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Letter from Roger Elvick - 5-29-06

Got your letter today so will try to get a prompt answer out to you since its early enough in the week to get mail out.



I just spent the last couple hours visiting with JR and I shared your letter with him.  Then to comment on my itch problem.  That is still with me but not as intense as before.  At least I have been able to sleep most nights now.  It is not residing very fast.


I read about JK and his Puerto Rico adventure chasing Bonds, but that still does not address the basic tax problem everyone has.  So, the Bond funds are the delinquent debts and the tax deferrals and represent contraband if found in possession of one who has no license to hold or issue.


The guy who got the FTB bill is dealing with a State matter and direct evidence is used.  The one who got released is a United States of America defendant. (A Federal Matter) and the rules of evidence are indirect.  The conditions for dealing with these two different cases are opposite.  So, when one takes the FTB bill, that is the Local, State, and Local County Attorney, who is the payer on the commercial issue, they bill you for, and then provide you with no check to pay with (its pre-paid).  They admit withholding the tax (they volunteer to do this because, their corporate agency does not require Backup Withholding – thus its done voluntarily).  So, this is the international contract when they dishonor you by demanding payment without giving the check/means to pay the bill.  This is why they say Income Taxes are Voluntary.  The withholding is their admission of the amount of tax withheld from you voluntarily – and that is reported on 1099 OID and 1040 etc. 


The Puerto Rico matter you show is a Federal matter dealing with indirect evidence that probably relies on a eye-witness reading the commercial papers causing a set-off.   But remember, a set-off is not settlement in closing, but only a temporary deferral of tax.  So, that may be a misleading event, because the tax deferral as set-ff might come again to arrest him.  The real settlement is what I am dealing with and that is a matter of State evidence which is direct rather than the federal indirect method.


The guy using the FTB bill and arrest warrant as the invoice going to the County Recorder for copies of liens and certificates and finding none – he just was confronted with the Ghost Account!  There isn’t any!  The tax is withheld (The credit [yours] was assumed.  Thus no paper trail—the Ghost Account) and the bill says how much –and that is Federal withholding  --volunteered by the issuer of the bill.  (The bill is the evidence of pre-payment, because, it admits to use of your credit to create the product you are billed for).  The Withholding is your income tax as the taxable income reportable on 1099 OID and assessed on the 1040.


These must be handled on the state level, because the county attorney is the one who authorizes issue of municipal bonds to fund banks, both State and Federal.  He does this by the county using Blocked Grants of your credit to purchase Mutual Funds (Derivatives) and those funds are known as International Monetary Funds (Derivatives) and those funds are known as International Monetary Funds.  This is how they  are brought into use ---through bank loans and mortgages ie Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and the other members of this family of national currency providers.  This family of the Freddie and Fanny’s do not have any way to repay the mortgages to the Treasury as they have no social security numbers themselves to bring the re-payment of loans back to the treasury.  This is why Congress does not require Freddie and Fannie to have financial statements --- because that would admit they use our Credit and property for collateral.  It is our personal social security numbers that are now hooked up to the Treasury Direct that can carry the credit used back to the Treasury Direct (the source) and this is done via the family of 1099’s (ours now being 1099OID).  The 1040 assessment of the 1099 OID issue produces a tax refund of the amount of income tax reported.  Its done in the steps of placing taxable income on the 1040 entries according to instructions on the form.


The Puerto Rico affair is a wild goose chase, as the paper they are chasing must be federal to cross international borders, or, internal affairs of the Secret Service, and that involves the IMF and Local Mutual Funds I described above.  They use “agents Provacateur” to assume probable cause to charge the issue of financial instruments for use as One-World-Order.  The One World Order is a Money Order etc.  These money orders all have their origin in the County Attorney’s purchase of Mutual Funds by his assuming a Blocked Grant (Municipal Bonds) of foreign credit of his political enemies.  Your credit (credit is a Ghost Account that comes and goes where nobody knows).  That’s what is reported on 1099 OID when accepting the bill s the Voluntary Withholding of a pre-paid account that used your credit to create the product you are billed for.  The 1040 requests a tax refund of the money HJR-192 took away, so we could not pay our bills at law, and that left the government obligated to pay for us when we confess the debt as our personal income –thus the tax refund!!!!


When I filed my tax returns I listed myself as Recipient of my social security payments.  These are my personal income and I still get a tax refund.  Those funds are taxable income to me and I don’t apply for any deductions.


E**l and C**y need to get this figured out.  E**l can take those checks and report the income and spend those checks as after tax income.  Also the house mortgage gets reported as income (taxable income).  They need to look carefully at what Art has been given.  They must stop protesting the tax and admit the tax on taxable income.  That qualifies them for the tax refund, a tax recovery small claim in a new venue called re-Venue.


