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Credo Mutwa Reptilians


R to A        #4 Powell 10-20-07

   Request for Executor’s Record of Probate


Dear Art,

            Today is Saturday and I still do not have the 200pp of the papers you said you were going to send me.  I have plenty to read, so this is just to let you know I haven’t received anything along those lines as of today.

            But, due to the intruders, we had on Thursday morning I have no way of knowing what was taken during the 6 hours we were forced away from the premises.  We stood out in the rain for a  couple hours until they finally brought us a couple umbrellas from the house.  They then gave us a ride to a Wendy’s where we got some hot coffee and waited three more hours (soaked to the skin, we were).


            I wrote to BB since I wrote to you last, so I expect you have been privy to that news  Then, Cindy called me and we had a visit that left me restricted in what I would, otherwise, have said to her because I had eavesdroppers that I don’t want to reveal my intimate sympathies.  So, I am sure my response was a bit flat to her.  But, that’s the reason.  BB understands this.  There is not much chance for me to have a real private call to anyone under these circumstances here.


            I am thinking, now, that everyone who has had, or is having, some sort of dispute in administration should write to the administrator and ask for the executor’s probate reports of decedent’s Gift and Estate tax forms, such as Forms 706 and 709, etc.  These should be public record in the County; and the question should be for the executor’s report of probate and all prior and subsequent tax forms of paid and unpaid taxes on the decedent’s estate (Case #).  You might say you are requesting the information records on behalf of qualified heir(s), etc.  Or, to make a determination who the qualified heir or heirs might be.


            Even though we know the scheme is that of a decedent (dead man), we need to make the inquiry for obvious information because taking action like that produces the evidence as a verb, rather than a noun.  And, if there is action taken in motion, then doing so indicates you are alive and not the decedent (dead).  Dead men cannot testify, nor can they leave a Will as they have never been alive (probably STILL-born).  They can never say what their Will might be.  So, the decedent’ estate goes to the State by Escheat; and, the State becomes the qualified heir and beneficiary.  Thus, the executor is liable for the Gift and Estate taxes in Probate for the termination transfer, distribution, and indirect and direct Skips.  Ask for the executor’s record of the probate Case # and SS#.  Let them tell you when, where and how!  They must make public record of the estate probate.  The simpler the request the better.