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Credo Mutwa Reptilians


Notes from Conversation W/ Roger, P** and R***    August 7, 2001
 Roger : This report is the straw man's report. The straw man that is staying with you.

P**  : Ok.

Roger :  And the straw man here is the one that is the felon.

Roger : And you see they always ask questions.  Is your employer or whoever your staying with aware of your criminal record?  Of course.  But you got to figure out here which two people see your signing for the straw man.

P** :  Ok.  It does not really matter what he puts on there as long as he's accepting the monthly report for value.

Roger :  Yea. That's right.

P** If he gets to questionable with them he just tells em that's a private matter.

Roger :  Yea.

R** :  I just had a lady call from Oregon. They got him behind bars.  A couple of those guys here that the IRS has been working on for a couple of years.

P ** was that the same one ** was helping?

Roger :  But anyway I figure that if they just move on the registration of the vehicle and are able to accomplish that it will get them out.  I do not think anything else is going to get them out.  Because I think the antidote here is going to be the same thing here as the taking of the equity is what they have done so we have to take their equity on an equal basis.  None of the court stuff or none of these acceptances are going to work until we take the equity and that's what your going to have to do and do it with the DMV.  I think that they will have to cut him loose once he succeeds in doing it so I think we have to bear down on it.

P** I went and talked to that farmer and I think that when he sent that draft out to the Sierra club for 220,000.00 and by accepting the paper work and accepting the paperwork for value and returning the paperwork for value now the paperwork going back to them zero's out their claims and the draft is just like a profit to their organization.

Roger :  Well yea cause they have the exemption.

P** And so he will probably get a tax slip or what ever they send back and he just accepts that for value and sends that back to them. That will bring them out of a nonprofit corporation.

R** :  Yea.

Roger :  Yea,

R***  I expect that they will try to violate me soon so I just want to do things right. Just go in there be nice and polite.  If he gets to nosey just say that's a private matter I can not discuss it with you.

Roger :  Here's one even better.  You seem to want to talk, but do not.  The moment that you decide here just give em a blank stare.  He's going to be talking and wondering why you are not talking back.  He is going to have to answer his own questions.  Do not you answer em.  Just give him a blank stare.  When its over its over.

R*** Ok just go in there hand him the report and just look at him.

Roger :  Yea.

R*** Until he gets tired of looking at me and calls the Marshals or sends me home.

  Roger :  Yes and you see here if they violate you they are going to come in here and say we have a warrant for you or were taking you into custody or what ever.  If he announces that he has a warrant for you ask him if he has an order for the warrant.  But you see otherwise they just take you into custody here that does not come into play.  See because a custody taking only has to be an exchange in 72 hours because it's an exchange here that's occurring.  Prisoner exchange.

R** So it's very important that I ask if they have an order for the warrant.

Roger :  Yea.  It they announce that they have a warrant but you see they might come in and arrest you without a warrant here, which means they are simply taking you into custody.  Then you see when they do that is a prisoner exchange.  You see these people that are being held in jails here and prisons that we can not get any process in the courts to get em out its not a warrant its an exchange, a prisoner exchange so that's why we got to go out and get one of theirs.  So you see that's why I'm telling people to go in and register these vehicles because we're going to let them know this is a certificate of origin.  It's nontransferable and you are under arrest here to perform that collection here mister bureaucrat.   Now we have taken one of theirs prisoner.  Now its going to be a prisoner exchange.

R**Ok when I do my acceptance I should write on that Certificate of origin non transferable and all that?

Roger : Yes just make sure that the language reflects that this request is the certificate of origin and is nontransferable because when you do a lot of these things here and you do them right and you wonder why you did not succeed it's because they have transferred to someone else or somewhere else.

P** That this guy that I told to send his paperwork back to the Sierra Club  I told him to write right on top of his paperwork that it's nontransferable certificate of origin

R**Yes how nice

P** And then attach his draft that he already had made out and send it right back to them.  I said I thought that would be slowing their heels down.

R*** Excuse me.  Are you telling me that they may just take me in and hold me in jail indefinitely, in custody?

Roger :  Yes they could in custody, yea.

Roger :  Don't know here whether he dares to get mixed up in it.  That's sophisticated because you see they put themselves at risk when they do that.  So I'm more inclined to think that they will run it the other way. With a warrant.  As soon as the Marshall comes with the warrant you ask him for the order.  You will be booked in and you will be in front of the magistrate and then is when the three magic questions come in.

End of Conv.