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Credo Mutwa Reptilians


The Game Expalined - Aug. 30, 2006 (Possibly Roger Elvick, but not sure)

Interesting thing,  as none of us can in fact, be construed or declared "personally" a debtor to the government due to necessity and our pre-paid nature.  Today's government is as a matter of fact crafted in the nature of a debtor entity to do business in commerce, using the peoples credit to do said business.  Access of that credit through scams of pretended taxation and the like, establishes a constructive fraud on the people and thereby, sets up a constructive trust in every instance of each fraudulent presentment of unsecured offers of debt crafted in the nature of a claim and failing to provide a "Check" as "consideration".  As long as the "People" don't understand or know how to access their constructive trusts, nor that they have in fact been defrauded by design to create such instant constructive trusts, said trusts are held by the Treasury Department until you die or until you claim the said trusts.  Upon your death, all of your constructive trusts default to the Treasury as a healthy windfall.  The "certificated security" i.e. Death Certificate is the negotiable instrument that initiates this final process to close and settle your account.  And now the fed has a "Closed" account with your name on it . . . endless credit . . .


P.S.  The scheme used to steal our credit is obvious once you understand the self-executing nature of the constructive trust holding our compensation, as a built in secondary remedy.  This constructive trust remedy is employed to allow any government functionary or financial institution to defraud us with pretended demands in the nature of claims without immediate recourse to criminal sanctions against the fraudsters.  Our recourse is however, in the proper filing a report of our tax exempt income, via the 1099OID and the 1040.  The convoluted nature of this process is clear in its intent to effect a complete and undetected fraud and thereby, is way over the line re the criminal nature of the process.

What is evident on the face of this process are two remedies . . . the first being that we are pre-paid and exempt from levy and the system, hopes we don't understand such remedy exists.

The second remedy is an integral part of a two-fold or collateral remedy that presumes to forgive the fraudsters of the theft of our credit by placing our share of the defrauded funds in a constructive trust until we claim said funds or simply die ignorant of such process.

All of this could be compared to a bank robber stealing funds and making his escape, only to be caught with the loot and the said loot having been placed in a bag that was labeled . . . "Stolen funds are to be returned to the bank should the thief be caught in possession of said funds."

The above process is clearly a massive confidence game . . .