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Credo Mutwa Reptilians


Study of the word EVEN  Dec 26th, 2003


What we have tonight is the word – even – that I am not sure if we have taken any particular note.  First we want to notice that most places it is written in italics.  We might as well say it is written in Italian.  This is probably reference to national treasury issues for one side of the account.   If the word even is not in italics, then it is referring to some other item of value.  Maybe we should call it a unit of value as that gives reference to international units.  There are numerous terms written in italics that I think give reference to something that is sponsored by a Voucher for a national interest in something.  Since the reference is Italian then the municipal fund/bond is that of Rome and not of Jerusalem.  I suppose one could almost say that Rome is – “even”- unto Italy.  Is this where it is said that Herod and Pilot became friends??? Or is it Municipal Funds are “even” unto treasury issues.  And it might be that’s the word “even” without italics might refer to Jerusalem being the host/sponsor of the value itemized therewith.  One would be Jewish execution and the other the GRACE to the Gentiles--  thus operation rather than execution, one the flip side of the other.


Something that I should mention before I forget, is there is an ongoing investigation going on of administrative activities of Cuyahoga County jail in its bonding methods.  I hear there is a committee of some sort that looks into their bonding methods that has been in action for a year or more.  It is a Federal investigation that is making them come up to standards.  These would be Federal Standards by the sound of it.  I hear it got started because this county was famous for holding people who would be eligible for bond etc.  There has also been some unusual movement of prisoners inside the jail, some for medical units or PODS where they moved an entire unit today.  We are also getting a more pleasant bunch of new inmates as the older more violent ones are leaving (going to prison).  The replacements are not the violent types.  So maybe this bond thing is a large scale move to place the peace bond.  I sure hope so!  Everything in the world now seems to be charged criminally  due to the superpowers charging the world powers to conform to civil rights standards set in the western world.  Those criminal charges need to have a peace bond to bring peace or there will be no peace.  Someone must bring the bond into existence.  That’s what I hope to do here.  Up to now they have no amount of peace bonds go into existence to cast out the demons and that means the demons still exist somewhere to do their acts of terror.


There is also an undercurrent of municipal financing problems with Greater Cleveland that they might not be able to escape this time.  I expect these same problems are pretty much the same throughout the country and for that matter throughout the world.  The funds that are charged for war cannot bring peace until the principal sues for peace to obtain the surrender of the hostile force and exchange the peace bond therewith to set-off or pay the collateral damages.  If a peace bond does not actually appear to discharge or cast out the demon, then the demon still exists and is traveling in waterless places looking for a place to enter and creates an atmosphere of temptation to put the demon back to work his evil again –the inequity!!!  Temptation is like a spiritual magnetic force that casts a blanket of doom over its range of influence and attracts its own evil legions to itself, more evil than himself.  This is what the lingering demons do that has not been cast out by the peace bond being discharged.  They serve as temptation for us again.  They charge evil desires in the victim whom they wish to enter.



            Something should be said about David and Goliath.  It seems to me that my Federal Case might be the Goliath profile as it contains the elements of a Giant Corporation that threatened Israel’s ability to do battle on the field of battle.  Then David uses his very own resources to pitch the stone into Goliaths forehead by his slingshot.  That would equivalent to putting David’s name on the Corporate letterhead and the Giant army surrendered in exchange for the settlement etc.  That’s what this match of mine is doing.  The tiny state of Ohio as opposed to the United States, the Federal being charged with the 1 million bond set to discharge the Goliath when it happens to surrender the collateral assessments made in the prior Federal proceedings to assess those properties.   The stone hitting Goliath in the forehead would represent the spiritual truth that set Israel free to make collateral settlement with the peace bond of faith in the promise of Jesus Christ.  Notice too that the words ‘forehead’ has the prefix of fore which is a prior or previous condition.  This sets the stage for coming Forth, thus the alpha and omega, the first and last etc.  The Delta Trading Options Strategy.  Thus the last the first and the first the last.  This is what happens at Passover.  The whole mystery seems to be centered around this event of the market moves when we see the epoch increase one side while the other decreases.


            Something should be said here for what it is worth.  During lunch hour today some of the locals were saying we are the only POD that has any inmates.  The other units are empty.  This happened in just the last couple days.  One reason, they are probably trying to get over population reduced to legal limits, but maybe too, because of a major change in the bond principal we have been centered on this last couple years.  Anyway, something to keep an eye on and hope the long awaited event has come.  I hear from those same locals that the POD I am in is the least violent of any in the jail.  Thank heaven for that… now to just find my way out of here!


