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Transcripts of Conversation W/ Roger Elvick - August 7, 2001
 I 'm putting some comments in italics to help you understand this better.   May be helpful…may not.

**:  Hi, I have a friend going to court in a couple of days on a 2 year old ticket that she accepted for value from the start.  Course we were at the early stages of learning and probably didn't make much sense but they have ignored everything and now have a bench warrant out for her.  Now here is my understanding that I have … when we accept something for value and return it back to them, and they dishonor it that means that they are using their position to go private… is that the right track??

Roger :  Well you see the experience I had with the outfit I bought the tractor from… this was the position they were taking here.  They assumed they were private.  They're implying that you agree with them…

**  Okay --when you agree with their offer?

Roger :  Well they really haven't made an offer… they're just making insinuations and they're just trying to draw you out to make some move they can capitalize (Capital is public…principal is private) on.  They went round and round here with me and where I got the upper hand was for one thing I was addressing the corporation when I told them the draft (money order) was given to the corporation and I had a right to expect it would be entered into the account of where the fiscal year and calendar were entered in the same account.

**  For the intersection…for the cancellation of the charge and the discharge?

Roger :  Right, for the balance of the replevin.  Well they don't make any admissions.  They just continue on here with their assumptions trying to get me to recognize they have a claim.  And you see they're crying crocodile tears…"We're just small business men… it's a small business…"  So I just asked them.  Well never the less they still admitted they were getting my tax exemption for the consideration.  They admitted that but they didn't want to wait until next year to get it.  I said, "well you filed in the fiscal year… you file quarterly".  "No we filed calendar year".  And that might be true with some of these corporations.  They might be able to choose to file in calendar years.

**:  Then what they can do is pass that exemption to the manufacturer can't they, if they're a dealer?

Roger :  Yeah,  But you see the thing is they were trying to say "well it is going to hurt us to have to do that."  So I said, "Well hire an attorney and I'll settle with him." -- "Oh no! we can't do that, we can't afford to do that".  "Well then take it up with the States Attorney, they don't cost nothing", I told them.  Any way this was just getting ridicules and they didn't get any in-roads with it because I finally told them. "Then if you're filing in the calendar year then you're sole proprietor?"  "Oh no," they said, "We're incorporated".  "Well", I said,  "if that's the case, the Secretary of State then has to serve as the registered agent then so this can go into the fiscal and calendar year to zero the account,   so you fellows will have to deliver the item.

**:  Can't they put that into a bank also to make it fiscal?  (Fiscal is 360 days vs calendar is 365 days) Remember it has to "pass through a foreign border" fiscal-calendar-fiscal" or calendar-fiscal-calendar.  This makes the Exchange versus the transfer.  You always want the exchange.  Transfer violates the Glass-Steagle Act they are bound by.

Roger :   Sure they can.

**   So they don't really need to be crying the blues…

Roger :   No they don't, they lie.  See I had a guy here trying to tell me he could call my bank and get information  if my check had any funds and I said "Oh no you can't-- when my bank has closed the account, that means they closed it to the public… it's a private matter now.   Now it's in the sanctuary."  "Oh", he said "Yeah, they can do that."  I said "No you can't use my name any way shape or form buddy"!  See this was a broker that didn't have anything officially on the line.  So he is going to lie and assume every thing.

**   All these fiction… they lie when it is easier to tell the truth…they don't even know the truth I don't think.

Roger :  They have nothing but contempt.  …So finally these guys asked me "Are you going to give us back the tractor?"  I said, "No".  So he got up and  said, "Come on Tom, lets go."  And they left. (Chuckle)

**  Now how many times have they been there to ask for the tractor?

Roger :  Just once… They drove about 3 hours to get here.  They didn't press me hard enough to justify traveling that far.  So they came up here just to fulfill an administrative requirement.  That's all.  They didn't bring anything to take the tractor and they didn't have a scrap of paper with them.

