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 Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1996 15:43:09 -0400 (EDT)
From: John K. Whitley <>
Subject: BILDERBERGER's implement their 1996 decisions *fast*...!

Toronto Bilderberg Conference     Contact: John Whitley
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE              [416] 481 4868
fax:  [416] 322 7238

TORONTO, June 7th -- Events and decisions having major impact
upon citizens of of the U.S. and Canada have flowed swiftly
from the recent super-secretive Bilderberg Meeting in Toronto.

The Bilderbergers, a secretive group of 120 of the most
influential and powerful people in the world, meet secretly
once a year in a heavily-guarded location. Every participant
takes a vow of silence and no press releases giving the
substance of their discussions are ever made available to

This year, the assorted and elite group of royalty,
international financiers, heads of international agencies,
titans of industry and key  U.S., European and Canadian
politicians met privately May 30th to June 2nd at the
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce's extremely luxurious
$60 million "leadership centre" at the King Ranch, just
outside King City on the outskirts of Toronto.

The Toronto media and news services were first alerted to
this meeting by Press Releases from the Toronto-based NEW
WORLD ORDER INTELLIGENCE UPDATE,  the Web site address for
which is

Normally,  Bilderberg meetings are never mentioned in the
media. Conrad Black, the organiser of this year's Bilderberg
Conference, owns more than 40% of Canadian newspapers.

On this occasion, however, the TORONTO STAR, one of Canada's
few remaining independent newspapers and a paper
distinguished by a long record of award-winning journalism,
ran a major and unprecedented story on the 1996 Bilderberg
Conference. The Friday, May 31st, edition of the newspaper
contained a major article on the front page of the Business
Section which listed the attendees.

emphasized that it had learned from reliable sources that high
on the agenda at this secret Bilderberg meeting was the
privatization sale of the massive government-owned Ontario
Hydro electricity production and distribution utility, a
potential source of "pure money machine profits" for key
investors. Also high on the secret agenda was a planned
Unilateral Declaration of Independence in Quebec in early
1997, intended to fragment Canada with the aim of acheiving
Continental Union with the U.S. by 2005.

We also pointed out that Bilderberg conferences choose and
"anoint" new political leaders, and cited the example of
then-governor Bill Clinton's "annointing" for the U.S.
Presidency at the 1991 Bilderberg Conference in
Baden-Baden, Germany.

This morning's TORONTO STAR, in a  front page story headlined
POWER CUT  URGES FOR HYDRO,  revealed that a Commission headed
by Donald S. MacDonald has recommended to the Ontario Premier,
Mike Harris, than one-third of Ontario Hydro's generating
capacity should be sold to private businesses.

MacDonald was appointed to head the Commission last November
by Premier Harris, who attended last weekend's Bilderberg

Similar electricity utility sell-offs in England have led
to windfall profits for those investors well-placed enough
to corner shares, but to sky-rocketing price increases and
widespread complaints of poorer service for consumers.

According to MACLEAN'S magazine, Southern Electric
International, a subsidiary of the huge Atlanta-based
Southern Co., is "very interested" in investing in Ontario
Hydro. Enron Corp., of Houston, Texas, has also made its
interest known: Bill Harlinger, Ontario Hydro's Chairman,
visited Enron two years ago.

Donald S. MacDonald was involved in an interesting exchange
at the February 19th, 1996 public meeting of the MacDonald
Commission, at the Holiday Inn in Guelph, Ontario. We are
indebted to DISCLOSURE AND DISCOURSE, a monthly
Ontario-based newspaper, for this this report:

  "Why do you list such things as cross-country skiing and
tennis in your curriculum vitae for  the "Who is Who in
Canada", yet omit to mention the most powerful job you've
ever had?" [Charles] Frey asked MacDonald at the Feb. 19th
meeting in Guelph. When the chair expressed ignorance,
Frey produced documents that listed MacDonald as a member
of the Trilateral Commission as well as a member of the
Steering Committee of the Bilderbergers.  After what
[John] Bowlby described as a "stunned silence" in the
packed Holiday Inn meeting Hall, MacDonald said he had
resigned from the Bilderbergers. He made no mention of
his current status with the Trilateral Commission.

