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Imagine for a moment, if you will :

        There are government agencies which have been created under the CIA, which have contracted with defense hardware and software companies, like IBM and Sandia Labs. They have created thousands of "nano-plants". Miniature factories the size of a pinhead, capable of producing thousands of "nano-recorder-bots", one-hundredth the size of a pin-head, capable of full motion picture surveillance with 10,000 X Zoom, and enhanced audio voice signature data recognition and transmission back to headquarters via satellite link and the global positioning system (GPS). (I don't know what this all means but it sounds pretty impressive, eh)

        And, these "bots" are being deployed around the world to spy on "subversives" everywhere. Then there are rooms the size of a pinhead where all this information is being sent to, recorded on long-term data storage, that is even smaller than the size of a pinhead, and well, you get the picture.

        Then comes the worst part. Everytime we think for ourselves and start to stumble on the concept that this exists (because obviously they will keep it from us and never tell us about it), we will be automatically redirected to watch television. We will each have a "nano-butt-bot" that will have crawled up our butts one night while we were sleeping when we were just a child watching pokemon, and lodged  itself inside our brains. This will be programmed to cause us to stop thinking everytime we think too hard, and it will send an impulse to our brain to go turn on jeopardy.

        Everything will be reported the same way it is today, except we won't even be able to see any of the structures because they will be so small. When 50,000 people go to protest the IMF/World Trade Organization meeting at the United Nations building, they won't be able to find it. When you want to sue a corporation for something, you won't be able to find the court. But when you don't pay your parking fine on time, the court will come crawling out from nowhere to find you, because their "nano-bots" will already know exactly where you are.

        O.K., how about armies of "nano-tanks" blasting high frequency sound beams and shooting micro-lasers at your eyes. How did they get in here? Through the air-conditioning vents, that's how.

Are you starting to get the picture, here?   --  But.... There must be a good side to all this, right? \

Yea, we have been trying to reduce the size of government down to a pin-head since the times of Thomas Jefferson, now it will be alot more easy to dispose of once and for all.

(Please Note : This little rant was written around 2000/2001. Now it appears to be coming true. Read below about Nanotechnology and Morgellons. This stuff is VERY SCARY!)

Coming Soon.

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