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HEMP / Marijuana Suppression

In 1985 Jack Herer Published the best-selling "underground" book in the World-

Jack Herer &JacknEdCaptain Ed (R.I.P.)
(Two of the most important people of the last century.)

 In this book is documented all kinds of mind-blowing long-suppressed facts about Humanity's best friend "The Cannabis Plant". Hemp or Cannabis as it is scientifically referred to is the fastest growing biomass source on Earth. Biomass is a cheap and efficient source of fuel. As a matter of fact, if we were to farm only 6% of the country's available farmland with hemp we could meet all of the
country's Industrial energy and transportation needs. Hemp is 26 times stronger than cotton and lasts 10 times longer. We can produce 4 times as much paper from Hemp as we can from trees at one fourth the cost and 1/5 the pollution and it is 10 times stronger and lasts ten times longer. It is a fact that Betsy Ross made our first flag "Old Glory" from Hemp fiber. Also, our Constitution and
Declaration of Independance were printed on Hemp paper. The soldiers clothes during the revolutionary war were made from Hemp. The second most prescribed medicine in the United States for 150 years for over 100 different medical illnesses was a Cannabis extract and it is alot stronger when taken in concentrated form. This means that all the children in America for 150 years were brought up as DRUG USERS from birth. Or, it just means simply, that we had a better understanding of herbs and their medicinal usage 100 years ago than we do today. So who has REALLY lost their mind, people who smoke pot, or the "NORMALS" ?

The drug war is nothing more than an excuse to suppress consciousness and use the ignorant in our society to create laws for the New World Order to use to crack down on all of our rights !! According to a Feb. 1938 article in Popular Mechanics the invention of a new machine called the decorticator, would once again put Hemp in the dominant position in the fiber and textiles industry over cotton by
speeding up the harvesting methods in use at the time. At this same time Dupont held a patent on a synthetic compound used to break down wood pulp to make paper. To make paper from Hemp didn't require any chemicals. In order for Dupont to profit from these chemicals, they had to see to it that Hemp was out-lawed. Andrew Mellon sat on the board of Dupont and Mellon's nephew was
Harry Anslinger, the head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics at the time. William Randolph Hearst owned many big newspapers and working together they whipped up a smear campaign of "Yellow Journalism" in America, spreading propaganda that the African-Americans and Mexicans were smuggling in a new killer dope weed that would lure white women to fall prey to the seduction of the "Negro", while under the influence of Jazz music. Racism and fear were used to outlaw something that was used by every man, woman, and child in America. It wasn't until after the marijuana tax act was passed that the American Medical Association realized that "marijuana", a slang term for hemp was in fact "Cannabis", our second most prescribed medicine. This is when "Reefer Madness" began.


     The many benefits of Hemp include, but are not limited, to the following : Hemp utilizes the sun more efficiently than virtually any other plant on the planet, reaching 10-20 feet or more in a single short growing season. It can even be grown in almost any climate or soil condition on Earth. Hemp is softer than cotton, warmer than cotton, more water absorbant than cotton, has three times the tensile strength of cotton and many times more durable. 50% of all chemicals used in American agriculture today are used on cotton and Hemp requires no chemicals or pesticides to grow.

     Cannabis makes the very best Canvas paper for Art. For centuries, most all of the world's great art used Cannabis Paper. The Dutch word for CANNABIS is CANVAS. Hemp seed oil makes the best oil for paints and varnishes. Up until about 1800, Hemp seed oil was the most consumed lighting oil in America and the world. Hemp is a fuel source. Hemp is the fastest growing biomass source on Earth. Biomass can be converted to methane, methanol or gasoline at a fraction of the cost of oil, coal or nuclear energy. Instead of using fossil fuels, which have been in the Earth for millions of years and pollute the planet while removing it and shipping it around the world, we could be "HARVESTING OXYGEN" by growing a plant source which produces oxygen while it is growing, then when we burn it and produce carbon dioxide, the cycle is balanced.

     As a medicine, Cannabis has been used for centuries and continues to be used today for all kinds of ailments including : stress, rheumatism, asthma, delerium tremens, migrain headaches, pms cramps, glaucoma, nausea, tumors, and anorexia. Cannabis / Hemp / Marijuana seeds are the highest source of complete vegetable protein on the entire planet. Soybeans contain a higher percentage of protein but the composition of the protein in Hemp allows more of it to be used by the body. 65 % of the protein in Hemp seeds is in the form of globulin edestin. The high edestin content combined with albumin, another globular protein contained in all seeds means the readily available protein in Hemp seeds contain all the essential amino acids in ideal proportions to assure your body has the necessary building blocks to create proteins like disease fighting immunoglobulins--antibodies whose job is to ward off infections before the symptoms of sickness set in. Hemp seeds are also the highest known source of Essential Fatty Acids. Essential, meaning (We Couldn't Live Without Them). These Linoleic and Linolenic acids are responsible for the luster in your skin and hair. They also clear the arteries and rebuild the immune system. Plastic Plumbing Pipe (PVC) can be manufactured using renewable Hemp cellulose as the chemical feedstocks, replacing non-renewable petroleum based chemical feedstocks. The seed oil is a machine grade quality lubricant and can be used to run engines and replace petro-oils completely.

To Read Sections of the Book, "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" - Click Here

     In 1942, the government produced a film called "Hemp for Victory". Jack Herer is responsible for uncovering one of the last copies known. This film promotes the positive aspects of the Hemp Plant from the governments's own mouth.

     A May 2000 poll by the National Post newspaper revealed that 92% of Canadians think pot should be legal for medical purposes. 65% of respondents backed decriminalizing pot entirely.

Read This Public Notice To All DEA, Federal & State Agents!  No Authority!

     Do you think that George Soros is a good person. Sure he helped finance Medical Marijuana initiatives across the country, but does that make him a good person. The religious "right" have been saying Soros is leading the way for Legalization of all Drugs. Barry McCaffrey, Drug Czar (an idiot if there ever was one) has stated that this is indeed the Soros agenda. He could be right on the money! I am personally not against Drug Legalization, as a matter of fact, i'm all for it if it takes the profits out of the business for the government drug traffickers and CIA, and helps people deal with a public issue that is really a HEALTH issue and not the States or Fed's responsibility. But, PLEASE READ THIS!

     George Soros has authored a little known-about book titled "Toward a New World Order".
George Soros and the Rothschild Connection --From Secret Societies (Jan Von Helsing)

KANEH BOSM  - The Hidden Story Of Cannabis In The Old Testament- by Chris Bennet


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