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Write this on the back of the documents like lien, court order, etc.  Deposit it in the bank with a deposit slip.  Deposit it with ATM.  When they send it back you would do a RETURN TO SENDER.  Later it will come out on your bank statement.  That is what you are waiting for.  It will reflect the deposit amount + and then a withdrawal -.  This will be done by the bank zeroing out the charge.   Remember that all federal reserve notes are a TAX.  When it goes through the bank and the bank puts a stamp and seals it now it is whoever ‘breaks the seal’ pays the tax. 

This can also be used to tell them that the Bank such and such testified that your claim has no value. 

Please present this for collection and charge account [your bank account number].  

Please request a check in the amount of $41,303.14 made payable to YOUR STRAW MAN and Washington Mutual Bank, my fiduciary. 

Please mail the check to YOUR STRAW MAN, 12121 Coolest Avenue Blvd., #322, Los Angeles, CA 90066 for my endorsement so it can be deposited. 

Thank you for being the collectors for the State of California Franchise Tax Board. [or whoever]