**   Oh that's interesting.  So they basically were just there to fulfill something?  That is what it looks like.
**  Now with my friend going to court on Thursday, for traffic-- making an illegal turn, an of course they have passed it around from person to person to person etc.  Well a cop came to her door right while she was moving to another address and she freaked because she couldn't figure out how they found her so fast.  The following day she got a notice from the court about making an arrest…. So she said "I'm going to pay it and get this over with".  I told her I didn't think it was that easy now that she has already told them she has no remedy… etc.

Roger :   I'll betcha if she pays it she'll land behind bars…

**  She did call them and told them she wanted to pay it with a credit card and they wouldn't take it.  They told her she had to come in and talk to the judge.  So she scheduled a time on Thursday.  Well we prepared a letter that she delivered to the court clerk on Monday that was attached to the pre-printed registered draft along with the pink from the draft and all of their offers that she accepted.  Put it all in the "Registered Sight Draft Envelope", the pre printed in blue oversized envelope, stapled them and then stuck all that in the manila envelope and stapled that also.  Now here is what the letter says:  NOTICE I am the owner of the principal account #343434555, of the above listed notice(s) of deficiency regarding account (ticket number), it is hereby notice to the business members of The Superior Court; that upon deliberate extortion of the charge to refuse to return the interest to the principal (prince of Peace) and absconding with the tax on the offer to refuse delivery of the product of the claim as a matter of fact; As acceptance of deficiency to pre-pay closing of escrow of this retail transaction, I request the fiduciary in-charge to adjust the deficiency (charge) of offer (ticket #) and put it on the court docket and call the calendar for the
court bailee/fiduciary-in-charge to release the order(s) of the court for the adjustment (put the whole account into one account) to the principal requesting the release of the commodity (good and valuable goods and service) into my (Name of bank), my fiduciary, personal possession without cost immediately.  The calendar call is the exempt priority adjustment.  Upon calendar call, I request that you place my acceptance of deficiency (tax return) on The Superior Court docket and instruct the clerk of court to summons the court appointed attorney for August 9, 2001 for me to examine the Order and person who signed the order for remittance of funds, as this property is pre-paid exempt from levy. What do you think they'll do?

Roger :   Well… I don't know… There gets to be quite a lot of language in there and these people are the experts of taking the language to twist it to there benefit.  And there is quite a lot of…. But there is enough in there they have to worry about tangling with the sovereign..  But in view of her getting panicked this might be probably … when does she have to go in?

**  Thursday.   Now we have been practicing being able to stand there with the blank look and not being drawn in to the fear tactics and for the element of surprise.  You don't really know how to practice other than just the calm, confident look and behavior.  Now if they take her in to custody they will be keeping her for examination from Thursday midnight until Tuesday midnight.  The time starts midnight the day they take you in, right?

Roger :   Well one thing you might want to do with what you're doing here is mark the "Certificate of Origin".  …

**  The only thing we have already put everything in for court….  Something funny when she took it in to the clerk on Monday, the guy at security goes "Why is this stapled like this?… You take the staple out".  She told him "No I'm the messenger and I'm delivering it like I received it.  It is probably like that so it won't move around."  So he let her go through the security.

Roger :    The reason they don't want it stapled is because the bank is liable for it right there on that basis…if they separate the parts.

**    I did staple it all together, then stuck it in the envelope and stapled it again, then the outside envelope and stapled it again…  Then when she goes in there an they call the case number and she goes up there they are going to try to drag her into the bankruptcy, right?  So if she has the public defender testify on her behalf or as a second witness that there is no claim… Then there is also the "Do you have the documents… well what do they say".

Roger :   See if they come and say they have a warrant for her arrest, well she also wants to ask "Well do you have the order that issues the warrant"?  (The warrant is always looking for the order…money order…purchase order…etc.)

**   Right well this is where we were trying to figure if she doesn't go in and make them come and arrest her, but because we already prepared the paper, she'll have the element of surprise in her favor.

Roger :   Well I don’t really know here.

