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Drug Wars
The Drug war is nothing but an excuse to take away the rights of people worldwide, especially Americans, and keep the people at large from experimenting with realities outside the "status-quo". Everyday we wake up to another person killed by the system because of the war on drugs, and every day we wake up to more and more of our rights being taken away. And, all the while, every day, we wake up in the same "frequency state" of being. The people at-large, the general public, wake up every day, in the same "reality mode". Throughout the day, we put things in our bodies, like cigarettes (nicotine), and pharmaceuticals, and caffeine, to alter our moods and feelings, but all the while we ignore the substances that alter our minds. Somewhere herein lies a great hipocracy.
   Our society doesn't think twice about some drugs, like Caffeine (coffee), and Nicotine (cigaretts). But when it comes to drugs like marijuana, or LSD or Pychedelic Mushrooms, they are frowned upon. Why is that? Do people not have common sense, or has common sense been railroaded by the New World Propaganda Steam Engine. When you think about it, the drugs that should be legal aren't and the drugs that should be illegal are actually, legal. The reason for this is to INFLATE PROFITS of the drugs that are REALLY the most used and sought after. Marijuana for instance is the most widely used of the "outlawed" drugs, and it costs $350.00/Ounce. It costs NOTHING to grow. (Outdoors). LSD costs practically NOTHING, but sells for $5.00 a hit. This may seem insignificant, but the use of LSD by people at large is a whole lot greater than one would think. And Mushrooms, which sell in the supermarket for around $1.00, can fetch over $1000.00 for a pound if they are of the "Pyschedelic" variety. Likewise, Cocaine and Heroin are much sought after drugs in our society and they sell for astronomical amounts. Heroin goes for around $1,000,000.00 /Pound, by the time it is broken down and sold through smaller quantities.  Do you actually think this is accidental?
   There is actually a three-fold agenda going on here. 1. Is to make as much money as possible for the secret societies/secret government, through the drug trade, and 2. To use the prolifering drug traffic and use as an excuse to "Crack-down" on our rights and liberties. This maintains a great degree of control for the Power-structure. The people who use the drugs and can't afford them have their lives ruined, and inevitably lose their jobs and wind up in jail because they can't afford lawyers either, and this in turn employs and gives need for more prisons and the entire prison industry, with it's massive Prison Guards Union and more. and 3. Is to keep people from getting too far "out-there" in their thoughts. In other words, for "THOUGHT CONTROL".
   The "Thought Control" comes in by limiting the amount of "Psychedelic" Drugs and Natural Hallucinogens in our society. A society that is not limited in it's experimentation becomes something like what you would see at a "Grateful Dead" concert. As a matter of fact, as much of a Grateful Dead fan that I am, (God Bless Jerry's Soul), I do believe that they were used by the intelligence community to see exactly what a "FREE SOCIETY" would be like, in a Microcosmic way. And I can say from experience, that it would work very well, and with alot more LOVE and COMPASSION than we have in our current society. Also, the interesting thing you see in the "Dead Community", is a negative attitude toward "Bad" drugs, like cocaine and Heroine. Sure, there are people who use it, but the overall attitude is one of disgust toward abuse of the body. Of course there are those that would argue, and say that there were too many drugs, of a bad nature around, but it is usually because THEY were doing them, and therefore they were around people who were constantly doing them as well. If fact, the "Hard Drugs" were really pushed into the "Psychedelic Community" to slow down the pace of consciousness, because things were happening too fast. In our society things progress slow, because that is the only way the powers-that-be can manage us. That all started in the late sixties, when the CIA brought the heroin back from the Vietnam War. When it hit the street in the Haight Ashbury is when people say things started to go slowly downhill. But, all in all, the "Dead Community" was and is an "Enlightened Society" and a Progressive one as well.

    Who is really behind all this? The CIA, of course. And who is behind them? This is where the information pipeline starts to deteriorate. On of the best books to document the Drug Trade and Drug Money flow around the world is a book titled "Dope Inc." by the LaRouche people, EIR. (This is where you have to be on your toes to do this kind of research. Most people that are liberal casual drug users hate Lyndon LaRouche because of his campaigns against drugs and the Drug Trade. Maybe he knows something that these people don't. I don't believe LaRouche is an Evil Man. I do think he doesn't have much "Compassion" for drug users, as he would like to lock them all up. But, he DOES have an understanding of the NATURE of "Drug Politics". He also has probably THE BEST investigative organization, which is in reality an "Intelligence Circle", from which he gathers his information.) I would strongly encourage anyone with an interest in these matters to read this outstanding book.

    There have been many people over the last twenty years that have written books documenting the world-wide drug trade, and the CIA connections. What has not been so well documented is the "British East India Company" involvement in the world-wide drug trade, and it's control over British Intelligence, and thus, American Intelligence. This stuff is a little harder to document, but nonetheless, it has been done. There just isn't as much material on the subject floating around out there.

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