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Credo Mutwa Reptilians


Walmart & the Prison Industry
 And you thought life in America was just great, especially when your shopping at Walmart! Seems there was a fellow looking in a court file back east and as he was turning pages over, as he turned one page over, he noticed that on the back of one document, ther was stamped "FOR DEPOSIT ONLY" -- "Walmart Account"....Guess what the document was?...  A COURT JUDGEMENT!!!
    It seems that Walmart, under some "special secret license/contract," purchase these instruments and deposit these in their bank. The VALUE on the judgement was created by the judge, via his 'SIGNATURE'!  Let's presume there's a judgement for $1,000,000.00, with a discount to Walmart, they deposit say, $800,000.00, where it's converted to 'bank credit' and then they purchase their 'goods' with clean and sweet commercial paper!
    However, to make you feel even 'warmer', while you shop at Walmart, just remember, those who sit in jails and prisons, Walmart and other corporation obviously fund their 'purchases' in the same manner, while millions rot in filthy jails and prisons while their families exist on welfare and or struggle to make ends meet!
    Millions of credit-fictional dollars are created by the stroke of a judges' pen, all because they are utilizing commecial law against the people (all in secret) because the 'state' has made the people debtor/slaves on the plantation and objects of ALL REVENUE RAISING SCHEMES!  Well God bless America, God bless the judges, and the UCC!  Se you at Walmart!
The Creditors are coming!

(Taken from Howard Griswold Video)