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Credo Mutwa Reptilians


Supervised Release  12-30-03

I think this is a time of preparation (purification) and cleansing of the inner part of the vessel (body).  It seems like this period of time (90days) is what probation officers use to violate the accused and the end of the 90 days is the date set FREE.  One might make a careful examination of what the Probation Officer is saying.  Is s/he a supervisor of supervised release?  Then the supervised release might be referred to as just that, “Supervised Release”, and nothing to do with probation (probate of the will of Jesus Christ).  The supervised release of what?  The will of Jesus Christ is the appearance of the appearance bond (probation officer) to approve and post the bond to enable the accused to plea to the charge.  If supervised release causes restriction or other threats to freedom of accused, then that produces violations of Miranda Warnings in fact.  The bond is still not discharged or approved, so; I wonder if they will try to move against F* this way.  If so, I think he might request an Appearance Order for bond set in the case, with the Probation Officer’s name in place of Court Appointed Attorney which is who the Probation Officer is.  This would be equivalent to D* and the psychiatrist.  The actual person who appears on that bond order is the bond in fact.  The ‘Living’ bond.   They can approve the bond Free because they are appointed free.  This is what those who are held in custody might do to obtain Freedom.


Request an Appearance Order hearing to obtain an appearance bond to enable the accused to plea to the charge and probate the will of Jesus Christ and the promise thereof, which includes the bond referred to in the Appearance Order for the same.  This said bond is the alternative Plea Agreement.  The accused obtains as the result of the promise in the will of the testator Jesus Christ who died and is risen from death sitting at the riht hand of God the Judge of Heaven and Earth.  The will has no power until after the death of the testator.


I think people get misled when probation officers use the term Supervised Release to make on think s/he is released on Probation when it is actually Supervised Release and not Probation.  When the will of Jesus Christ is Probate the accused is eligible to the Appearance bond to enable him/her to plea to the charge, resulting in the approval and posting of the same to set the prisoner FREE.  When on can show the difference between Probation and Supervised Release, then that info is the evidence of a violation of Miranda conditions for obtaining evidence to convict or otherwise restrain the accused.  This is the evidence to overturn conviction of prior convictions.  Maybe a better way to go is:  to request a hearing for an Appearance Order for the bond set in request for the Alternative Plea agreement (Second Opinion) and Probation unsupervised with accused set FREE.


It looks like when the probation occurs with the appearance order, the subsequent events will cover parole and prison sentences as well, because convictions obtained with evidence taken in violation of Miranda etc., is all overturned with probate of the will of Jesus Christ.  One needs to show s/he is an heir to the promise of redemption to those who ask and believe he rose from the dead.


The Probation Department here at the jail has the say over everything.  This is the place to focus our attention I think!


If you remember, it is the Alternative Plea Agreement that turns felonies into misdemeanors, so this would also extend to prior records as well—to include the prisons.  This is not to say the consequences of violence against someone is done away with, but the penalty of Law is done away with.  Thus the felony record would be sealed (closed).


It appears that all prison sentences can be confronted with this by asking for an evidence hearing to show the conviction was obtained contrary to Miranda warning in use of evidence to obtain guilty plea, when the appearance order for the Bond Set in the Alternative was not provided in the Indictment offered the same was not an acceptable offer / Indictment,  (Defective Indictment, Information or Complaint) because the accuser REFUSED to provide the said bond in the Alternative plea Agreement.  The alternative was not offered, thus a reason for an evidence hearing for the Appearance Order to probate the will testator and produce bond for the settlement and set free the accused.


Let me close this letter so that I don’t dilute the idea to confront these matters.  Getting too wordy takes away the simple form that it is.



Sample of what to write


To:  Court Administrator/Court Appointed Attorney

        CASE:  # 00000-00


I, John Doe, hereby request the Court Administrator to set a time and place for hearing a request for an Appearance Order in Probation of the bond set for approval, and the discharge in settlement and closure of the case, in exercise of the Alternative plea Agreement in the Probation.


            The Court Appointed Attorney could also be the Probation Officer or other Doctor of Law ordered to appear at the Appearance Order hearing.  Someone who is the living bond appointed FREE.


            One might need to ask for the Court Appointed Attorney at the 1st hearing and schedule another after on is appointed and bond set.  Unless on has an attorney who can be appointed FREE, they must be Appointed Free.  That then enables them to approve and bond free.


            This is undoubtedly a process of purification and preparation---for re-birth!  They have turned me inside out!



*     *     *


            This could accompany what I just wrote to clear up some of my earlier ideas and comments.  The thing that makes it an evidence item is for one to make the request for the Probation Agreement first and then move to the request for evidence hearing etc.  If one gets a refusal/denial, simply move the request to the next refusal/denial until one has three.   Then the hearing for Appearance Order for the bond set and that should result in immediate release to set the accused FREE.