**   It's a 50/50 cause they are going to do what they do.  I guess it depends on the judge.

Roger :   You see when I see that some of these people have done everything correctly and we can't see where there's any discrepancy and they've been taken into custody.  See some of these people are held in prison but only held part way in.  They're not in general population and things like that.  So we know they are still shopping for the means there to finish them off.  They don't have that because they've been taken into custody but you see what they are doing is… they are doing the same thing we are… They are TAKING delivery.  When they do it they are holding people in secret.  In other words nobody can find out what is the basis of the arrest.

**   Right, like Ron L.  Have you heard that he, this is rumor only, he got 10 years?

Roger :   No I haven't heard that.  Okay Ron had an attorney that called here.  I wasn't here but I'll give him a call tomorrow.  But so that I don't know.  What I see that's happening from other cases … see when a warrant is issued, then there has to be a booking.  There has to be an order for the warrant… That's the money order you can accept and return.  So when they are using a warrant as a basis for arrest, well then an acceptance will work pretty good.  But if they don't use it and simply come and take you into custody in secret then you see they hold you indefinitely because nobody can get in and find out who the holder is.  Well that's when I think the only way we can move at them is you move to take them into Involuntary Bankruptcy.
You can't get by with the acceptance.   Because they've already dishonored you.  Now it's a matter of a power play to "TAKE" the equity.

**   Now what if you can't find their equity or assets?

Roger :   You don't have to find it.  That's what I'm bring up… the business with these cars.

**   Oh okay.

Roger :   If you move or  make a request with DMV to license a vehicle and get the fees paid that should be enough to cut them loose.  Because the fees then bring the case into the United States Corporation.  Now those characters that are acting are in the sanctuary of the United States. That's the way you're going to get them.  You give them a check on the closed account (personal) and now you're going to have the State zero the account out.  That means here that the State has identified you in
evidence as being the principal.  NOW…

**  That puts you pretty much in principal on a whole bunch of stuff then, right?

Roger :  You're the principal here… Owner of the United States Corporation and they are all employees.  And the Certificate of Origin comes in and Non-Transferable--see that's what they have done, they have transferred the claim into the hands they haven't identified.

**  Oh in other words if we just go over there and say we've got some digital cameras and take the pictures of the stickers on the windows and then go register with the DMV the information that we are the owners.  We probably will accomplish quite a bit if we just get one or two of these this way to start getting some power behind us.  (You don't need digital camera, by law if you ask for a copy of the invoice they must provide you with one…that is the disclosure on the window)

Roger :  Well lets say the individual in prison…. they're going to have to cut him loose because the State has now identified him as a principal…

**  Oh so you want that individual to go in there and order those plates on a car?

Roger :   Right…  or the lady you're talking about.  She could do it.  See if we would have had enough lead time… this is what I would of rather seen her do.  Now that time has run like it has you might as well go here with what energy you have already built up.  It is kind of hard to unwind and take a whole new direction without an awful lot of a.. a..

**   Right cause we couldn't get the DMV to respond that fast.  This is something we need to do before the
trouble starts.  I'm personally fearful they are going to take her into custody because she has been at this for
over 2 years and now they are getting more aggressive and not going away.  She did pay for it using a draft
with the closed account.  They are recognizing it saying insufficient funds.

Roger :  NO! No!  It is not insufficient funds!

**   I know --that is what they are saying.

Roger :   Oh yeah but how did they do that?  See the draft was never charged.

**   Well they are trying to charge her another $12. for insufficient funds.

Roger :   Yes and she needs to accept that as well.  Because the reason they move against her is they tell her they are going to charge her but they don't.  It's the absence of the charge.  They haven't charged her so therefore they're holding a tax liability.

**   Right that's why when we put it in the blue printed envelope we added that new amount on making it a new draft so they'll have over $600 now in drafts.

Roger :   Okay well then why not take a draft and go into the bank and deposit it here but take the draft and put the deputy or police officers name to pay it through.

**   Well they wouldn't give us his first name only the last name…

Roger :   Okay then take the Chief of Police's name… take his boss and make a note of it since his employees have failed to identify themselves then he is responsible for this and you can attach those copies of ticket and other correspondence right to the draft and put his name in the payable through and take it into the bank and get a deposit slip.  See it'll be almost the same as what we're doing with the DMV.  Now the bank has to make presentment of that here with that particular police chief.

