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666 / The Beast, Lilith and the
Sandia Labs Connection
 This is not meant to be religious in any way whatever. If you take it that way, that is your problem. I do not believe in Satan or God in the same sense as the normal concept that most people have. My beliefs and ideas are my own and have not been cut and pasted from someone else's belief systems. Please do not misinterpret me to say "I do not believe in god". That would not be the truth either. It all has to do with the definition of god. Having said that....  I believe the bible was written by man. Men precisely. Masons and Grand Masters of the Priory of Sion, like Robert Fludd and King James (Templar). I didn't say that I think these men wrote it themselves, but re-interpreted and edited it in their own way to present us with the modern day versions. This is what I believe. So, when some people, like the people who put the website together which this info. was borrowed from, say, things like "well it is all coming true", "don't you believe in prophecy" "everything they said in the bible is coming true", etc., I reply to that "of course it is coming true. THEY SAID THAT IS WHAT THEY WERE GOING TO DO!"   I also have a feeling that Nostradamus was working for the Priory of Sion when he gave his so-called "prophecies".
     Now that I have said that, I would like to bring your attention to this research that a christian has done. It is funny how when you look for certain things, even if you are "off" on the initial understanding, you can come up with plausible theories that have weight and are valid, but not in the light that you see it. I believe that is the case with this info. And i'm sure the christians are thinking to themselves, "it is you who are "off" on your initial understanding. But that doesn't matter much to me. I am only presenting this in order to show, from my own point of view, how "prophecies" recorded in the bible are coming true because the Masons are going to make it all come true while they usher in their New World Order.
While researching the "Number of the Beast", the author of Illuminati News (no longer up due to threats and intimidation) discovered something rather extraordinary. Basically, he figured out that the computer system, Internet etc. is set up to mimic a demonic ceremony in essence. Words that have "other, hidden meanings" are used everyday in computing by programmers and users alike. Words like "Mailer Daemon", "Invocation", "Lilith", "Lilim" "Hekate", and "Host" all have a hidden, sinister, meaning behind why they are used in computing. It becomes more obvious when they are put together like this, but most people aren't even aware these words are used everyday in computing.
The conspiracy goes something like this, minus the christian extremism. (Sourced from  (No Longer Accesssable)
      First, we'll start with the famous quote from the bible "if anyone worships the beast and it's image, or receives a mark on his forehead or in his hand". I have not verified this but according to some scholars, the original Greek text says IT'S MARK, IT'S IMAGE - ETC. So does a Catholic Bible. King James Version says HIS MARK. This may not seem to significant, but there is something else you may need to know about . Have you ever heard of "Information Technology"? (IT). Acromania reads : IT - Information Technology . Pronounced as separate letters, IT refers to the broad subject of managing and processing information, especially within a large organization or company. Because computers are central to information management, computer departments within companies and universities are often called IT departments. Some companies refer to this department as IS (Information Services) or MIS (Management Information Services). -- Here is a link that will verify this : . Now, this is just the beginning of what people have been calling the "BEAST" system of computers. They have termed the supercomputer in Brussels "The Beast" but now there are even greater supercomputers. Now there is something called "Lilith". Remember the wife of Adam?  - Not Eve, but "Lilith". First though, let's take a look at some ads for "IT". Take a look at the design of the Tattoo on the person's back. Look at his face and ask yourself if this isn't the face of the american ideal of the devil. Does the tattoo resemble a demon?

IT God

     This is taken from the American Heritage dictionary : Magic "N. 1. The art that purports to control or forecast natural events, effects, or forces by invoking the supernatural. 2. a. The practice of using charms, spells, or rituals to attempt to produce supernatural effects or control events in nature. b. The charms, spells, and rituals so used. 3. The exercise of sleight of hand or conjuring for entertainment".
     Here is the definition of "Invoke" from American Heritage Dictionary : "To call on a higher power for assistance, support or inspiration : "stretching out her hands she had the air of a greek woman who invoked a deity". 4. To summon with incantations, ot conjure



     Now here is a description of "Lilith" from :
Lilith was created at the same time as Adam and is sometimes referred to as Adam's first wife (see Charles Pellegrino, The Return to Sodom and Gomorrah). She was very beautiful and had a very rebelious nature. It is disputed whether she was cast out of the Garden of Eden by God for some offense or whether she left Eden of her own accord. In one rather interesting story, Adam tried to force her to have sex in the male superior ("missionary position") favored by male dominated, patriarchal cultures, and she refused his domination, sneered at him, cursed him, and flew away (Barbara Walker, The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets). At any rate, since she left Eden before Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and thus she possessed immortality.

