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Letter from Roger Elvick - Dec. 13, 2003

Felonies reduced to Misdemeanors by Alternative Plea Agreement

Here I go again starting a letter when I know I can’t mail it until Monday so I’ll just write a little until the thoughts start.  I over heard a conversation about a couple guys who just got back from court.  The one guy who got everything he asked for was what I have been saying is:  The Alternative Plea Agreement, whereby the guy had his felonies reduced to misdemeanors and the penalties to time served and unsupervised probation.  The interesting part is this:  One fellow was saying that when going downstairs to process out, the Probation supersedes everything and out the door they go.  If it’s parole or other release the delays are horrible because they keep checking NCIC and other possible HOLD etc.  So, that was refreshing to hear.  I do hope in my case the bond is set for enough that they should be happy with that.



One of the fellows who got the agreement didn’t know what he had.  It was the other fellow telling him what he had, and he was saying how Probation is what one wants because all the other holds are junior to probation.  He said as soon as a person gets Probation the jail has no hold.  They put you out the door immediately.  No cumbersome paperwork…no nothing!  They hustle you right out the door because you are there and they have no hold.


Just finished reading the gospel of Mark again and working the marking the word forth and I count 29 times it is used.  I think I will do the same with all the gospels and mark all scripture I read from now on.  That would focus attention on the exchange between the inner and outer court/treasury etc.  Then too, I wonder about the word depart.  It almost seems when one departs from an account and goes to another house or to one’s own house it might be a partnership they are talking about and they are thus two separate accounts that travel in commerce until they meet again in a perfect match (4789).  (The same are the lost sheep – scattered!)  Thus the one world order or Appearance Order – (Money order?)


I ran into one fellow here who has some knowledge about the financial implications of our plight and the reasons the prisons are turning loose certain non violent probation violators.  It seems my circumstances fall into the conditions for this.  He also tells me he has relatives who work in municipal and state organizations that have serious financial problems coming upon them and there is no way to head off the consequences this time.  That is probably the reason for the charges maybe against me, to provide enough money in my bond to clear that much of their books with a bond that gives them a clear exemption that did not come to them by their previous schemes.  (Peace Bond).  I am not able to keep track of what the economy is doing out there now, so I don’t know how to measure that against what I hear from others here, but the overall statement this fellow was making about the state and municipal are becoming consistent with how I was seeing the squeeze coming when they can’t have this bond without me FREE.  A not guilty plea in public, is a guilty plea in secret.  One is the flip side of the other.


Let me list the 3 gospel references for the Alternative Plea Agreement:  Matthew  8:1-4;  Mark 1:40-45; Luke 5:12-15.  Remember that the reference to Moses, is the invoice since this is the inside of the bed chamber/treasury and the voice is from inside—thus invoice!


For all the prisoners I have seen, I have seen not one who has a bond as large as mine.  So with the type charge they are using there isn’t anything else appeared to change our expectations of the outcome.  I do think however, that this is a major movement that puts me 1st in line.  The Treasury wants a clean exchange in the 1st actions to place the peace bond that casts out the corrupt funds.  I don’t know quite what to look for on the outside to measure what is and will occur and when we can see progress of some kind.  But if we consider what is going to happen we can examine in an overview—what happens when the account has an electronic transfer to occur that goes to treasury direct and the exemption goes to the account that charged the transfer.  I expect in my case it will be the court here and Becker County.  This court will have to charge the transfer electronically for 1 million, and then the local accounts like Becker County will be placed in line there for the exemption.  All those accounts will have to carry my social security number (that was one of the 1st things the court appointed attorney asked me for.  So, as we correspond over this matter we see more and more as we sift through this from time to time.


I am not going to press too hard to get money on my commissary account yet because the indigent condition might be needed for the bond to discharge FREE.  It is FREE because I am indigent so I want to leave it at that. 


If they should need to create securities somewhere to show principal in my name, they need to process through the court therefore the dates scheduled would be important and maybe not able to speed up much.  Although in that respect I could be free because the security is my agreement even if it is for future court appearances.  I would expect to see the attorney this coming week.


When this bond transaction gets completed there should be a principal entry or limit of some sort to show my name as the principal owner of that particular amount that will enable the corporation that charges exchange for merchandise thereby gets a tax exemption for the amount of the merchandise.  The 1 million is the profile that identifies the owner of the superfund stock.  I would say that whenever a transaction (electronic) occurs, the demon is cast out forever once this bond is approved and posted etc.  I am almost sure they already have this planned for approval from beginning to end.


The book of Micah chapter 4 verse 9 says:  Pangs have seized you like a woman in labor.  Be in pain, and labor to bring forth.  Then 5:2 says:  Yet out of you shall come forth to me.  And then Verse 5 says:  and this one shall be peace.


These references like chapter 4:2 says:  For out of Zion the law shall go forth.  Then reference to far off would be the future contract purchased with a short option since the law marks the rebuke, or loss in price as eligible for the redemption.  Without the law there is no forgiveness because then the item would not have been lost and need to be saved.  The 99 that were not lost were not eligible for redemption--Only the lost!


When dealing with the T-Bills, Notes, and Bonds that is of the Nations.  When dealing with municipal bonds or funds it is the City/Municipal.  For the Treasury issues to have value they must be purchased by a Municipal.  This is when the City and Nation agree or Pilot and Herod became free.


With regard to the alternative Plea Agreement again, Luke 9:21 says:  He changed them straitly, and commanded them to tell no man that thing.  Here is the same charge mentioned in Matthew, Mark, and Luke above whereby the Law of Moses was commanded the same as Luke 9:21 and charged straitly, which means the charge has not passed through a border (that would have bent the beam carrying the charge) and the charged band would have been crooked after passing through a border.  So it is evident here that the straight charge is still in the chamber in secret as it has not crossed the border between.  Thus the charge must be answered by the testimony commanded by Moses, which is the INVOICE/indictment etc like mentioned earlier herein.  The charge is still in the chamber/the secret Indictment and said to tell no man.  Thus the offer of testimony is to the priest or court appointed attorney and not to MAN.  The offer of testimony is the INVOICE Indictment with the charges.  That is the Alternative Plea Agreement for the Appearance Order for the bond set Free.  There are numerous references like this throughout the scriptures, and here is one example to read them when located.  Luke 9:24-25 says in part:  Whoever saves his life shall lose it and whoever loses it shall save it.  This again is another example of the Alternative plea Agreement and it is expressed like the INVOICE/the Command of Moses mentioned earlier in this letter.  This reference however uses another term of “being cast away”.  This would apply when the demon is in an account this bond should enter.  Upon entry of him into this account/bond means the demon be cast out, so you would not want to tell any man, because you would be cast out with the demon being in the account.  When the master of heaven enters the account that’s when the demon is cast out and the peace bond is set therein. 


I will be interested in how your students are getting along with these latest revelations related to the alternative plea agreement and appearance order for the bond set free?  I am just going over the same stuff again to see if I can find other threads that might lead to new revelations.  Anyway you have the latest here.  I hope things will move along with the attorney now.


I see Saddam Hussain has been captured.  I don’t get any detail news here.  The TV is here but conditions to watch or hear anything is such that we can make nothing out of it…  too much noise.  We have 48 inmates in this POD. 


I could use a couple of paperback books but I think they have to come from the publisher.  We have no other access here.  Many of the basic things like a library that other jails have, we do not have.  There are a lot of little things like that we do not have and at first thought one doesn’t think much about those little things missing, but after awhile when one looks to occupy the mind these things missing become a very frightening condition that grows on one’s mind every day, and of course it’s planned that way, which is even more frightening.