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Alternative Health and Healing
It would be nice, in these modern times, if health professionals and doctors in conventional medicine had the best interest of the patient in their hearts. This is not the case, unfortunately. Most doctors today make an incredible amount of money charging for their services and "Operations", not to mention the investments they have in stocks of the pharmaceuticals they prescribe. Since this is the case, Conventional Medicine Doctors Are Nothing More Than MILLS For Pharmaceutical Prescriptions!!

      Conventional Medicine Doctors do not have the time to consider your health and it is not in their best interest to treat you with preventative medicine, i.e. nutrition or alternative therapies where there is no money in it for them. So it's back to THE MILL to churn out more Pharmaceutical Prescriptions.
      These days more and more people are thinking for themselves and rejecting the Rockefeller-Controlled AMA (American Medical Association). They are seeking the help of Alternative Health Practitioners.
      There are cures for Cancer, AIDS, and many other so-called "deadly" diseases. All of the "cures" and treatments are being kept from the public. This can be explained and understood by looking at what we can term "The Microsoft Complex". This is where someone like Bill Gates, sitting in the master control room, these days they call them "Board Meetings", decides they have a product to sell in the marketplace. They know right off the bat that they have a new, more streamlined version with less bugs in it, but the eager "Joe Public" can't wait so they must sell them version 2.1 before they can have the upgraded version 2.2 . Well, all along they have version 7.0 sitting on the shelves collecting dust and the company is reaping "Huge Profits". So the company sits back and sits on it's lazy ass while we STARVE FOR PERFECTION.
     In the case of pharmaceutical corporations, the Doctors own stock, the JUDGES OWN STOCK, the bureaucrats all own stock, and on top of all that, most of them are criminals for their behavior and lack of compassion for the overall health of society. At least, they are MORALLY BANKRUPT!!

      Probably the single greatest remedy/cure for MOST diseases and ailments is one's own urine. "Urine Therapy" is a practice which predates the phamaceutical industries and even goes back thousands of years, having it's roots in ancient India Ayervedic tradition. I will not go into this here in detail but, there are links from my site to Urine Therapy Websites with more info. If this were widely known, there would be almost no need for pharmaceutical companies. Urine is cheap!! Martha Christy, whose book "Urine : Your Own Perfect Medicine" is a living testimonial to the healing powers of urine. She had suffered continual health problems which started with her first menstrual cycle when she awoke in her bed in a pool of blood. By the time she turned 30, having been plagued by "feminine" problems her whole life, she turned to natural therapies. She went through mega-vitamin therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, herbal preparations, and drug-free natural health therapy. Within 2 years many of her chronic ailments decreased. She concieved her son at 34 , which ended with a near fatal disaster and emergency surgery. A new set of ailments set in that resulted in her having a hysterectomy. At that point she tried everything and she spent her 40th year in bed. In desperation, her husband came upon a little book on urine therapy and that was the beginning of the change in her life. She experienced instantaneous relief from incurable constipation and fluid retention. Within a week severe abdominal and pelvic pain dissappeared, and within months she was hiking.

     In her 3 books first published around 1995, Dr. Hulda Regher Clark exposed a very little known fact in medicine. That the cause of most diseases was the direct result of the combination of two factors. One, the built-up of Benzene and Propyl alcohols in the body especially in the thymus and other organs of the body, and an intestinal fluke worm that has an altered cycle where it hatches in the body before being expelled. The build-up of these worms and the breakdown of the immunity of the body from the toxins and alcohols leads to AIDS, Cancer, and a variety of other life-threatening diseases. She has had success curing these diseases and the case studies are examined in her books. The Cure for all Cancer. The Cure for all Diseases and the Cure for HIV and AIDS. This lady has a Track Record!! She is also now currently in Jail!!!! for "Healing People".

     For 150 years in America, Cannabis/Marijuana was used in nearly 2/3 of all common medicines and remedies for over 100 medical illnesses. It was also the 2nd highest ingredient on the average. There is currently an attempt in America by the pharmaceutical industries, aided by the JUDGES, and politicians, to remove natural medicines and herbs from the public's use and replace them with SYNTHETIC CHEMICAL ALTERNATIVES, thereby enabling the conspirators to reap HUGE PROFITS at the expense of the public safety and health. What happened with Cannabis/Marijuana is happening with all sorts of herbs and medicines nowadays because of the DEA and FDA, both federal agencies which do not belong in the State regulating people's health and lives.
     If you don't believe that chemical comanies would want to destroy life in exchange for the ability to profit from synthetic cheap alternatives then read this quote by Lammott Dupont (President of Dupont) in the 1930's: "Synthetic plastics find application in fabricating a wide varieyt of articles, many of which in the past were made from natural products," ..."Consider our natural resources. The chemist has aided in conserving natural resources by developing synthetic products to supplement or wholly replace natural products". -Popular Mechanics--June 1939
     The Cannabis / Marijuana seed is the highest source of essential fatty acids. (Essential meaning "Essential for life"). No other single plant source can compare with the nutritional value of Hemp seeds. Only soybeans contain a higher percentage of protein, however, the composition of the protein in hemp seed is unique in the vegetable kingdom. 65% of the protein content in Hemp seed is in the form of globulin edestin. (Edestin comes from the Greek "edestos" meaning edible.) The exceptionally high edestin content of hemp seed combined with albumin, another globulin protein contained in all seeds, means the readily available protein in hemp seed contains all the essential amino acids in ideal proportions to assure your body has the necessary building blocks to create proteins like disease fighting immunoglobulins--antibodies whose job is to ward off infections before the symptoms of sickness set in. More information on the Hemp Seed Nutrition Here.
     Even more important to building a strong immune system, hemp seeds are the highest source of essential fatty acids. These "essential" oils, linoleic and linolenic acids, are responsible for the luster in your skin, hair, eyes, and even your thought processes. They lubricate (clear) the arteries and are vital to the immune system. These essential fatty acids were used by Dr. Joanna Budwig (Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize every year since 1979) to successfully treat "terminal" cancer patients, as well as those suffering from cardiovascular disease, glandular atrophy, gall stones, kidney degeneration, acne, dry skin, menstrual problems and immune deficiency. They do you think they outlawed it? Money, greed, ignorance and plain stupidity!

     Essiac is a Tea developed by Rene Caisse. Essiac is Caisse spelled backward. This tea has been used successfully to treat cancer and other life threatening diseases. One of the most prestigious doctors in America, President Kennedy's personal physician Dr. Charles A. Brusch M.D. helped perfect the original formula, curing himself using only Essiac of deadly bowel cancer, and has achieved remarkable results with Essiac on Cancer patients in his Cambridge clinic.

      Ozone Therapy : Cancer cannot exist in an "oxygen-rich" atmosphere. Ed McCabe, currently jailed on trumped-up tax charges, has written on the subject of Ozone therapy for years. His book "Ozone Therapies" teaches about the cases where ozone has been used and also explains the background of why it works.

     In a clinical trial in 1934, Royal R. Rife successfully used his resonant frequency device to cure all 16 test patients of their cancer. The breakthrough was suppressed by medical authorities.

     Flouride does NOT prevent tooth decay any more than McDonalds Apple Pie keeps the doctor away.

     If you love your child, then DON'T VACCINATE THEM!! Vaccines are the #1 cause of "Sudden infant death syndrome". Vaccines are also "Population Control".

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