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Credo Mutwa Reptilians

Population Control

Since it doesn't matter to the world leaders how many people die, seeing as they can't kill people fast enough to "manage" the population, it serves their interest to have people "Kill themselves". This takes alot of guilt off their conscience and they don't have to work as hard or spend very much money doing it. It's even better when the people who want to kill themselves spend their own money doing it.
    Most people don't have a "clue" what their eating or putting in their body. If you ask them, most don't care. That is the way the powers-that-be want it!! "Hey, you only live once!". I wonder who came up with that one. First of all, it's not true. You live many times. And second, ALL LIFE IS PRECIOUS. From time to time, your consciousness may awake a little and decide you want to eat and live well. Hopefully, it won't be too late to save yourself.
    You are what you eat, they say. Are you putting garbage in your body? Do you even know what's in the food your eating. Do you shop at a supermarket? If you said "yes" to the last question, you are fatally doomed and should stop immediately. THERE IS NOT AN OUNCE OF FOOD AT THE SUPERMARKETS. You are not buying FOOD at the supermarkets, only garbage. Think about what "Food" is. Food is not "dead things". Nothing canned is food! Nothing packaged and frozen is food. Nothing sitting on the shelves is food in the supermarket. Do you ever read the ingredients? If not, you had better start now!
    "Food" is living enzymes and live foods, whole foods. Not Chemically sprayed fruits and vegetables. That is POISON!, not "Food". Whenever you put something "bad" in your body, it doesn't matter if there's a little "good" in it, it is still "bad" and damaging. All foods sold in most supermarkets are POISON and should be labeled as such. When I was 17, I became a vegetarian, which i'm not saying now is the "best" or "only" way to be. But, when I did this, I cleansed my body for the first time and realized that I was not even "thinking" naturally before. I realised that my mind was clouded with toxins from my body, which caused me to not be able to think as clearly. Then as I grew a little older, I went back and forth between eating really good, and not caring about what I ate. I soon discovered that when I ate "good", (meaning organic fruits and vegetables only, low sodium,
low sugar, no pesticides or chemicals at all in my diet) that I was actually able to think "CLEARLY" and that most of the population does not even think "Clearly" due to their "bad" diet.
    Now, I only eat organic foods by shopping at the "Farmer's Market" and buying only "Certified Organic" fruits and vegetables. And I shop at "Whole Foods". Other than that, I occasionally, mack out on something that isn't so "good", but not often. And needless to say, I feel MUCH BETTER!
    Also, WATER is very important. I recently began to use a distiller a friend had loaned us. If you have ever used a distiller and saw what kind of "gunk" is left over in the bottom of the distiller after the water has been treated, you might be SHOCKED AND AMAZED that you have been drinking this stuff for years. If I drink tap water now, I can easily taste the difference. The same with non-organic fruits and vegetables. Can tell them right away with one taste. Non-organic food SUCKS!. And tastes like "Sewer food". I personally don't know how people can eat it at all.
    Fast food is the American Way!. A McDonalds on every corner. And on the corners with no McDonalds we'll put a Buger King, Jack in the Crack, Carls Jr., In-and-out, Wendy's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Smut, or a Taco Hell. Warning! If you eat at these places, you will not live a long and healthy life. Can you say "Quadruple Coronary Bypass Surgery". Do you want to die a slow, horrible death with countless problems and pains. Lesson Number 1 would be to STAY AWAY FROM THESE DEATH MILLS. They do not serve NOT FOOD!
    Does the food you eat contain MSG? Monosodium Glutamate. Or how about Aspertame? (Nutrasweet) Do you drink "Diet" drinks? Then chances are you do! How about propyl alcohols? Do your body products contain Propyls or Benzene? Do you drink "Soft Drinks"? They all have Benzene in them. And what about the meat you eat, if any? And milk? Do you buy it from the supermarket? Then it has "hormones" and preservatives injected into it. What about the food that is fed to the cattle? Is is treated with pesticides? If so, you are eating tainted meat. Have you heard of "Mad Cow Disease"? This is as bad as it gets. "Brain Rot". All because you wanted that hamburger. Why not just avoid it all? You can get everything you need from other sources. If you must eat meat, why not try "Free range" turkey or chicken from "whole foods". At least you know where it came from and that it was treated alright. Stay away from Beef, unless you want to risk getting "brain-rot".
    Have you ever tried "Bee Pollen". Pacifica is a brand of Bee Pollen that I am truly addicted to. I can't stop eating it and I hope I never have to. It is THE BEST food I have ever had in my life. Bee Pollen is a whole food, which means it contains everything that your body needs in one food source. I could live off this stuff alone. And it is all natural. If you can't get Pacifica brand, there are many others too, I just like this one the best.
    Hemp Seed oil is the highest source of complete vegetable protein on the planet. Also, it is the highest source of Essential Fatty Acids, meaning "Essential for life", and they don't get you high. Hemp Seed oil has the ability to "clean" your arteries of all cholesterol.
    The New World Order wants you to eat "synthetic foods". Or foods that are not foods, but are called foods. That way, you won't realize you have been dying for years and when the time comes, it's too late, at 48, just about when you won't be useful in the workforce any longer, they can send you to the grave. That is population control. Remember, they can't kill people fast enough. And now, with more technology each day that will enable people to live longer, that only means they have to kill more people faster, and at a younger age from "Natural" illnesses and death, like lack of nutrition. The problem is that we will all be dead and gone one day, but the lakeys of the New World Order will be running things even tighter than before and nothing in "Life" will matter because we are all just "account numbers" on a computer to the system. When we die, the system only sees a loss of revenues and figures out where to find a replacement for us while everything goes on according to normal and the bankers on top of the "Life chain" keep getting richer and living higher on the people's efforts and everyone keeps working for the "system".


Update 2018 - This part of the website was never fully developed like I wanted to.
I hope ot have time this year to make it improved.


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