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Janice L Joplin

12345 Anywhere Street

Los Angeles, CA 90066-6692

February 7, 2003

Gerald H. Goldberg  aka                                                          

State of California FRANCHISE TAX BOARD (fiction of law)

P. O. BOX 942840

SACRAMENTO, CA 94240-0040


RE:  NOTICE ID #’s:  03P730GTLIA1  - CLAIM AMOUNT $11,721.61          

   03T10OGT1IA0 – CLAIM AMOUNT $13,879.65

                                       034RWOGT1IA6 – CLAIM AMOUNT $ 12,234.02

                                       03MEVOGT1IAA – CLAIM AMOUNT $ 1,947.23

                                       03Z5QOGT 1IA2 -  CLAIM AMOUNT $ 1,887.07

                                       3BQOOGT1IAA – CLAIM AMOUNT $ $ 3,416.32

                                            SUM TOTAL                                      $45,085.90   

ACCOUNT NUMBER 555443333      Dated 01/13/03

Dear Gerald H. Goldberg:

            Enclosed is the evidence of the refusals, of your fiction of law as well as yourself, to make settlement by the numerous offers made by Franchise Tax Board and yourself, as the holder of that fiction, to JANICE L JOPLIN starting prior to August, 2001.  The attached exhibits are the latest actions to refuse delivery of remedy to me.  

            JANICE L JOPLIN does not dispute the facts and has provided her acceptance of the issued claims at par of $11,702.35, that I acknowledged with the check # 0205 dated 12-20-02 , $2,527.19, check # 0203 dated 12-18-02, $1,940.92, check #0204, dated 12-18-02, $12,178.88, check #0207, dated 12-20-02, $1,661.53, check #0202, dated 12-6-02, that was dishonored by you in your refusal to make settlement even though no check was included to bond the administration of the issued claim, thus making it an empty claim as admitted into evidence by Washington Mutual Bank.

Absent an administrative bond covering the conduct of the commercial paper you hold, the empty claims you continue to make are a tort to me, which has exhausted my administrative remedy.  Apparently the officers of Franchise Tax Board is an abandoned post because these claims, which are plain and simple threats with libel from the Franchise Tax Board which have no signature or names to them to show a Principal responsible for the issuance of these claims to me, giving me no ability to make a return to the actual claimant because the only entity who admits to making the claim is Franchise Tax Board (a fiction of law).  I need you to put a stop to this immediately.  The slandering of the name of JANICE L JOPLIN is causing unnecessary hardship and distress to me.   

The lien issued by THE FRANCHISE TAX BOARD was also accepted by JANICE L JOPLIN and deposited into Washington Mutual Bank and was admitted by Washington Mutual that the lien had “no value” but yet Washington Mutual Bank acted in collusion with you to extort and steal my property.

Since there are no other parties identified in the action with an exemption to make a personal claim adverse to JANICE L JOPLIN, who has priority to acknowledge settlement and exempt the otherwise corporate tax liability, remedy needs to be delivered.  Now Gerald H. Goldberg, being the holder in charge, a tax district, you are the one subrogated on the Surety Bond for this claim.   Therefore, JANICE L JOPLIN has provide the court and tax district assessor with the surety to enable you Gerald H. Goldberg, to do the EXECUTION on the return of the dollars taken from Washington Mutual Bank in the name of JANICE L. JOPLIN plus settlement and closure of this account.  

Your actions of having previously taken my property, in conjunction with these new threats to take my property again continually without sufficient surety or voucher to enable an execution for a return of remedy to JANICE L JOPLIN is accepted by me as tort with which this notice is given as a return. 

Furthermore, these threatening letters have come through the artificial entity of the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE which is in fact, of a foreign state operating with the United States Dollars of Credit that falls under a SUPERINTENDANT of a Federal Project that requires a Certificate of Authority from EPS, OSHA, and DOT, all three.  The Dollars are directly regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT), as DOT regulates the Transmitting utilities and communications too. (All types of moving communications) (Including electronic funds transfer).  The POINT HERE IS:  All employees identified in this matter are federal officers by virtue of the Federal Project credit accounting, accruals, etc., and the “mandamus” given in 28 USC 1361, the court in Diversity of Citizenship where this court is now posted to the tax district and authorized by this Surety Bond and Notice of Removal to this forum (28 USC 1361) and the said sureties posted therewith and authorized to require the same said officers/ employees to do their duty (discharge your/their duties or show cause why a tort claim should not issue from this court to prosecute the libel in the absence of the discharge of your/their duty?)  See 28 USC 1603, 1332, 1359, 1361, 1441(a) etc.  The sum certain is: The amount of your claim $45,085.90 plus, the amount of your lien acted upon by Washington Mutual Bank $ 41,303.09 plus, in July, 2002 an attachment to the checking account at Washington Mutual Bank of JANICE L JOPLIN which caused dollars in the amount of $75.09 to be taken plus, the Diversity which carries with it a $75,000 charge equaling $161,464.08 SUM TOTAL.

With this sum total equaling $161.464.08 SUM TOTAL I need you Gerald H. Goldberg, to honor this request, settle this account as well as all other accounts that need to be restored for JANICE L JOPLIN, account number 520484234 within seven (7) days of receipt, that BARBARA A. BUSCH may once again continue life in peace.

            The continued refusal (dishonor) of the California State Franchise Tax Board and yourself Gerald H. Goldberg to make settlement will be the confession as to why a Tort Claim should issue to prosecute the libel and compel the performance of the duties of the corporate office.



 Janice Joplin

Authorized Representative and

Attorney in Fact

Enclosed:  Copy of SURETY BOND,  Notice  ID’s listed above = 6 items

Copies to:  County Tax Assessor, John Chiang/State Board of Equalization, County Board of Supervisors,  Internal Revenue Service, etc.