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ON 1996

     TORONTO, June 1st -- THE TORONTO STAR continued its unprecedented coverage of the
secretive 1996 Bilderberg meeting with a large full-colour aerial photograph of the private $60
million resort ranch which is the site of their conference prominently displayed across the front
page of the paper's Business Section. The bold print caption read HEAVY SECRECY AT VIP

     The Bilderbergers, an elite, publicity-shy group of 120 of the world's wealthiest and most
influential people, meet annually in different parts of the world for private discussions. No list
of attendees is usually released, no agenda is published, and the participants are sworn to
secrecy. Bilderberger meetings are not usually even mentioned by the major media.

     The TORONTO STAR's persistent and professional coverage of this story has been
record-breaking in several ways: they are the first major newspaper ever to scrutinize a
Bilderberg Conference in such a courageous and critical fashion; their coverage has resulted in
the first-ever listing of attendees at an on-going Conference; and they appear to have prompted
a Bilderberg spokesman, for the first time in the organization's secretive history, to produce an
"agenda" for the elite group's discussions. Since journalists are barred from the meetings,
however, and since no final decisions are ever released to the Press, there is of course no way
in which the accuracy or completeness of such an agenda can be verified.

     Conference participants include European royalty; major international financiers and
supranational agency chairmen; key U.S., Canadian and European politicians; a representative
of President Clinton [who was "anointed" for the Presidency by the Bilderbergers at their 1991
Baden-Baden meeting, which he attended]; and assorted titans of industry and commerce.

     Their four-day, private and closely-guarded meeting at the Canadian Imperial Bank of
Commerce's luxurious King Ranch "leadership centre", outside King City, just north of
Toronto, ends on June 2nd.

     Toronto and other media were first alerted to this well-concealed meeting by Press Releases
from the Toronto-based NEW WORLD ORDER INTELLIGENCE UPDATE, the Web page
address for which is .

     In a separate story headined BILDERBERG SECRECY LID INTACT, John Deverell, a
business reporter for the TORONTO STAR, noted that "THE SPOTLIGHT, a right-wing
populist newsweekly based in Washington, D.C., for example, claims that Bilderberg is part of
a larger scheme to squelch nationalism in Europe and the United States, and establish a
European superstate that will join an 'America Union and an Asia-Pacific Union'".

     For example, financial titan David Rockefeller, who is attending the meeting, has expressed a
desire to see NAFTA spread "from Alaska to Chile."

     Deverell also quotes an lengthy Internet summary on the Bilderbergers posted by Brian
Redman, which included the assertion that "The role of the Bilderberg group is a one-world
totalitarian, socialist government and economic system." Brian is a frequent and
highly-respected Internet contributor.

     This assertion, as noted in yesterday's Press Release, has been confirmed by Professor Carroll
Quigley, a distinguished member of the faculty of Georgetown University School of Foreign
Service, in his revealing 1966 book, TRAGEDY AND HOPE. The massive 1300-page
scholarly volume was abruptly withdrawn by Macmillan months after being published.
Professor Quigley, who was associated with this group, has been spoken of in terms of
adulation by one of his most prominent ex- students, President Bill Clinton, who has said
repeatedly and publicly that Quigley shaped his view of the world. Professor Quigley was in
agreement with the aims of the Bilderbergers, and supported them.

     Journalists seeking detailed background information on the Bilderberg and its members will
find an excellent, detailed article on the organization at the NEXUS MAGAZINE Web site, the
address of which is [this site is also mirrored, for
U.S. and Canadian readers, at]: scroll down the first,
index, page until you come to the item "Article on the Bilderbergers from the Dec. '95 - Jan.
'96 Issue of Nexus Magazine.

     As reported in our previous Press Releases, THE NEW WORLD ORDER INTELLIGENCE
UPDATE has also learned from its own sources that one of the items on the agenda of this
year's Bilderberg Conference is a prearranged Unilateral Declaration of Independence by
Quebec, leading to the breakup of Canada and its eventual absorbtion into Continental Union
with the United States by the year 2005. We anticipate, for a variety of reasons, that this UDI
will be declared between February and April, 1997.

