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Credo Mutwa Reptilians


Militias in America

It is a little known fact that I belong to a militia. It is the most dangerous militia in the country and perhaps the world. The criminals in power fear this militia with their lives and fortunes. The name of this supersecret cell is the anonymous internet information militia. We are aligned with another super-secret group called the Hong Kong Blondes, which have a little more noteriety. We are each one-man cells armed with computers, digital cams, printers, and internet connections. We are stockpiling harddrives and info. storage devices as we speak. Firewalls are our last defense against an ever increasingly encroaching virtual spy apparatus. 
    Actually, this is the beginning of a sci-fi-script I was thinking about writing. I am always having ideas about making movies, but never any time or enough understanding of what i'm doing. 
    On a more serious note, though, I do have pretty strong opinions about the militias. And I bet you are wondering just what they are, aren't you??? Admit it, won't you? You want to know what I think so you can label me as a "right-winger" "gun toter", or a leftist guerilla freedom fighter. Or maybe you want to know if I am going to blow up any building any time soon?  Maybe you are from the ADL or JDL or the Justice Department?  If so, then i'm glad I have wasted so much of your time, sorry if you didn't find anything you liked. If you learned anything, then cut your job, get a hair, get a life and get on with it already. 
    I think we need militias. But only so the United Nations is scared shitless to come into this country. And so the powers-that-be (International Bankers/Masons) won't think about throwing us all into concentration camps like THEY did in Nazi Germany. Would you trust your intelligence agencies if they were made up of nothing but Nazis and their allies from the Second World War?  I don't think so!

    If you look at examples like the Watts riots, Kent State, The assassinations of our political leaders and people like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, the Beating of Rodney King and the subsequent riots and Martial Law that followed, the Military training exercises in Texas, Oakland, and other parts of the country, the United Nations training exercises taking place on American soil, and the converted military bases and newly constructed concentration camps, waco, and on and on, you can see a pattern of abuses and reasons why the people should not give up their arms unless they want to live under fascist rule. The militias sprung up in response to the problems like these that are facing this country. A Judicial department out of control. Judges doing whatever the hell they want, and getting away with it. The President trafficking heroin and cocaine, the police beating up suspects and planting evidence, the unstoppable flow of illegal immigrants into our country, etc. 

    There is truth to the statements that there are racists in the militias. There are also black people, jewish people, women, and some children. I have met many militia members and most of them are pretty nice people who are genuinely concerned about where our nation is headed, and who is controlling it, and for what purposes. 

    So, a few years ago, when the federal government got wind of the increase in the numbers in the militia movement, a program was undertaken to create government "agent" militia cells, and expand them to gain info. on the various Sovereigns, Patriot Groups and Militias. Because the militias are mostly made up of people who understand that our country has been taken over, and study and research real history, it is easy for them to be labeled conspiracy theorists and such by the media. They all KNOW clinton and Bush are lying, drug-dealing scumbags, and crooked as can be. They also know, for the most part, that secret societies are controlling events worldwide and that the United Nations is training in the U.S. currently. So, if the powers-that-be could be sucessful in smearing the militias, they could maximize their situation by supressing most of the resistance in this country to a One-World government. All of the sudden, now, when you say the word "militia" a crackpot gun-slinger with a paranoid look, dressed in kakis comes to the mind of most people.  -- But most of them aren't that way at all. 


Things have changed a lot since this was written back in the 1990's

The group gathering of militia folks has pretty much ended.
The government inflitrated every group, caused strife and planted evidence, made arrests, and ended any potential collective armed resistance that could have been brought together. I imagine the next movement will take place when 3-d printers are in every home and guns and ammo can be printed like documents. People don;t have ot meet anyways, they just have to be like minded, and not crazy enough to shoot eac hother first.