**   She should do that versus going to court?… I really think she'll go to jail.

Roger :   Well the thing is, is do both.

**   Okay we'll have to move on that pretty fast than.

Roger :   You see when you go to your bank, you tell them "I want to deposit a commercial item"  So what you want them to do is give you a deposit slip for X amount of dollars before you show them the draft.

**   She could put it in the ATM machine and that gives you a deposit slip.  Would that be the same?

Roger :  Oh yeah… there she goes.. Just do that.  Then she can just take that to court with her and attach it to everything else.

**   Now she is going to be depositing this in her own account through the ATM?

Roger :  Yes…

**   Oh she is going to be depositing in her own account?  Well yeah, that's what she'll be doing when she goes to the ATM.  I'm going to have to sort this out in my head.  So she is going to make it payable to her bank and payable through the Chief of Police because they owe her the remedy!?!

Roger :   Yeah.  It is going to be deposited to her account but made payable to her bank.

**   Then just put an instruction in there to make presentment to this Chief of Police for acceptance?

Roger :   Right.. and if they fail to accept then they are subject to arrest.  See the Police Chief, make sure he knows that his name has been placed on there because of conduct of his employees failure to identify himself.

**    So should she call them and tell them or deliver them a copy or what?

Roger :    Yeah that would work to get them a copy and attach the copy of the ticket on there.

**    Boy we really have to wrestle with these scoundrels to get justice!

Roger :   Oh I know… so many people put themselves in these controversial games then they get us involved before they think things through… when they start using these things they need to start making decisions themselves… because if they don't then you see it's not their property.  It belongs to the person who knows how to use it.

**   Exactly… I tell people that are trying to learn this "You don't learn this today and think you can apply it tomorrow.   If you don't have your head and heart in alignment this is not what you would do.. this is going into the court of conscience".

**   Another thing I wanted to talk to you about was the guys up in Oregon and I know you talked to E* today because R* prepared a paper about an Exparte' hearing for mistake in identity hearing… did she fax those to you?  The judge denied their hearing.

Roger :  That's the guy you need to get on a draft and make the deposits.  For her it's easiest for her to go on the auto.  She spent a lot of time finding property descriptions.  She can sign his name and that, she'll have his permission to do it, I'm sure.   Do it that way that's the way he can bring them face to face with themselves. When they're in custody like that and you can't get to any other procedures or anything.  He was even thinking about an appeal.  How is he going to appeal? … he hasn't even got a legitimate arrest. He is still in custody… he is not out in the general population of the prison…

**   Well I think because they went through a trial and then they were sentenced to 3 years…

Roger :   It is not legitimate proceedings… they went through that as if it were but it is not.  Otherwise they would have to have him in the general prison population already and they don't.  So you see they go through all those motions hoping you're going to capitulate along the line.  Then if you do, well this was the sentence all along. So they (those in captivity) are going to have to take the equity.

**   The exparte' they denied, does she need to accept that denial also?

Roger :  Well they can accept that refusal, but there is nothing says we have to give them notice.  What we need to do is take delivery of the item.  So that's why I say use the automobile… It think that is the fastest.  If we get a letter through the DMV, we can start crowding them right there.

**   Okay good!  Also, lot of things are happening with the UCC1s.    What we were wondering, something you told K* about using the envelope meter number, showing we are taking away their presumption, by notifying them and they dishonor us.  (that is the postage meter number in red they use to put postage on the envelope that is not cancelled by the post office)

Roger :   See what you're going to do, we've taken away any of the statutory rights to be able to use the statutes to perform an arrest.  What they are doing is they're coming privately in there own person and they are moving in secret to where they can take a hold and throw you in the can.  You see we can't get at them any other way until we go after them and take them hostage.  You see there isn't any other remedy.  It's like the poison and the antidote.  Those are the only two at play… in this right now.  The only way---there isn't any defensive action that will work… we have to take the equity---we have to take the equity.  That's what we're now moving to take delivery of the vehicles to get the registrations done.  So we can just walk in and take the vehicle off the dealers floor.

