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Conversation W/ Roger Elvick July 27, 2001
**      Hello… Oh I just got a notice and was going to fax it to you if you weren't in.  It is that effective July 1, 2001 the Treasury in Washington is now a bank.   I don't know what is to become of the Federal Reserve.   Will that have any effect as to what we're doing?

Roger :      Oh I don't think so.  This is how we've been conducting our selves anyway.  The Treasury and the Federal Reserve is basically one in the same except it is not a Federal Reserve anymore it is a private reserve.

**      Well they are saying we're going to go back on the gold standard.

Roger :      Well the gold standard… You and I are already on it.  The gold standard is paper gold.  International Monetary Fund (IMF).

**      Oh okay.  Well this information I got is called NESARA which stands for National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act.

Roger :      Okay… that is just basically HJR-192.  The Recovery Act.  That's what it is.  It's what has to come after HJR-192. Now you see that's the bankruptcy… the taking of delivery of the product.

**      I know but isn't this going to take us out of the bankruptcy if they have the gold to back up the federal reserve notes? That it would be the gold that backs us versus us?

Roger :      I don't know maybe.  But that's just for the public, but for us it isn't going to change anything.

**      Oh okay… cause I thought …

Roger :      Not with what we're doing… I don't know how the public expects to finance their stuff , they probably have to go back on the gold standard but we as individuals aren't.

**      So they are still bound by the same stuff and that we are already pre-paid.

Roger :      Sure…  We're just acting on it differently than they do and although they can't explain it unless they explain it in those terms because they always do everything in the negative.

**      Okay.. Now, do you talk to B*** a lot?  He's doing this thing… better sit down for this one… it is a win/win situation between the we the private and the federal reserve…   I just chuckled to myself thinking -right a fair deal from the liars, thieves, whores, and pimps we're going to get a fair deal.  Uh-huh right.  Chuckling.

Roger :      Oh yes!

**      And then there is this other guy who is going to be trained on how to do redemption by the banks… now don't turn green with envy …Chuckle

Roger :      Well first of all, they have to understand when they take equity and …

**      and the banks aren't really going to understand that are they?…

Roger :      No-- No…because they really can't do it for somebody else.

**      Okay because we were listening to our last conversation and trying to figure out how come your bank loves you when you pay using a closed checking account…  We were trying to figure out all the reasons and who's bank is responsible… We concluded it was the person we issued the check to who has to make sure the check is good…would that be right… and the bank you use with the closed account can charge the collecting bank…

Roger :      Right they collect from the depositors bank account and now the replevin is satisfied.  Both sides of the accounts are in… that's what credit is, is debt.  So we pay it into the bank and the bank marks it closed.  They can't close it unless they have a real claim.

**      Okay good… We're getting closer.  Now the thing whole thing with the Treasury becoming a bank and I'm just wondering if that would have any correlation to the states all switching to "uniform" forms also on July 1, 2001.   Now the new forms are so the debtor doesn't have to sign.

Roger :      Well it looks like they don’t want the debtor to be held accountable (chuckle).  You know the … some of this is a play on words.  You don't know if they are going to put the straw man up or if they are going to create their own artificial UCC track so that there is no body accountable in there.  But they say… "Well we're all on the new UCC"  Well I say "that's tough… we just stay with the old one…or we'll just stay with the state".  It might be that they'll say "Well there is no more state filing like we've done before",  but that's probably that the public can't recognize it.   I'm not so sure we even need that anymore.  The way we're proceeding we don't need much of the UCC.

**      Oh good.  * has some ads running and I don't know if they have them filed with the UCC. We have people who are ready to start taking equity but we're not sure how to get it sold.   I know we have to take things after we accept their dishonor…

Roger :      Well I know of a fellow up in Washington that went into a brokerage house  and he ordered up stock.  He ordered up enough stock to cover the foreclosure they were moving against him.  When you pay for it the order is the money order that pays for it.  When you turn in an order--  purchase order that's what it is… the order is the money order that pays for it.  So you see then the guy says there is 72 hours or 3 days to pay for it.   They are under the Security and Exchange…T + 3.

**      Okay

Roger :      If he tries to corner you right there just tell them, "Well I'll go see my bank and it'll be in the mail today" then just leave if he tries to pull a power play on you in the brokerage house.   Probably you could try a lot of these other things but ultimately you're going to have to take the equity to force these fellows to play ball with us.  Cause usually we don't get a win win and a lot of people are being held in prison.  I believe this is what the opposite side has done.  They've assumed the equity and they've taken it.  There is no legal proceedings that they do to take you and there is nothing you can do to undo it.  So we just have move in on them and take the equity.

**      Start taking their stuff away from them!!

Roger :      Right, they only assume they have it

**      Did you get that package from that broker you were expecting and how does it look?

Roger :      Yeah, well I started using them… one of them went out to California.  The out fit called me and said they don't go anywhere except to the west coast.