     When we first shared information on the planned destruction of Canada with Canadian
journalists and media outlets, over three years ago, it was greeted with incredulity. However,
since then our assertions have been confirmed in virtually every detail from an entirely
unexpected direction.

     Lansing Lamont, for 10 years Managing Director of the Canadian Desk of the Americas
Society [a Rockefeller organization] published a 1994 book entitled BREAKUP: THE
"ADIEAU QUEBEC" he confirmed to the last detail every one of our prior assertions, which
had been drawn from other, unimpeachable private sources.

     The scenario basically is as follows:

     * Quebec declares UDI. This removes the impediment otherwise faced in attempting to merge
a bi-lingual country [Canada] with a uni-lingual one [the U.S.], even as it provides the trigger
for the catastrophic and irreversible breakup of Canada.

     * the Cree indians, unwilling to remain in an independent Quebec, rise up in the Ungava
Rebellion, appeal to the Canadian government to honour Crown treaties with the Cree, and
attempt to retain their lands and loyalty to Canada.

     * a three-way civil war erupts, involving the Cree, Quebec and Canadian Forces. The Cree
seize the massive James Bay hydro-generating facilities in Northern Quebec and sabotage
them, causing massive power outages in Quebec which ripple through the grid down the entire
east coast of North America.

     * the U.S. government, under heavy pressure at home, sends the U.S. Army's 10th Mountain
Division, a crack 10,000 shock assault Division permanently stationed at Fort Drum, N.Y.,
just south of the international bridge near Cornwall, Ontario, into Canada to "assist" the
overwhelmed Canadian forces and to "re-take" James Bay.

     * at the conclusion of the conflict, the massive James Bay fresh-water reservoir [which, at 500
miles by 121 miles, fed by 20 Arctic rivers, is the largest in the world] and the huge
hydro-electrical generating facilities are purchased from the Cree, on whose land they are, for
"pennies on the dollar" by the elite-backed GRAND CANAL CORPORATION, some of
whose owners are Bilderbergers.

     * Canadians, dispirited by a shattered country, are offered a new "National Dream" - the
construction of the massive GRAND CANAL infrastructure, which will channel James Bay
fresh water to the Great Lakes, from there to go down the Mississippi and other river systems
to Texas and northern Mexico; a second section will funnel water out of Lake Superior
westward to Lake Diefenbaker and the Rafferty-Almeda dams, from where it will be piped
down to the dry southwestern states. The continuing profits will be astronomical.

     * Canada, by now broken up into regions, will slowly drift into the embrace of the United
States by 2005, in full Continental Union. The crippling public debt associated with GRAND
CANAL construction will have impoverished the nation indescribably and will have led to a
series of financial crises.

     Though he was apparently careful not to mention the massive GRAND CANAL project and its
backers, Lamont confirmed the outline above in every other key detail.

     Since the NEW WORLD ORDER INTELLIGENCE UPDATE editor extensively publicized
this huge secret water-diversion scheme on the Internet, during the last Quebec Referendum
campaign, the elite appear to have modified their strategy. As one of his last official acts before
resigning, Quebec Premier Jacques Parizeau announced that the final, essential dam project in
the James Bay reservoir system had been cancelled. A subsequent Hydro Quebec Press
Release later modified that statement by saying that it had been "postponed until after 2005."

     Those recipents of the printed edition of this Press Release who still find this too incredible to
believe should examine with care the accompanying maps of the entire GRAND CANAL
project drawn from ex-Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa's book, POWER FROM THE
Bourassa was reported by the reliable WASHINGTON OBSERVER NEWSLETTER to have
attended the 1971 Bilderberg Conference at the Rockefeller-owned Woodstock Inn, in
Vermont, along with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. His book appeared after that meeting.

     Interested journalists can find background documents and interviews on the GRAND CANAL
project and the breakup of Canada archived at Jeff Koftinoff's excellent GRAND CANAL web
site at:

     When decisions and projects of this magnitude are being discussed, Bilderberger secrecy is not
a luxury but a necessity!