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Credo Mutwa Reptilians


R to A  11-02-07
No Facts to Agree to Until After Tax

    Arrest of Karl


Dear Art,

            Today, being Friday, the Ohio parole people (2) from this County of Delaware were here to make their pitch for their control of matters; they made their usual subtle assumptions and I had to set them straight.  I simply told them there are no facts to agree to until after tax is paid.  That means, also, no conviction as their post-release control is assumed…nothing more than a post-dated check (tax warrant) written on my account,   Thus, it is my voluntary act and gift to see that the taxes are paid as I have requested the IRS to prepare and file the estate and gift tax forms in probate of decedent’s estate to see that all the taxes are paid; and, that I have told IRS to prepare and file on the information (all the information) I have given them.  This includes all matters of 401(K) with Ohio employees, whereas, my case with Ohio is not mandatory, thus, it is assumed and voluntary in that I have volunteered to take the post-dated delinquent tax warrant/check into account for return to the source via IRS.  This means they do not get the exclusion for exemption, and will have to pay the taxes from their budgets.  I, also, told them I don’t want a halfway-house as that is a 50-5- joint venture with a tax delinquent 401(K) or Keogh retirement plan.

            Needless to say, I got quite a bit unloaded on the Parole Officers.  They said the PO in Cleveland is doing the paperwork to indicate when I can leave here without harassment.  I told them the PO had told me that before but nothing ever came of it, so what’s different, now?   They just repeated what they said before, that they are having preparations made so I can leave here.  Next week was indicated!  They telephoned me back and confirmed that timing; and indicated I could stay where I am in the meantime.  So, I don’t need to leave here like, at first, we thought would happen.  They called me back on my cell phone, so they have that way to contact me whether I am here or in North Dakota.


They did ask if there were firearms in the house.  I told them, yes, and when they asked how many and what were they, I told them a shotgun, a rifle, and a handgun.  They were left here when the FBI raided the house and took Karl and Jean’s computers.  The FBI were in the house for six hours while Jean and I stood out in the rain (we got soaked to the skin).  When I asked what they planned to do with the guns they said to leave them where there were.

            So, it looks like they are going to leave me alone to stay here until I go on my way home.  (Jean still hasn’t come back from his Cleveland trip).  Karl told me I could stay as long as I liked because I don’t get in his way. 

            The Ohio folks seem to know I mean business on the taxes so I expect things will go along all right.


At one point the in conversation, they tried to get me to agree to some simple facts; but I had to tell them, again, there are no facts until after tax,  That takes the steam out of them.

            I don’t know if they know, or not, that the tax forms being filed by IRS might result in a Treasury –issued Distress Warrant where these employees could be arrested for the un-paid taxes.  I haven’t asked for one to issue, yet.  I figure to wait and see if they pay up on my Social security benefits first; and, if they don’t, then I will seek the Distress Warrant.  But, as I understand the process, it is the matters in question that are brought before a Special Team and Accountability officer who brings the issues into accrual (conservation) and that IRS officer then provides the application to the Criminal CID to go and arrest property in Rem.  But, a decedent’s body is a Rem property (a thing) that’s dead.  It’s a dead man, so it’s a place or thing and not a person when asking if it’s a person, place or thing.  The decedent can only be alive if there are witnesses (indirect invoice).  But, these State employees rely on direct evidence (oral).  They have no living redeemer so we are dealing with a decedent and his estate in probate with gifts in the estate.  There can be no Will from one who is/was still-born in DC (District of Columbia).So, until the State Demon relents and pays the tax, they are likely to be arrested by the CID.


They have pursued me as an absconding debtor to make surety on the post-dated checks they wrote on my account.  But, they are all delinquent taxpayers and protesters who can’t pay their debts and need me to sponsor them to enter the pool of Mutual Funds that hold Municipal bonds and Treasury issues in 401(K) and Self-Directed Keogh Retirement plans in 50-50 joint ventures of Stocks in Securities.


 These issues are all contraband until after tax,  as they are liable on the taxable terminations, taxable transfers, taxable distributions and, direct and indirect skips, as securities and not negotiable instruments.                                       

The Ohio officers didn’t seem to want to dispute the matter when I told them no binding agreements, in fact, until after tax…and, they are not going to be able to use my exemption by exclusion of the tax, because exclusions are taxable in the Call and Recall of the said joint venture(s).

Anyway, it looks like I will be on my way home sometime next week.