**      This friend of ** in Michigan is meeting with a broker on Tuesday.  So there might be one that is more in the Midwest.

Roger :      See this guy went in and he did what I told him… See we have to create the debt first before the draft is any good… before they work.

**      So actually that's their offer…?

Roger :      Yeah but you have to accept there offer…. So you see he walks out of that brokerage house owing a debt. Or he walks away.… Well when he and the broker are done the broker gives him a receipt for the purchase…Now he walks over to the cage and he gives them a draft for payment.  That was a draft drawn down on the attorney executing the foreclosure.

**      Okay… got it.

Roger :      Okay so now when he gets home he gets a phone call right away that the brokerage house is canceling the account and for him to never do business with them again.   Well you see that is the acknowledgement of the replevin.  So what you do is you accept the cancellation and tell him now just waive any costs and requirements of me and provide me with the product.  I just told him when they called him he got caught kinda off guard.  So I just told him call them up and tell them you're accepting the cancellation and then tell them furnish the rest….  The bankruptcy is subsequent to HJR-192.  The attorney is the trustee in bankruptcy and has the obligation to provide the product without cost.  Everyone is admitting now there is no money.  Now they have that obligation.

**      Right giving it the 2nd witness to make it the fact.   Well this is good news.  Glad I don't have to worry  after learning this they are going to try to change the game.

Roger :      No… I wouldn't worry about any of that stuff.  The other thing is, it is getting easier and easier to get these cars.  I think you can go to the Internet and get the DMV's registration to register the vehicles… (**Okay).  Some guy sent me some from the state of Washington.  I'm more convinced now more then before after looking at these forms as to what we can do with them.   I don't even think you have to use the form… I think you can just write them a letter to the DMV and give them all of the information… vin #'s, description and such to have the car registered.  Now see if you are going to have a new car registered there's a couple extra hoops you'll have to jump through because there is a lot of special or extra equipment that are taxed independently and above just to make the model of the car.  What I think a person would want to do is if they are going to do it on a new one take a camera, a digital camera, and go down to the car lot and take pictures of all the stickers on there.  See that sticker information on there will have the information numbers the DMV needs to access the proper fee on it.

**      Oh alright.  One guy just had his car taken..   It was a leased car and he just sent the buyout or termination of the lease agreement in with a draft, accepting all the information in their offer and they came out and repo'd the car.  They were nice enough to put all of his person property from the car in a couple of trash bags and left it there in the alley where his car was.  May be a small tinge of a conscience out there…

Roger :      Okay then he can just go down to a new car lot and get all the information with a digital camera and take a picture of the sticker.  That'll give you all the information… or he can go make a deal to buy it.  Then after he gets the purchase agreement written up he'll have all the information then he'll just tell them he wants to go home and talk to his wife or something. And have a copy of the information.  But you see… once you've got that information I think you can conceivable write a letter to the DMV, even if you don't have the forms… tell them you want to register this motor vehicle… give them the vin number and the make and model and then you also tell them to register the vehicle and you want to purchase license plates as well as registration so you are sending along a check, date it and sign it and since you don't know all the fees you are going to tell them to fill out the amount.  Then what you do is you mark your letter NON-TRANSFERABLE and state on there also "Certificate of Origin".

**      This is great.  I'll check this out on the Internet now.

Roger :      But see those 2 things if you mark it non-transferable and certificate of origin then they can't take your check and your money and transfer it.  They are going to have to EXCHANGE it.  See the way the public operates on this equity… See everything that is not in evidence they assume it's theirs.  Okay so when we mention that this letter is a "Certificate of Origin" on this vehicle see then that supercedes the manufactures "certificate of origin".  Now they can't assume that and being non-transferable they can't assume there has been a transfer on this at anytime, prior or subsequent.  So now you see if there is a plate on the car all that is, is a dealer plate.   All those cars driving around are dealer plates.  Unless they redeemed them like what we're doing it.

**      Oh I was thinking like their advertising plate.

Roger :      No No once you tell the DMV that this is a Certificate of Origin… see they're using the manufactures certificate and that's not so because we supercede the manufacturer.

**      Good… this is wonderful

Roger :      So you see if you mark your instruments going in, you can just go down and take the information down on the lot.  Just take a digital camera and they won't know what you're doing and then run your letter down to the motor vehicles and use a check on your closed account… Make it out to them like I said… and then should they send you the plates, all you do is go down to the dealership and someone is going to ask if they can help you… You can tell them "Well I'm looking for my car" And he'll probably say, "Well what car is it?".   Then take out your license plates and show him and if you would please have one of your mechanics put the license plates on?

