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Oklahoma City Bombing
 Would the government really do it? Kill innocent children and blow up one of their own buildings? Or would Timothy McVeigh and his unknown accomplice, possibly Terry Nichols be able to pull off such a stunt themselves? That is the REAL QUESTION!
(1) Why do you think the government sought to destroy the evidence so fast when it would be in their best interest to preserve it? (The building itself)
(2) Was Timothy McVeigh acting alone or was he aided by a secret military operation? Or was he possibly aware of this if this IS the case?
(3) Why were the ATF agents warned not to attend work that day and why were the Feds seen there around the location prior to the bombing?
(4) Why did the news media as well as the people in the proximity descibe feeling two (2) distinct explosions consecutively that morning.
(5) Why were several jurors harassed

     Should we execute the people who helped McVeigh, if they are ever caught?  What if we find out they are people like Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, FBI and BATF members, and other government insiders?

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