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Mind Control (Propaganda)
        Do you watch television? How many hours a day do you spend watching T.V.?
Have you ever stopped to wonder why is it that ALL OF THE NEWS STORIES ARE THE SAME NO MATTER WHICH CHANNEL IT IS?

   Have you ever wondered why they call it "Programming", and just who are they trying to program? Who is behind this "Programming"?  A Wizard of OZ?

   Propaganda was PERFECTED by the Nazis during the Third Reich under Hitler. Hitler stated that the "Bigger the Lie, the more likely one would be to believe it".

    Could you imagine that you are watching a television program and while someone is about to be arrested, they show the policeman that the law he is about to operate under is being applied incorrectly?
Or how about any show where something is about to happen that involves the law and the AUTHORITY IS QUESTIONED?

Authority is never questioned on Television. Why? Because It Might Cause Us To Think That Maybe The State Has No Authority Over Us.

   Television Requires BLIND OBEDIENCE in order to watch it and not get sick to your stomach. BBC Stands For British Broadcasting Company. Who do you think runs it? British Intelligence, That's who. Everything we hear and see on television is directed by British Intelligence. H.G Wells, the Late, Great Science Fiction
Writer was himself a Freemason and a Member of British Intelligence. Aldous Huxley's Grandfather tutored H.G. Wells and Huxley's Grandfather was a member of the "Round Table" in England.
The First Movies out of Hollywood Included "Things To Come" by Wells. This was an early Propaganda Film aimed at America to Prepare us for World War II and the United Nations. A Must-See Film. For a Review Click Here!

    One of the best films to show the effect the programmers are trying to have on civilization is "Harrison Bergeron". This will be the State of Things in the New World Order if something isn't done about it soon. Also I recommend "ZARDOZ" another great Sci-Fi about a civilization of primitives controlled by the elite through brainwashing.

    Have you ever stopped to consider the implications of movies like "Star Wars" and "The Empire Strikes Back". Or how about "Raiders of the Lost Ark", or even "Star Trek". All of these movies were made by members of secret societies of Freemasons or under the direction and advisement of them.

    In "Star Wars", there is the obvious Light Side / Dark Side symbolism. The entire movie is about the temptations of the Dark Side. Luke is a pure and innocent White Male who must defeat the Empire (Represented by Black Darth Vader). Obi-One Kenobi representing the aging Grand Master ready to pass on his secrets to a youthful disciple (Luke). And Yoda represents the Ultimate Masonic Teacher. In FREEMASONRY, there is a High teacher called "Yoda." .
In "Raiders of the Lost Ark", the symbolism is even more obvious. The Nazis are looking for the Ark of the Covenant". Well, back in the 1930's Hitler was actually sendinf expeditions around the world searching for artifacts which probably included the Ark. They were also located in South America, where the movie begins. What a coincidence, the FREEMASONS have also been looking for the "Ark of the Covenant" for years now. Did you know that even though Hitler was built up by the Freemasons, upon realizing this, he formed the SS to route out the Masons from his intelligence circle. Well, afterward the Nurenburg Trials were not to Prosecute the Nazis that killed Jews during the war, but to prosecute Nazis that killed MASONS during the War. So even though, the Freemasons through the Thule and Vril Society were behind Hitler, they also had it out for him. There is also the story about the Templar Castle & Lost Treasure & Boobie Traps. Read it here!

      In "Star Trek", there is Spock the Vulcan. The "Vulcan" comes from the Volcano God "Vulcanis". The Name for "Church" in Scottish is "Kirk". The Pope's sign of the Benediction with the Fingers seperated is the same as Spock's hand sign. There is a connection. Gene Roddenberry probably wouldn't admit to it though. What about the "Federation". I am suspicious about anything with the Root Word "Federal". The Major propaganda in "Star Trek" is that if we were to go into space at all, we would necessarily be involved in a "unified space exploration effort". I don't know about you, but I would find a nice, cozy, planet of my own, away from the "Federation" and grow some "Spacey" Flowers of some sort with my beautiful Space Chick girlfriend and there would be no "MISSION" , except my own! Also, space exploration may not be all physical. But if we believe that is the way it is, that may be the only way we approach it.

     Note : How many of you saw the new Austin Powers movie, "The Spy who Shagged Me" and caught the part with the Shriner wearing the "Fez" Cap that was chasing Austin in the car? Austin even makes a comment about the "Fez" cap giving him away. He states he cannot reveal the hideout of Dr. Evil unless asked 3 times. And then states he does not like being asked anything 3 times.

     Is there some reason why television never questions anything? That is suspicious.

     Did you know there have been at least 4 or 5 sieges similar to Waco, Ruby Ridge and the Freemen since, but the Media has covered it up.
     The symbol for CBS is the All-Seing Eye of Horus, or rather the "Illuminati". The Columbian Faction of the Bavarian Illuminati. This is where we get "Columbia Space Shuttle", "Columbia University", and the "District of Columbia".
The symbol for NBC, the Peacock, is not really a peacock at all, but rather the "sun rays". This is the same with "Shell" Gas. It is also the "Sun Rays". The Sun symbolizes the East, because that is where the Sun rises. That is also the source of the "Eastern Mysteries" to which Freemasonry subscribes. This goes back to the pyramids, which go back to the Volcanoes.

Shell Logo               NBC Map
           The Media is Run By Freemasons, Members of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.
     If you ran the show, would you take a chance that some Walter Cronkite or Peter Jennings would come along and spill the beans on the Secret Societies. NO WAY, YOU WOULDN'T. You would recruit them fast and if they don't follow the line, their OUT of a JOB. All News anchors are in on the One-world government plan. If they weren't, they would be exposing it, PLAIN & SIMPLE.

   All News sories are filtered through the Pentagon. The Pentagon is a Geometry shape. Inside the Pentagon is a Pentagram. Do you think the people who run the show are not aware of this? Why is it called the "Pentagon"? Secret Societies Put our government together and they are taking it apart at will!

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