**      Wow I can't wait to try that out.  Boy do I need a new car…. Mine is pretty tired.

Roger :      Right… your letter going to the DMV, I've seen on there where they have the provisions in the forms to mark it whether it is original or whether it's transferred.  See all the other ones are transferred.  So you have to jump through all the credit hoops to be able to acquire them.  But you see when we're coming in there with "certificate of origin"… that's ours… right there!  We tell them we want the license plates and we want the registration.  You give them your check, they run it to the bank, it's a closed account…

**      They're going to have to oblige

Roger :      You bet, otherwise it can go real hard with them!

**      You know R** found an old checking account from like the late 60's or early 70's… it was a long time ago because it has small numbers and it is now with the state because the bank has been out of business for years.  That would go right into the state then.

Roger :      Yeah probably…

**      He was going to order some checks for that account… which I guess I need to do that too because I didn't order any for this account that I just set up to close down to be able to use.

Roger :      Yeah I've got to order some more too.  Because I had 4 extra boxes here and I'm starting to get down…

**      Right it's so easy when you don't have to balance it….

Roger :      Yeah I just keep adding to it.  I do write down the amounts of the checks I write

**      So you can keep it at zero?  Chuckle

Roger :      Well it's for my side … sometimes I just sit here and I write checks all day…

**      I'm going to start getting a little more aggressive on my necessities… I thought I needed to have that account closed by the bank… but now you're saying that it doesn't really matter who closes it as long as it is a closed account.

Roger :      See some of these. .. Well see I'm getting stuff from some organizations that state right on there offers that you can pay by check, credit card,  or money order.  In the event it says checks will take longer to clear but they will debit the check immediately.

**      Right.  When you take it to the bank they run it through this little machine and it shows on the balance immediately, but they sometimes put a hold on the funds.

Roger :      That means that is charged from the  individual you gave it to which is his bank… could be your bank too.  You could be banking at the same bank… What they'll do is say we got the check back and YOUR bank marked it CLOSED.    See mine is ** bank and that's my bank but you see it might not have been ** bank that marked it closed.  It was still my bank that did it but it's my bank that this guy is the operator of.  It's still my bank because that's my account that he is operating. We're on both sides so when they're talking about 'your bank' it probably doesn't mean anything about this one your talking about closing right now.

**      Well I set an account up with CF since 1st Interstate is out of business and I can't find the account number.

Roger :      See some of these might have gone into a Nevada Bank or a bank in Texas and came back from your bank marked "Closed".  See you're assuming it came back from the bank you have set up when it actually come from some other bank. See all they are doing is talking about another account and they engage you on the phone you,  jump to conclusions that it was the bank you're dealing with. They then use your idea of what it is to make admissions that aren't so.

**      Oh you know what happened out here… this is kind of an interesting thing..  This guy was using a credit card from Sears to obtain merchandise for household items etc and had the account up there fairly high and paid it with a draft.  They at first didn't acknowledge it then suddenly they did make an adjustment.  Him and his family continued to use it, well a couple of days ago someone from Sears on a letterhead stationery sent him a letter with a condolence of his death to the family.   Do you think this is some kind of psyops or some trick to get him to confess something?

Roger :      It sounds like Sears surrendered the straw man.  They buried the straw man.  Well he's deceased so they are probably going to go for the insurance.  Then the next thing you want to keep your eyes open when they try stuff like that is to see if the policy has double indemnity.

**      Okay.  He could probably check on that.

Roger :      Yep

**      You're probably working on your own stuff since you're in early…

Roger :      Well I'm going for a little time off …
Small talk

***  Little extra talk about transfer and exchange:

R:      If you find it hard to get new ones (car) then just grab somebody's that is driving it around.  He has just gotten his car by a transfer and they can't prove ownership because a transfer is from one department of the government to another, so when somebody comes up with a superceding claim they'll have to surrender it.

**      That actually would be violating the Glas-Steagle Act wouldn't it…. Like from Calendar-fiscal-calendar to cross that foreign boarder.

R:      Right… they can't do it with a transfer… there is no exchange.  See you gotta remember exchange--- Jesus went into the temple and overturned the money changers.  They were changers.  We're not EXCHANGERS… X change means NO change.  It's absent!  It's gone.

**      Oh Okay

R:      See that's what it means… when everyone agrees there is no money so now they have to surrender the property.

**      Super… Wow that clears it up!

R:      Just get to the DMV and get that Certificate of Origin and the transfer.  I'm pretty sure that is what California relies on.  You go beyond those, see they always assume what is not in evidence.

**      I could just go over to one of those dealers and just take notes.  I wouldn't necessarily have to have a camera.

R:      Well you need that information to cover what is on that sticker…there is a number on there that covers the special equipment that is on the vehicle… also their ads to the registration fee.

**      wonderful I'll keep you posted!!!