            With the possible reasons given for the reducing population in the PODS I mentioned, and coming before New Year’s, it is sure they are adjusting their books and numbers for some reason.  But to leave whole POD’s empty doesn’t make sense for over population, because I am sure they could load them up to capacity, so it must be for another reason and that reason is more likely to be in line with changes in the whole national scope like we have hoped for.  Thus the kind of prisoner and charges he has will make a difference in the kind of bond is approved and posted.  So, with the improvement in temperament of the prisoners since I have come here, I think this is a good sign some things are changing along this line.


            When you consider what Jesus said when he came to save sinners he did not come to save the righteous but said, “I am not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance”.  We need to look closer to what is happening with this.  The word “repentance” has to root word pent, like in pentagon or the number 5.  When we apply this to the scheme of things surrounding this subject, the 5 identifies the municipality from where first issue loans or funds come from, and re-pentance is the re-mission of the sins.  The sins are going to work again on a new mission are they not?  Thus a re-mission of sin.  Then he used the word to call sinners to repentance.  The word call is a CALL in the market is it not?  Commodity Market.  One is a PUT and the other is CALL.  When these are taken into account then it takes on a different light.


            In Matthew 14:25 the word fourth spelled with the u refers to the night.  That is probably a naval term or maritime/merchant term for the watch.  The 1st and last watch together –the Delta.  I expect there is a forth in the day which might be the flip side by night spelled fourth.  The watch is for the denials are they not?? (How does one watch in darkness?)


            I should make another comment here too about the word “even” before I forget.  I should have been using the word balance to show this is the midst of an account.  Would not the midst also be the balance?    And then is not the balance or midst also the barrier or WALL in an account?  When Jesus is seen in the midst, is that when he has broken down the wall or barrier or division (even) that has caused the enmity.  Remember too, in the Delta Options Course they show a center point in trackingthe Delta Chartthe even. 


            I am thinking that the 1st issue I am charged with must be in the end balance with the last and that is the reason there must be a guilty plea to admit the charge is the same; the 1st is last and the last is 1st.  All of these references we have been referring to are all beginning to point to the balance or center point where one might depart from, which might be the way an account is left at – 0 -.  If Jesus were in the midst and then departed there from that would take down the barrier would it not?  It might also tell which accounts his peace is in and where it is not.  Anyway, this is something to watch for. 


            The foregoing conclusion might have a more emphatic impact for what it means if we apply that concept to Jesus being in the midst of the Red Sea and divided the water until Israel passed through, and then departed there from, the house of Pharaoh divided against itself could not stand without the barrier or wall in the midst could it not?  And when he departed therefrom the Red Sea waters came together and drown Pharaohs soldiers.  Is this what is about to happen with the bonds/vouchers going to Treasury Direct?


            With no sign given but the sign of Jonah, is this not the forth request for the balance of the First and Last to match perfect in the balance.  Was the first word preached or given by Jonah at Ninevah and that sign can be recognized after passing through the promise (T-Note) therein and appearing with the Last (4th) call to the market, after the three denials.  The last denial will be for the same amount as the first and second denials are.  Are they all not one and the same?


            Matthew 16:4-6 of the account also mentions:  to beware of the Leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees going to verse 12 refers to their doctrine (Doctor of Law) and not the Leaven of bread.  (I would think this would have to do with who the principal issue would be to be the 1st in the account etc. when one of them increases, the other decreases, but they probably do not move the same as the epoch, to and fro, or are they up and down?  (This is something to watch for). 


            I wonder if the denials are given on the T-Bills, T-Notes and T-Bonds because the interest has not yet been accounted because of discount taken from the T-Bill first issued, thus the 4th coming would then be identical to the 1st Bill issued.  Stockbroker should be able to run that down.  There is probably a treasury charge back somewhere along the line that enable the first and last amount to balance (match).


            Where I mentioned the epoch moving to and fro and the Pharisees and the Sadducees moving up and down; where each of these “meet” /even in the midst and Jesus departs therefrom the departure could be from both up and down and to and fro where when one increases the other decreases in either of the conditions at it’s axis being common to each other.  The Chief Priests for the horizontal to and fro and the high priests for the Pharisees and Sadducees which are vertical, up and down. 


            One might keep an eye open here for some clue showing a horizontal move to and fro going into an exchange with going up or down when they are moving the epoch and with the axis point common to both an exchange could occur going from horizontal to vertical or vice versa.  Is this what a vice president is for in a corporation etc?  So an account moving up might be deferred to a horizontal exchange while on the move, or a vice versa.