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Roots of Racism and Anti-Semitism

 I was born and raised Jewish. So I don't want to hear any of that "This person must be a racist, he espouses views identical to those right-wing Christian conservatives".  And for those Christians out there, you are not the only ones that know about the New World Order, and despite the fact that many of you believe it is really a Jewish conspiracy, and I don't agree, does not negate the validity of a true genuine conspiracy.
    On the contrary, I would hereby like to make light of the "Christian conspiracy" to replace religion, brainwash peoples minds, and change the truth of REAL history. (This is really just a joke, but there is seriousness and truth to it.)
    Well now that i've gotten everyone to listen carefully, (shock has it's value, heh) I can now bring forth my proposition.
    Do Jews really rule the world? A good question! And if you don't have a good understanding of the background of history and religion and language, it might appear that they do. It also might appear that "Satan" runs the world. It also might appear that "women" control the world. Or one might jump to the conclusion that the Vatican is behind it all. Some say the Vatican is really Jewish. Some believe that the Rothschilds control the world and that the Rothschilds are Jewish and that is proof enough. Still others, like Christian Identity promote the belief that the Jews are sub humans along with the black (mud people) and that the Aryan white race is the true Jews, God's chosen people, while the "other" Jews are "imposter" Jews, who are really Khazars, and not Jews at all. So what is the truth and how does one find out exactly with everything conflicting so much?
    The first question you would have to ask yourself is,  "When we say 'Jews', who are we talking about? Like as if to say, "The Christians control the world". Well which Christians are you talking about? There are two main groups of Jews. Sephardic (orthodox) and Ashkenazie (reform). According to John Allegro, the early Christians were entirely different from today's modern Christianity. Modern Christians could be referred to as "reform" christians, since they mostly are not "true" christians. According to Allegro, in "The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross", the "True Christians" were mushroom consuming and did not believe in Christ as an actual man, but understood the symbology. For more on this Click Here!!. So, first we have to decide from which "VIEWPOINT" we are going to examine this question. I like to examine things from many "viewpoints", for the fun of it. Now the African Americans say they are the "Real Jews". Try that on for size.
    The next question would be to determine if we talking about a "RACE" or a "RELIGION". A race is "fixed" and a religion is "interchangeable". In other words, one can't say "i'm going to change my race", but one can say "i'm going to change my religion". So are we talking about a "Race" or a "Religion"? Since we all agree that "Judaism" is a religion, then the next logical thought would be: Religions come and go. First there was Babylonian, ancient Pagan religion, later there was the Egyptian, which was the same as the Babylonian, but adopted for the time in Egypt, then there came Judaism, which was the same as Egyptian, but adopted for the time and location, and then came Christianity, which is a RIP-OFF of Judaism, but adopted for the time and location. Each one borrowing from or RIPPING OFF from the previous religion. So now going back to the original question. "Do 'Jews' run the world?" Saying that they do would be akin to saying that the "Egyptians" run the world, or the "Babylonians" or even the "Christians", especially those Christians, since they are the predominant religion, or the "Catholics" even. I think it is a little silly to say that a "Religion" runs the world. A "Religion" cannot control the world, people behind it have to pull the strings, and in most cases the people pulling the strings will give or take a religion or any one will do.
    Also, another thing to look at is language. Which language "rules" in the world today". ENGLISH, not HEBREW. That is interesting.
    The next thing I would like to point out is the fact that there are many "Jews" in the world today. Are they all in on it together? I certainly don't have knowledge of Jews that are rich and powerful in my life. I don't remember any secret meetings when I was little or growing up. Nobody ever sat at the dinner table during Hannukah and said "Boy, we're really cleaning up with that 'Christmas' bit, with everyone going out and buying up all those presents from the stores we own in our family". Anyways, if there was a Jewish conspiracy going on while I was growing up, I never saw it. There isn't a group of "Jews" that get together that is known in the conspiracy world of research. There is no "JEWISH GROUP", at least that I know of. There is no "Order of the Most High Rabbi". There are however, many "Masonic Lodges", which conduct secret meetings all the time and they HAVE been around and documented for a long time. I know there are Jewish people in Masonry, but there are also, Black Muslim, Catholic, Christian, Spanish, French, German, Italian and many other races and nationalities.
    This leads us to the next question. Are the Masons really a Jewish organization in disguise? After all, they use "Jewish" symbols like the "Star of David" Etc.
    They also use symbols like the "Cross and the Crown" of the Knights Templar and Jehovah's Witnesses, and Christian Science. All of which are "Christian" based groups, and the Templars were a Catholic Christian Order. Anyone, who stoops low enough these days can become a Mason regardless of race, religion, or nationality. Besides the "Top" Masons know the "Truth" of Religion and you cannot go into Masonry with a Religion in mind, they will wipe it from your desires and beliefs by teaching you the hidden truth, also found here. So this is why I don't believe the Masons are in fact a "Jewish" organization in disguise. I do think that they borrow heavily from "Jewish" customs though, only because Judaism was a primary focal point in religious history.
    Next, the issue of the Khazars. There is a book by Arthur Koestler called "The Thirteenth Tribe", where he elaborates on the fact that a group of Turks living at the time of the Roman Empire had a mighty empire themselves, strong enough to keep the Romans back. He goes on to say that they
adopted Judaism in the early days before the fall of Rome. Hence, the statement by some people, mostly "Christian Identity" that the modern "Jews" are not the "True Jews", but imposter Jews. Well, that might be true of the "Ashkenazie" Jews, but what about the Sephardic Jews? And this is where a little truth is mixed in with a bunch of lies by those who espouse "Christian Identity". They will point this fact out and then claim that the "Imposter Jews" were born from an affair that "Eve had with Satan". (This is how they keep the "Truly Stupid" among the ranks of Christian Identity) Then they go on to say they are the "True Jews" because there is some evidence that shows that the early "Brit-ish" people were one of the 12 tribes of Israel. (Brit meaning Covenant and ish meaning man, therefore "man of the Covenant", Etc.) I would not deny this fact either, nor the Khazar arguement, but most of them cannot and could not ever show a geneology chart with their own ancestry, yet alone showing it leads back to Great Britain in the early British Isles 1500 years ago. Also, as far as the "Khazar" arguement goes, even the author states that "If the people we consider to be Jews are not Jews in fact, then there goes the whole arguement of Anti-Semitism".
    The next question is "Where does "Christian Identity", which is virulently racist, come from? Where did it start? And how did it gain such momentum? "Identity" can be traced back to the Masonic Lodges and Albert Pike, Grand Master of the Scottish Rite in the Southern Jurisdiction, also founder of the KKK. Then it was called the "Knights of the Golden Circle". I will expand on this more, soon. It can also be traced to what are called the "British Race Patriots" of Great Britain, in the late 1800's. This was the beginning of "British Israelism".