      It seems that Lilith is The Goddess in early Hebrew tradition, before the Goddess-Earth Mother was thrown out in favor of the the Sky Father, Jehovah.

      Lilith is at least as old as the Bible, however, Lilith was expunged from the Christian Bible long ago. Lilith is said to be as old as the bible, because she is mentioned in the Mishna, a form of commentary on the Pentateuch. The Mishna was an oral tradition for much longer. Lilith, (also know as Lilit), was a relic of an early rabbinical attempt to assimilate to Jewish mythology. Hebraic tradition said Adam married Lilith but she would not submit to him and desired to be the one above when they had sex. Adam, not allowing this, she flew away to the Red Sea. God sent angels to bring Lilith back, but she refused to return. She supposedly mated with "demons" and gave birth to "a hundred children a day". These offspring were the Lilim, Lamiae, Empusae or Succubae).

      Then God produced Eve as Lilith's more docile replacement. Lilith became the "Great Mother" of settled tribes who resisted invasions of nomadic herdsmen represented by Adam. Early Hebrews disliked the Great Mother who is said to have drank the
blood of Abel after he was slain by Cain.

      It is asserted that she walks the Earth to this day, but can exist only at night.  Folktales also tell us that she subsists on the blood of children and wild animals.  This would seem to make her the first vampire. Because of her nocturnal habit, the ancient Greeks associated her with Hecate.

      The story of Lilith disappeared from the Bible, but her daughters, the Lilim, haunted men for over a thousand years. The Lilim were thought to visit men at night and arouse their sexual desires. The Hebrews made amulets to keep away the lilim. The Jews continued this tradition well into the Middle Ages. Lilith is mentioned in an esoteric Jewish text called the Midrash. It is a compilation of mystical interpretations surrounding the Torah (Old Testament). It was handed down orally along with the rest of the Talmudand was written down in the middle ages when the Rabbis thought that these teachings might be forgotten.

      Lilith was the Sumerian Goddess Belit-ili, [BELIT WAS THE NAME OF A PIRATESS IN THE CONAN SERIES] or Belili; and the Babylonian Goddess Lilitu (which means "the monster of the night"). (Lilitu is derived from the early Semitic word for night). She was Baalat the "Divine Lady" of the Canaanites. She has been identified with the Babylonian goddess  Ishtar, and has been referred to as the "handmaiden" of the Sumerian goddess Inanna. - Barbara Walker, Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets.

     There may have been a connection between Lilith and the Etuscan divinity Leinth, who had no face and who waited at the gate of the underworld along with Eita and Persipnei, (Hades and Persephone) to receive the souls of the dead. (This also would seem to identify Lilith with Hecate.) The underworld gate was a lily, an ancient symbol for the vulva. Admission into the underworld was often mythologized as a sexual union. The lily or lilu, (lotus) was the Great Mother's flower (her vulva), whose title formed Lilith's name.

     The Greeks called the succubae the Lilim, Lamiae, Empusae, or Daughters of Hecate.

     Christians also called them Harlots of Hell. The Daughters of Lilith were supposedly very beautiful and presumed to be so expert at lovemaking that after an experience with one, a man couldn't be content with a mere mortal woman. - from a note by Claudia Slate.

      The succubus is a female night-demon. Succubi were said to seduce men while sleeping so that they might conceive a demon child. If a man was visited by her, he was to recite prayers on awakening so that his seed not produce demonic offspring. The male counterpart of the succubus is the incubus.

