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1212344 COUNTY HWY.


Mark Dillinger  aka

BABO Ford, Inc.

Somewhere,  AB 12345                                                                    January 28, 2003

            RE:  Fairlane Towncar, The personal Property of BUDDY STRAW

            With reference to the  automobile that you evidently obtained assistance of others, namely John Jones, to/for taking the personal property of BUDDY STRAW and failed to provide a bond or other sufficient surety or voucher for that taking.  BUDDY STRAW has therefore provided the court and tax district wit the surety to enable John Jones to do THE EXECUTION on the search warrant and return the item to BUDDY STRAW.  However, BUDDY STRAW having need to do that, changes your position in the matter, because; the surety posted in the District Court (tax district) renders the property “not exempt” from levy and execution.  You thereby have no exemption to hold the property, and you have acquired a liability for the full amount of the minimum ($75,000.00) requirements for Removing a District Court Action (28 USC 1359) to action in Diversity of Citizenship to (28 USC 1361) and Seventy-five-thousand Dollars ($75,000.00) to enter the diversity.  Likewise Bill Peabody also has a surety of a like amount (since he also indorsed the warrant without a sufficient surety or voucher).

            Since you “refused” to make settlement after the request for John Johns to return the automobile to BUDDY STRAW after BUDDY STRAW returned the process offered, in exchange, for settlement thereon, and with that request, your refusal is thereby the cause to provide John Johns and  Bill Peabody with sufficient surety to execute the order for the warrant for the return of the automobile to BUDDY STRAW and the department of revenue to return the amount of surety to BUDDY STRAW after execution and return from BABO Ford, Inc.

            BUDDY STRAW is not in dispute with the facts you (via John Johns) set forth in affidavit for obtaining the search warrant as that admits both persons of BABO Ford who appeared in the action are admittedly employees of BABO (an artificial entity) and thereby admit having no one eligible to make a personal claim on the automobile contrary to BUDDY STRAW’S claim of ownership.  Your agent, John Jones, admitted that in his affidavit of truth.  Furthermore; the affidavit admits the sight draft was: Pay to the Order (a money order or purchase order) of  BABO Ford.  (not that the sight draft was the payment).  Then the second instrument mentioned as:  Pay to Mark Dillinger (to his Order) through Mary Crumpet etc., those instruments gave instructions to Mark Dillinger to pay with his Order and or the BABO Ford ORDER (a money order) of the corporation (BABO), which is a corporate liability until a settlement IN FACT occurs with BUDDY STRAW, who has priority to acknowledge settlement and exempt the otherwise corporate tax liability.  Failure of BABO and Mark Dillinger to settle is evidence of BABO not having fulfilled its purpose for which it was first incorporated to do and thereby liable to return the automobile and the resulting damages for the amounts of the two sureties; posted with the tax district assessor.

            The artificial entity of BABO Ford, Inc., is in fact of a foreign state operating with United States Dollars and credit and thereby fall under a Superintendent of a federal project that requires a certificate of authority from EPA, OSHA, and DOT, all three.  The dollars are directly regulated by the Department OF Transportation (DOT), as DOT regulates the transmitting utilities and communications too.  (the point here is, all employees identified in this matter are federal officers by virtue of the federal project of credit, and the mandamus given in 28 United States Code section 1361, the court in diversity of citizenship, where this action is now posted to the tax district is authorized by this notice of removal to this forum (28 USC 1361) and the said sureties posted therewith and authorized to require the same said officers/employees to do their duty (discharge their duties or show cause why a Tort Claim should not issue from this court?).  See 28 USC 1603, 1332,1359, 1361, 1441(a) etc.  The sum certain is:  Two Surety Bonds $75,000.00 plus $75,000.00 plus 8,000.00 a total of $158,000.00.


                                                                                                Buddy Straw

                                                                                                Authorized Representative and

                                                                                                Attorney in Fact for BUDDY STRAW

Copies to:  John Johns

                  Clerk of District Court