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Redemption - Traffic "Win" in Oregon
  By Mac Edward, Fournier (Secured Party/Creditor) - From The American's Bulletin - May-June 2000

    This is a traffic case, in Lincoln County in Oregon State, on Nov. 22, 1999, at about 10:00. I was sitting in my pick-up just off of highway 20, looking across a field at a U-Haul truck, when a Sheriff's Deputy pulled up to the Mail Box across the road from me. He waited 'till I left, then followed me to my turn-off and stopped me with all the flashing lights! He issued me a ticket for driving while suspended for $295.00. He then recognized me by sight from a traffic stop and arrest a few years back.
On December 8th, 1999, was arraignment, but that was to no avail, as the judge said "to look for a letter for a date for trial!"
Trial date was set for March 9th, 2000, in court room 302, at 8:30 a.m. with judge Bennett. This date was over 3 months later. I had done my paperwork ahead telling the judge "I would be there in special visitation and that I had a superior claim in this matter."
At one point during the proceeding in the Trial, the Judge said"the paperwork was immaterial, but he had read it". Present in the Court room there, was my Wife, a friend, the Judge, the Clerk, the Sheriff Deputy, and myself. Time allotted for the Trial was from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. The Sheriff's Deputy was first in the Court room, then my Wife and I. We chatted for a while with the Deputy, as the Judge was late. My friend entered and the Judge and Clerk then entered and the Trial began. The Judge swore the Deputy in and asked him to proceed with what had happened. Then the Judge addressed me, I was not in the bar. At this point I asked the Judge "May I have your name?" Judge says "You know my name", I asked again for his name, Judge says "Frederick L. Bennett." I then said, "I'm here in "Special Visitation", and my name is, capital "M", lower case "a", "c", capital "E", lower case etc. " The Judge asked me if I would come into the bar. I asked him, "Are you ordering me in?" He asked me again, and I went past the bar and sat down. At that point I went through my scenerio on my appearance and name again, and the Judge asked me "Do you want to ask the Deputy any questions?"  The Judge swore me in first under the penalties of perjury. The first question was ""Do you have a claim against me?" The Deputy's response was "I don't know how to answer that." The second question was "Do you have a claim against me?" Deputy's response was "I can't answer that!" My respnse to that was, "It's either Yes or No!"  The Deputy said "Maybe the State of Oregon!"  At this point I was literally huffy and very loud, I said, "I want the STATE OF OREGON on the stand so I can cross examine the State of Oregon!"  Nothing happened, at that point, so I said it again, nothing happened, then I said, "I'm not in privity with my Strawman, and I have an aggregate relationship with the Strawman, does anyone have a Claim against me or anyone in this courthouse have a claim against Me?"  "My business is finished here and I want the Order of the Court." Things happened very fast after I said that. The Judge says "Mister Fournier, there is no proof that this infraction was commited in Lincoln County, case dismissed!"  This all took less than 15 minutes. The entry on the "Register" says, "Failure to Establish Venue!"