignorant of the difference between "Good" and "Evil". Some believe "Satan" to be the incarnate of "Evil". Well that is a fine belief until you break down the origins of "Satan" or "Lucifer" and discover that the idea came from something very simple, like the Sun(set) and following darkness through the night. (For a more broad explanation of this, Click Here!!)
    So, in my mind, I believe that most people are generally good, but do "Evil" things without knowing they are "Evil". Let's take two examples for instance. Charles Manson and George Bush. Manson did what he did because he believed he was saving the world from "Evil" by killing "people" because people bring "Evil" into the world. How many people did Manson kill? None personally! But his followers believed in what he told them. Do you think they thought of themselves as "Evil"? Probably not. If you asked Charles Manson today if he was "Evil" what kind of response do you think he would give you? Probably something like "Evil is in your mind, evil is your thoughts. We are all evil somewhere inside us, but me, I don't try to be evil, but that's the way the world percieves me." Of, course I am just guessing here, but i've heard him talk a few times, and frankly most of what he says is philosophical and mostly true. But, this is just an example for inspection.
    George Bush, on the other hand, is a whole different animal. In my opinion, one of the most "Evil" men in the world, who has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, if not more. Do you think he thinks of himself as "Evil"? Of course not! He's just doing business as usual! His business just happens to be MURDER INC., but hey, people have to make a living right? And the New World Order is a part of his family and life, and many people have jobs and food on their table and feed their families because of the many horrible corporations he owns and controls. But, do you think he thinks he is "Evil"? No, he is just plain damn ignorant of light, truth, and love.
    So this is where I think we are at. consciousness spreads light and love, ignorance spreads darkness and evil. It is true that all things die and change and death are a necessary part of life, but with more light and love on the planet, there would be less darkness and evil. Both are contrasts of each other, without one, there can be no other. Like the Yin and Yang or the Masculine and Feminine or other similar analogies. The problem is that right now, there happens to be something called the New Worl Order, which is corporations and controlled media run by secret societies, with International Bankers and Masons on the top that have it in their interest to keep the world in the dark by spreading ignorance instead of truth and light leading to more "evil" on the planet and less "love".
    The more csonscious we are all individually, the more we can do to make the world a better place to live for everyone. If we don't even know that Nikola Tesla provided the world with free electricity, then how can we do anything to bring it back into society? It is in the Masons and bankers interest to keep us ignorant about this so that we can keep buying and being dependant on their oil and gasoline and electricity.
    Recently at  a "Freedom" meeting which I attend regularly, a christian woman was looking over the materials I had available and I was in conversation with someone else when she joined in the conversation. I had mentioned the word "Consciousness" in my speaking and all of the sudden she said "Oh, I don't like that word, it's so 'New Age-ish' ". I responded by asking her why she relates a word like "Consciousness" to the "New Age" and what is wrong with that anyway. She replied by stating that "Oh, the New Age is all evil and part of the New World Order and all that and that the word is always used in reference to things "New Age". It was hard to keep from laughing at this point but I try to show respect for where everyone is at with their awareness, (although I am always trying to uplift their awareness, still there is always the possibility that I am wrong and I should be humble and understanding, or I would have burst out laughing). But the point is that we attach certain feelings with words and if this woman were a little more conscious she would have known what the word meant and that there is no need to fear it, and it has nothing to do with the New Age or anything evil. But this will give you an idea of where we are at in society. If we fear the word for some crazy reason then how are we ever going to find out what it means or find out about CONSCIOUSNESS for that matter. This is a serious case of "Ignorance is bliss".
    A good friend of mine, who I have alot of respect for and is a christian made me laugh a little while ago when I was showing him the information of Language and the true meaning of words. I said the word "Baal" or pronounced sometimes "Bail" and he freaked out. He told me not to say that word, that it represented something evil. The funny thing is he doesn't seem to mind when I tell him I got out on "bail", or he tells me that he's going to "bail" and go home, or the "ball" game comes on and they say the words 5000 times in an hour. But again, how are we going to ever learn anything at all if we fear the words themselves.

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