            Anyway, I think you are well on the way to figure out how to put these requests for action into the right place.


            I overheard an inmate telling others how he is going to go home this time on probation because probation supersedes parole and he does not want an inconsistent parole organization continually changing his release conditions, so he understands the probation officer runs the show when you are in agreement.  So when a prisoner is requesting an Appearance Order for an Appearance Bond, he might put the word probation into the request somewhere.  Maybe say:  I request an Appearance Order in the Probation for the bond set and approved with the court appointed attorney there.

By including the word “Probation” with these requests, then they cannot assume the supervised release contrary to probation, like they ignore the probation protections of nothing is expressly said about them.  They continue to assume “Supervised Release” is in force if nothing said about Probation is thereby written.


            It is the probation that must be brought into question before anyone can bring evidence to overturn appeal and or do the write of Habeas Corpus, 2254, 2255 etc and 2241!


            Thee things go through a probation department of some kind but the Probation Officer has no evidence that you are an heir to the promise therein.  Not until you provide some evidence that you have an interest in the Probation of the will of Jesus Christ – Now the Master of Heaven.  That particular probation officer who looks at the evidence of the requests of an accused and does not see anything about probation, then s/he will assume Supervised Release.   But they still use the name of Probation Officer but probably to until the accused admits the extortionary terms to enable them to use them against the accused.


            The cause to contest a Judgment lays in the Probate of the will being absent.  With that absent, then the accused can make a request for the Alternative Plea Agreement (the write of habeas corpus) to probate the will for the missing appearance bond, which is missing a malefactor without Probation of the will.  When that malefactor is missing, the electronic funds transfer to discharge the charges malfunctions and falsely detains/restrains the accused.  The malefactor enables the change in gender when the electronic charge is put into the circuit to enable the discharge to occur and the debts of accused erased.


            So, when a prisoner first decides to request the bond agreement s/he should request an evidence hearing to hear the request for an Appearance Order in probation, to provide the appearance bond to enable the accused to Plea to the charges, which are currently in error, due to failure of accuser to provide the appearance bond in the probation of the will of a malefactor.  The absent malefactor fails to cause a discharge of the Appearance Bond in the electronic transfer wired for discharge of the said bond.  This failure also provides the evidence that Miranda says:  evidence taken for finding the accused, is taken illegally due to the omission of providing the appearance bond with the complaint, information, indictment, identifying the said Indictment etc, as deficient and unacceptable.  The Miranda shows violation by virtue of the incarceration during prosecution of the case, that evidence used to convict is un-usable/illegal.  Why is the evidence un-useable?--- Because the indictment is unacceptable due to failure of accuser/prosecution to provide an Appearance bond to enable her/him to plea to the charge.  (The accuser has refused making the charges unacceptable!) ALSO  I don’t think we should refer to ‘ posting of bond’…only the approval thereof.)   The accused is not Refusing to plea.  The charge is unacceptable because of a failure of the bond not provided with the charge

The charge is thus illegal according to Miranda because the evidence taken and used is illegal due to it being taken from the sanctuary without the Alternate Agreement (Plea).  Probate of the will!  That must pass through the negative/positive circuit with the malefactor charge from the probation of the will of the testator.  It is illegal in evidence for prosecution to take a plea or find a plea for the accused taken (assumed) without Probation of the Will that identifies the malefactor that discharges the accusers charge leaving the accused with no debt and FREE of charges.  Free to go home!  SET FREE!


            I think the request for hearing for an Appearance Order should be made to the Court Administrator to set a time and place to hear the Accused’s request for bond set in Appearance Order and Probation of the Plea Agreement therewith—Or maybe is should be worded as:  to hear the accused’s request for bond set in Probation of Alternative Plea Agreement and closure of the case.  Maybe an additional request for immediate release at the discharge of the bond approved on the Appearance order.


            I have started different ways to request the remedy so you should have several choices to pick from when you select how you should make request to start action to close the account etc.


            I think you can begin to see how simple the mechanics are.  They can request the accuser to produce the Appearance Bond to enable the court to take a plea from the accused that does not violate the rules of evidence as warned in Miranda, and that is illegally holding the accused by Refusal to provide the said appearance bond to enable the accused to plea to the charge.


            It is likely the evidence is “assumed”, but when the Probation is requested the fact of a probate does away with the assumed opinion/conclusion of Law. 


Also:  It appears at this time that the appearance order can be raised in Writ of habeas corpus, but most likely it should be the Appearance Order hearing requested set by the Court Administrator.