    Added (12-20-01) : I wanted to elaborate a little on my beliefs and understandings about "Christian Identity and British Israelism", since there are so many good christians that are being duped by this. I know and associate with many good christians and over and over I deal with these issues, unfortunately. There are alot of severely mis-informed, well intentioned people out there who are buying into this garbage and it is promoted on the internet by people who claim they are not racist at all. So it is taking a new turn now, to "clean" itself of the racism aspect, but it really all boils down to a few "key" concepts and beliefs. That is the dangerous part, because now, there are followers of these two ideas and they don't even know that it is ALL RACIST.
I am in possession of two very important documents that most have never heard of. The first one is a CIA "memo" with agency letterhead and a couple of details ommitted. I got this document in a white paper from Craig Hulet entitled "The New World Order" Global Regime of Economic Interdependence Pt. 1 and 2. These were $40.00 each when I bought them and they are very thick, containing hardcore documentation. At the time I bought them, I was just starting to learn, and put them aside, because they were too intense for my understanding at my age. (20) But I realized that Hulet was speaking the truth so I bought them to read later and try to understand what is going on in the world. I have had this for 10 years now, at least. Well, back in 1997, I was researching some things for my catalog and I came across this document. It was in this white paper with no other apparantly related articles. I struck a "chord" when I read the word "Identity" in it. I am going to scan it in in the near future, but for now, here is what it says : 

A new international order is our national goal and will be achieved in the interest of peace and stability. To further this goal all Earl of Dysart fronts including all identity movements must be protected. Only limited official reaction to these groups must be allowed.

This operation is classified under the highest priority. It must only be referred to as Earl of Dysart.

To appear spontaneous, funding must come from the adherants as much as possible and it must be expanded as a religious movement.

Public media must cooperate under equal access directives.

Earl of Dysart must be protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Counter moves must be limited to religious debate and monitored closely.

    It sounds to me like "Christian Identity" is in reality, a CIA Intelligence operation in disguise. Most likely, to foment revolution in America, to ignite race wars between whites and jews, blacks and jews, and whites and blacks. Also, most likely, to gather intelligence and information on those in the so called "patriot movement", sovereigns, anti-abortionists and other foes of the "New World Order". It also appears that this could be used to bring about terrorism in order to pass anti-terrorism laws into effect, thereby guaranteeing a more "peaceful and stable" national state. Isn't it a strange coincidence how Rev. Robert Millar (Grandpa), who ran "Elohim City", the christian identity compound where Timothy McVeigh was staying, was exposed in court proceedings as an FBI informant. This was the same man who told the followers that if they didn't do something to strick at the heart of the Federal Government by April 19th, that the government was going to attack them. This man directly encouraged the bombing of the Oklahoma Federal Building by Timothy McVeigh, and he was an FBI informant and he was the head of "Elohim City". I wrote about this in my catalog intro back in 1998. To read it Click Here!!
    So, things start to make a little more sense, now, when one has a broader perspective. Now, for the second document I have, which ties British Israel into all this, as well. It is titled "Steps Toward a British Union, a World State, and International Strife". It is a series of comments on the floor of the House by Montana Representative J. Thorkelson and dated starting Monday Aug. 19th, 1940. (British Israel History and Origin) (These Documents are from the House of Representatives in 1940 and Document the PLOT to takeover the Middle East and Create a One World Government under King David in Jerusalem)
-   Here is the Main Text

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   Of course, everyone who even considers this argument has heard of the "Protocols of Zion". -
If you haven't or have not read the material goto the link above.  After you have read
them, you may be interested in this article, which lays out the source of this document, and how it got to be twisted to look like it was coming from a "Jewish" source. In fact, the source was Freemasonry, or maybe more appropriately, the "Jesuits" & Freemasons. -- READ "The Analysis of the Origin of the Protocols of Zion" -