The Ghettos Adolph Hitler used as Municipal Reserves to finance his SS troops, a military buildup of International troops.  Notice these are not National Reserves – but Municipal Reserves.  And it is the Municipal bonds that fund the County Attorney’s purchase of Mutual Funds that create the International Monetary Fund.  This is yours and my credit (foreign to the public) used to create the IMF.  This is a new Venue or Re-Venue ---a small claim.


So, this is why E**l and C**y need to take this for their remedy.  Otherwise they are handling corrupt funds that will eventually confront them.  That is going to require admitting to having taxable income that they never received.  But they can also report the amounts they have received too, and they just don’t list those amounts as Federal Withholding because those have already returned to the source (to them).  E**l has the checks.  She also has the house and the mortgage.  The amount of the mortgage needs to be reported on the 1099 OID and 1040.  E**l does not want the “so called adjustments” s that appears on the 1040 as “adjustable gross income”.  When reporting taxable income only, and not taking deductions, there is no adjustment.  The taxable income carries over to page 2 of the 1040 without the insurance adjustment when you don’t claim deductions.  (Those deductions are the tax deferrals of debts and they can still come back to haunt you).  (That’s because the insurance companies carrying the Risk are not using after tax income but are using your “credit” –the Ghost Account, for themselves , and have spent the reserves they were supposed to be withholding for payment of taxes when that income is reported).   When that income is reported, then the IRS will go after them for the absent reserves.  That means criminal charges against someone in the State organization.


Suing for Quiet Title is not going to solve E**l’s problem.  That’s a personal injury suit for damages, and that’s what got JR put into the hole here.  Her remedy is a small claim in “tax recovery”, and that all is summed up in reporting taxable income.


Personal injury and damage claims are for national currency of Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and family, and they are delinquent taxes.  Asking for that remedy requires a license to hold those tax deferrals, or to withhold them.


E**l might write to the mortgage company and ask them for instructions from them to her (of their business plan) for how she is to handle the pre-paid mortgage and return the taxable income to the source for settlement and closing in exchange Treasury Direct (her SS#).  She might mention the taxable income is her personal income (the value of the mortgage).


I would think that kind of a letter from her, the mortgage company might offer to file the 1099 OID for that result.  Then she would need to file the 1040 to perfect the claim.  (the 1099OID goes into line 64 of 1040).


C**y needs to get her Social Security reported on the 1099 OID and assessed on the 1040 to stop fraud charges.  Getting her delinquent tax returns current will stop all  that.  She needs to move her account from the current venue into the revenue!  I would think Art would be able to give you select information to show the simplicity without you having to go through volumes of information to figures out how to file the returns.  He has a John Doe model example that might be enough for one to do the filing.  Otherwise she might write to the IRS and ask for them to prepare her tax returns that show her taxable income as her person al income, that it be returned to the source for settlement and closing in exchange Treasure Direct (SS#)  The reason to ask the question that way, is because, the voluntary tax they have withheld from her is pre-paid; because, it was, and is, from her credit in the 1st place (the Ghost Account) and she could also instruct them not to take deductions against taxable income if they prepare her returns for her.  (There will be 2 returns).  One will be 1099 OID and the other 1040.


Her drawing off the Social Security isn’t a problem, but withdrawing from the system is a big problem and might result in being confined in an institution as she fears.


When I actually started to bring my delinquent tax returns current, it really didn’t take very long, and was not as complicated as I thought it was going to be.  Now I just need to wait on the results.  I didn’t cover all the past items, but, I can do those next year or else go to a 1040 X and amend the one’s I just did.


This has gotten very interesting and more simple since I have realized that the Withholding is the taxable income (the Ghost Account) that is reportable for return to the source.  And the said Withholding is Federal Withholding, because credit is a Federal Project of which Regulation Z is a part of.  So, when one gets a bill and there is no check therewith, the taxable income has been voluntarily Withheld, that you can report on 1099OID for return to the source for settlement and closing in exchange Treasury Direct (SS#).  It is a Federal Tax Form and the Withholding is thereby Federal Withholding.  Art has an example of the filings!


With these you don’t need to use the letters to prove dishonor.  The bill is enough for that.  Then all you need to follow is the 1099 OID example and the 1040 example therewith!  Those are very simple! 


I am going to try to get something written to J P to point out the simplicity of tax returns.  They are only going on as a good chase with the Puerto Rico affair.


G P might want to get those 8300 reports on to 1099 OID’s and 1040 to obtain settlement.  But as long as every one persists in chasing the delinquent tax deferrals I am not going to wear myself out trying to explain this point by point.


The information about JR being released was from the hole back into the Dorm and not into the community, so that’s how rumors get started because no one said where he was release to.


I need to stop here and get this in the mail to be sure it doesn’t get hung up over the weekend.