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The Internet and the Digital Age
This is definitely dated, but i'm including it because its part of history.

My favorite technology. I am a taurus, somewhat materialistic, but spiritual as well, and I have a deep fascination with cool technologies. The Internet allows us to do things that we could only previously imagine. I have been a bootleg music collector since I was 14, and now I can meet people who have music who would have had to advertise before, and spend money on it, and who I may never have been able to meet or contact. Now maybe I can find out who is stashing all the live syd barrett/pink floyd shows from 1966 and 1967. If you have them , please contact me, PLEASE!!! Someone out there must have them!!!!!

    Well, besides music and connecting with people, the Internet allows us to share information at an unbelievably cheap and efficient rate. There are alot of people you could never get in touch with because they would never give out their phone numbers, but they would give out an e-mail address. So, communication is alot easier with people who you may not have ever been able to speak to. I like the "leveling of the playing field" aspect of the internet. Now, everyone with something to say can say it, and if you don't want to listen, then you can go somewhere else, or put your own site together. That's Freedom!!

    There are many ideas out there and information out there that is being kept from us, and if there is a chance to find it, through the internet, then we can make better, more informed decisions about our future. Alot of people with good info. cannot afford, or do not have the time, to publish books and sell them, or make a video, so the Internet is the perfect way to share ideas for free. (But, somehow, my website still ends up costing me more and more all the time.)

    Someone should fund a website that has the "clinton chronicles" and the "Panama Deception", and other related videos in streaming video format. If I had the funds, I would consider it myself. And I just might do that in the near future.

    The internet has caused shifts in our awareness like earthquake fault lines , and we haven't even noticed it, really. It is so subtle, but since 1994-95, we have been learning at a faster pace and tuning in to realities that we had no concept of previously.

    The internet is also a double-edge sword, since the use of eavesdropping technology, the NSA can and does monitor EVERYTHING that goes on online, through projects like ECHELON. That's o.k. with me, though, because this will cause them (intelligence agencies) to learn exactly what it is that the powers-that-be don't want them to know about, and how they are being used themselves by secret societies and families, and everyone gets to look in on the morally bankrupt system with a magnifying glass, and then they know within their own conscience that what they are doing is wrong, or it will hopefully encourage them to make positive changes within the system they are working in, like exposing police brutality, or FBI and CIA corruption, and so on.

    Thankfully, the money-hungry Dot.coms and other related people are backing off the internet, somewhat, for now, since they are realizing that there is not as much money to make from it as everyone once thought. After all, where did all the money come from to begin with? Investors and wealthy corporations got together to plunge a bunch of cash into new start-ups, wasting millions of dollars on the stupidest garbage to entice customers to visit their sites. All of the elaborate marketing schemes were employed and false promises of unlimited wealth  lured in people by the thousands. But really, it was the stockmarket that made everyone whatever money they made. It was the "hot-air balloon", that really made everyone wealthy. Companies with stock worth millions were themselves, only worth hundreds of thousands, if that. Basically, the stock market works like this : We'll call it the "Wall Street Casino". You walk in the casino with $100, and a paper that says you own a corporation. Now the casino looks for investors who want to partake in the "inflation" of your wealth. So, you sell imaginary "shares" of this corporation to the "gamblers / investors", but now the chips you create are "valued" at 10 times the original value, ($1000) and they (the gamblers / investors) go into the casino and "play", most losing their money, but some cashing in big. Now, depending on the market and other manipulated factors, the company may go under, mostly due to the fact that the corporation has lost over $100 Million or so, and so they become a risk to gamblers / investors, and then the hard times come and people are laid off etc... Either way you look at it, the reason that gambling is illegal is because it causes debt to be incurred and has a negative effect on the people, and besides that, it competes with the stock market, the mason controlled casino. And THAT is why it is a good thing that the bubble is bursting. This way the internet will become less congested and more usable as a medium for what is should be used for ; information exchange, NOT MASS E-MAIL MARKETING. You shouldn't have to change your address and move because you get so much mail that you can't carry it to the garbage.

    I am looking forward to the day when the internet can legitimately compete with television as an entertainment medium. That way, everyone who wants to will have their own cable t.v. show broadcasted from their living room, if they wanted to. Personally, I will be doing some kind of "alternative news" at some point, where I will take stories from the day and tell them like they really should be told, without all the pretty fluffing they are all dressed up with. It will be the truth like it really is.

    I would also like to go out onto the streets with a videocam and ask people at random what they think about topics like the ones covered on this website. Then I would broadcast that back on the internet on streaming video and the public could get video-clips of people the way they really think, about subjects you would never hear about through "controlled media". I would show both sides, of course, to allow people to make up their own minds who the crazy ones really are. I think on-line polls are a waste of time, since they are so easily manipulated. 

I will add more here soon. Just ramblings......