      The incubus, on the other hand, is a male night-demon. It is said to possess cloven feet and a sulfurous smell. These traits would certainly associate it with the Christian concept of Hell. Incubi were said to sometimes visit the beds of sleeping human women to have intercourse with them. It was said that these nocturnal visitations could result in their fathering of a child who would be deformed or demonic. Continuing in the traditional Christian trend of demonizing witchcraft, it was said that the offspring might grow up to become a witch or magician. Merlin was said to have had such parentage. "A virtuous maiden could protect herself with herbs such as St-John's-wort, vervain and dill, or by wearing amuletic rings. The incubus is the counterpart of the succubus."--gryphonheart, 1997

      We have the words Lilith, Lilim, Hekate, and Invocation. Right? Are you with me so far?
     Here is a reproduction of several sections of text that can be found at the following address for verification : (LINK CHANGED)

     Lilith: Scalable Execution of User Code for Distributed Computing : D.A. Evensky, A.C. Gentile, L.J. Camp, and R.C. Armstrong - Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore CA, USA


      Lilith is a general purpose tool to provide highly scalable, easy distribution of user code across a heterogeneous computing platform. Lilith's principal task is to span a heterogeneous tree of machines executing user-defined code in a scalable and secure fashion. Lilith will be used for controlling user processes as well as general system administrative tasks. Lilith is written in Java, taking advantage of Java's platform independence and intent to move code across networks. The design of Lilith provides hooks for experimenting with tree-spanning algorithms and security schemes. We present the Lilith Object model, security scheme, and implementation, and present timing results demonstrating Lilith's scalable behavior.

     1. Introduction

     Changes in high-performance computing have necessitated the ability to utilize and interrogate potentially many thousands of processors. The ASCI (Advanced Strategic Computing Initiative) program conducted by the United States Department of Energy, for example, envisions thousands of distinct operating systems connected by low-latency gigabit-per-second networks. In addition, multiple systems of this kind will be linked via high-capacity networks with latencies as low as the speed of light will allow. Code which spans systems of this sort must be scalablei yet constructing such code whether for applications, debugging, or maintenance is an unsolved problem. Lilith is a research software platform that attempts to answer these questions with an end toward meeting these needs.

      Then, a little further down, under the section entitled : "The Lilith Object Model", it reads :

     Lilim are the Lilith objects that carry user code within them. They export well known interfaces which allow the user code to interact with the environment. The Lilim run as threads or autonomous processes under the LilithHost.

      There are also several utility classes that will be used in implementation of the above. Within the OORPC mechanism, described in Section 4, there are classes that will be responsible for marshaling data to and from the client stub Object and the server implementation Object. It is expected that this will eventually be generated by an IDL compiler or, for the lowest levels, be part of the library code. In our initial implementation, these are generated by hand. There will also be classes to implement digital signatures and encryption.

     3. The Lilith Security Model

      There are two issues to be addressed in this section: the mechanism for distributed trust used in the Lilith prototype and the generic Lilith security approach.

      The generic Lilith security approach is to allow each LilithHost to determine its own mechanisms for access control and authentication. In order to support this Lilith will provide two security mechanisms, MayI() and CanI(), as well as a library of useful functions.

      The CanI() prevents information from inappropriately flowing out, while MayI() controls information coming in. MayI() is the discretionary Legion access control mechanism, which will be adopted in a modified form in Lilith. MayI() is a required method that Lilith objects must, at least trivially, define. When a method is invoked remotely, it will trigger a call to the remotes object's MayI(), which may reject the remote invocation. Lilith requires each invocation to run a Lilim on a LilithHost to check for access permission through invocation of MayI() in the LilithHost (Figure 3). If the Lilim is accepted to run on a LilithHost, then the mandatory protection of CanI() constrains the actions of the Lilim. LilithHost's CanI() is partially implemented by the Java security manager. The CanI() modification of the Java sandbox prevents Lilim from calling any method without first asking,

      O.k., so now we get to the word "Hekate". Here is an image taken from the following website, which can be checked for verification : (LINK CHANGED)


     And the following is the definition found at the same site : HEKATE

     HEKATE makes different computing applications act as one integrated system

      Integration being the keyword of today's IT demands, Systematic has developed a new message broker, HEKATE, by which you obtain an IT infrastructure that supports the business rules of the organisation. HEKATE provides the framework for integrating your IT systems and a unified system administration environment with no additional costs involved in maintaining or monitoring a new service or integration interface.

     Fully Integrated IT-infrastructure

     HEKATE makes it possible to make a fully integrated IT-infrastructure, where all the company’s IT systems are connected. With HEKATE you can use the same technology to make A2A, B2B or B2C solutions.

     So now we must ask ourselves this question. What is the real meaning behind the word "Mailer Daemon" that we always see n our e-mails and while browsing the internet? Sandia Labs has the answer and it's found on this page : (LINK FIXED)
     Where it is stated at the bottom of the page "1. Lilith is the mythological Mother of D(a)emons."

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