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for June 13-15 1997
From: (GroomWatch)
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
Date: 27 Apr 1997 18:29:55 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Bilderberg-watcher Jim Tucker has looked to Tokyo to see what the would-be
masters of the Global Plantation's agenda is likely to be when it meets in
Georgia. (by James Tucker, Jr. - SPOTLIGHT, April 28, 1997):

When the Bilderberg Group meets behind locked doors and armed guards June
13 - 15 at the posh Renissance Pine Isle Resort at Lake Lanier Islands, 50
miles from Atlanta, the campaign for world government will continue on all
The plutocrats are expected to push:
*Establishing three great regional governments for the administrative
convenience of a global government.  The evolving regions are the European
Union, American Union and Pacific Union.
*Declaring so many "interdependent" problems that the United Nations - as
it completes its evolution from a de facto to a de jure world government -
will be involved in your child's education, the water you drink and how
you spend your money.
This advance peek into the Bilderberg agenda was provided by a high
State Department official who has proven a reliable source for a decade.
His identity must be protected.   It's also consistent, as usual, with the
agenda of Bilderberg's brother group, the Trilateral Commission (TC).
Bilderberg and the Trilaterals share a common agenda.  David Rockefeller
is the force behind the TC; he shares power in Bilderberg with the
Rothchilds of Britain and Europe.  The two groups have an interlocking
When the Trilaterals met recently in Tokyo, the agenda was similar to
that of the upcoming Bilderberg meeting.
Joseph Nye Jr., former assistant secretary of defense and Karen Elliot
House, president of International Group, Dow Jones & Co., held forth on
"U.S. international leadership in President Clinton's second term."
Both expressed the view that Clinton, a long-time Trilateral who was
elevated to Bilderberg at Baden-Baden, Germany as an obscure governor of
Arkansas in 1991, would continue to embrace the global agenda.
Clinton's former advisor David Gergen, who is now with NEWSWEEK,
represented Clinton.  George Stephanopouolos, then a senior White House
adviser, represented Clinton at last year's Bilderberg meeting in King
City, Ontario.
Clinton's representative this year is still unknown.  But the White
House has had a senior aide present each year, beginning in 1954 when
Dwight Eisenhower was president.
Another session dealt with "the dream of European Unification" and a
"single European currency" led by H. Onno Ruding, vice chairman of
Citicorp/Citibank in New York and a former Dutch finance minister.
A third session addressed "Asia Pacific Community building" with Winston
Lord, former assistant secretary of state for Asian and Pacific Affairs
and C.Fred Bergsten, former assistant secretary of treasury.
The final session dealt with "managing the international system over the
next 10 years" with Paul Wolfowitz, now a dean at Johns Hopkins University
and a former undersecretary of defense.
All of these sessions were dedicated to advancing the three regional
governments but a common theme echoed throughout: "citizens of the world"
must be made to understand that an environmental holocaust looms.
This crisis must be addressed "globally" through "supranational" UN
agencies unfettered by "provincial" notions of "sovereignty" among "nation
This theme will be sounded at the Bilderberg meeting, the summit of
industrialized (G-7) nations and a UN environmental summit, both of which
follow in June.

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