   The Trilateral Commision and the Bilderbergers, according
to Holly Sklar, author of TRILATERALISM, are alliances of
several hundred of the world's most powerful people whose
aim is to control the world's resources. Trilateralists
envisage the world as three  economic superblocs - Europe,
the Western Hemisphere, and Japan - each with a single
government and all under the umbrella of a world government.
The Bilderbergers have been in existence since the early
1950's. American multi-billionaire David Rockefeller [NOTE:
also present at the secret Toronto Bilderberg Conference]
was organizer of the Trilateral Commission in 1973 with
the help of Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security advisor
to former U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

   "What particularly concerned us was that another member
of the committee, sitting up there   with MacDonald at the
meeting, was also listed as a member of the Trilateralist
Commission - Darcy McKeogh, the provincial treasurer who was
ousted by former Premier Bill Davis", Bowlby said in a later

   A third familiar name on the membership list of the Trilateral
Commission was that of recent Ontario Hydro Chair, Maurice

   "Strong is a close associate of Rockefeller, " Bowlby said.
"He has been the trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation and a
member of the Council of Rockefeller University."

The newspaper had previously noted that:

   The move to privatize Ontario Hydro began with high-profile
Canadian industrialist Maurice Strong, hired by former Ontario
Premier Bob Rae in 1992 to solve Ontario Hydro's $34 billion
debt problem, following the overbuilding of nuclear plants.
Strong now admits his staff cut of 7,000, stoppage of
construction, and organizational restructuring were intended
to lead to the breakup of the utility for privatization.

It concluded its report by pointing out that:

   MacDonald chairs Seimens Electric, Ltd., of Mississauga,
Ontario [a subsidiary of Germany's Siemens AG that has sold
at least 50 gas turbines to world-wide utilities]. MacDonald
is a director of the civil engineering firm Banister
Foundation Inc., which has a subsidiary that specializes in
hydro-electic plants. MacDonald is also a director of
TransCanada pipelines Ltd., a major gas supplier that would
benefit from a deregulated utility market.

MacDonald is reported to have said he would resign if these
connections became a problem.

Journalists may contact Sue Potvin, Publisher of DISCOURSE AND
DISCLOSURE at 613-826 2710 [fax: 613-826 1033; e-mail:] A complimentary copy of that issue may be
obtained by interested individuals by sending $4 to cover postage
and handling to Discourse and Disclosure, 3296 Nixon Drive,
Osgoode, Ontario K0A 2W0.

from a U.S. correspondent that Republican Senator Bob Dole's
vice-presidential search committee wants Democratic Senator Sam
Nunn, of Georgia, to be his running mate.

Senator Nunn was an attendee at the recent Toronto Bilderberger

In a  June 6, 1996 ,  front page article in THE WASHINGTON TIMES,
the GOP was reported as being stunned by this report.

Our correspondent went on to comment:

   The heads of state Republican Parties in Georgia, Minnesota,
Maryland, and Wisconsin expressed confusion about the possible
choice.  Some thought it might be a joke.

   Nunn, a 24 year senate veteran, is seen by some to be on the
conservative side of the Democrat party, but was rated 22 out
of 100 on a scale where 100 is perfectly conservative.

   He is a liberal socialist.

   When the Democrats controlled the Senate, he headed the Armed
Services Committee,  which has destroyed America's defensive
capability and is surrendering our military to the New World

Finally, in what reporters described as a "baffling flip-flop",
Quebec's separatist Premier Lucien Bouchard told a meeting of
business and financial leaders in New York, June 5th, that
sovereignty is now on the back-burner. This was followed by a
report in today's TORONTO STAR  headlined "ZERO" CHANCE OF
SEPARATING, HARRIS SAYS, in which Ontario's Bilderberger Premier
was quoted as making the "bold statement", before a  U.S.
business and investment audience, that "I think the chances of
a separation between Quebec and Canada are zilch, absolutely
zero. I don't see any possibilty." The STAR's reporter, William
Walker, wrote that "The statements were by far Harris' boldest
declarations on the national unity issue since he was elected
a year ago."

Harris, of course, had just finished attending the Bilderberg

Since the NEW WORLD ORDER INTELLIGENCE UPDATE widely publicized,
on the Internet and via  Press Releases, the fact that a
planned Quebec UDI, slated for early 1997, was on the agenda,
we can only wonder if the Bilderbergers have done what they and
similar secretive groups always do when their purposes are
exposed, and simply re-drafted their plans and schedule. That
would certainly provide Bilderberger Harris with his

In the meantime, Ontario's hydro consumers will be the first to
bear the cost of these secret deliberations. It goes without
saying that Bilderbergers will be the first to profit from them.