**   Now when we go in there to take the vehicle off the dealers floor, do we give them a check from the closed account?

Roger :    You're going to have the license plate for the vehicle when you go in there.  You don’t need a check, it is already paid for because the fees here are the Levin that levins the whole lump.  You'll have the license plates in your hand and not only that you'll want to get the vehicle insured before you go in there.  Just get an insurance policy on it….even if it is a binder.

**   Okay,  I think I got that down pretty good cause you explained that last time I spoke with you.

Roger :   The Certificate of Origin and non-transferable… Make sure something about the Certificate of Origin say it in a way that this request is an order not asking permission.  Something like "This request is the Certificate of Origin" and is Non-transferable.

**   Oh okay

Roger :   Right if you say something like you want to request it they think… yeah we've got it and they want it…. Chuckles.  We're saying this request IS the certificate of Origin" and non-transferable. Now that Certificate of Origin has identified the principal.

**   Terrific

Roger :    And it's non-transferable because that's what they do.  They transfer everything and that's what that deputy is doing.  He is not giving you his name and when push comes to shove why it's been transferred to somebody else.

**   Right, you were talking to R** that went to see his parole officer and he just set there and gave the parole officer the blank look.  Parole officer kept asking him all kinds of questions and the guy didn't answer finally after a while the Parole officer says lets go so they get up and he walks out with them and P* is waiting in the car.  R** tells him he may get tapped (arrested) because of his uncooperative manner.  The Parole officer flashes his badge and asks P* his name, he gave it to him, PO then asks if he has air conditioning, he replies "yes"… he then tells him he better get him medical help cause he thinks he is having a heart attack..  (laughing)

***  other little chit chat  --- medical report on a friend good progress and comment on Power of prayer.

Roger :   Prayer needs to be stated orally so the individual who is making the request is making the request of his own subconscious.

**   You know I get a lot of mileage with your saying "go to the inner sanctuary and get out of the general assembly".

Roger :   Yep, well that's what they've done.  But that's the corruption that's in the sanctuary you know that the bible talks about…when they open the sanctuary and the whore of Babylon is in there drunk.

**   Oh, I don't know about that part… I think I was thinking that was more of a sacred place.

Roger :    Well it's in the Book of Revelation.  Where it talks about the great whore.  Well see that's what happens when the sanctuary is opened, that's where they're at….and they're all drunk.  They are in the Pub.

**    So your own sub-conscious is tainted?

Roger :    Yeah if you let it.  What you do is to orally request that your sub-conscious, supreme power, will act for your benefit and see you above these characters that are threatening to you.

**   Oh a prayer on yourself.

Roger :   Right, that's what prayer is.  The prayer is from the conscious to the sub-conscious mind so that you can come to an agreement.

**   Of course--- now I get it.  Should of known this…

Roger :   Then you see it goes into the Super-consciousness and that supercedes their alleged agreements.

**   Exactly, we are so conditioned into giving power to "authority".  From our conditioning from training as children.  Adults are right, preacher's right, doctor's right….etc.

Roger :   Yep

**   Hey by the way, have you heard about Greater Ministries, or do you know about them?

Roger :   No

**   They were a gifting organization down in Florida, and didn't want to go along with the 501(c)3.    They were sentenced today and the Minister got 27 years and his wife got 12.   Someone was trying to help them to use redemption but they were adamant about staying with common law.

Roger :   Well is that an organization that encourages getting rid of social security numbers and things like that?

**   Pretty much.  It was more them not being involved rather than putting that on the people participating.

Roger :    See that's what gets them into trouble.  It is no different than getting rid of social security numbers because you have to have the contract to bind the government.  That's the Greek Order that is symbolized by that emblem on the social security card.

** Okay,   And the Greek Order comes from the New Testament…?

Roger :   In that… the Greek orders allow the Roman municipals to flow through to the commerce.

**   So the Greek and Roman's work together?

Roger :   See if they are not using a Greek order, which they are not using… they're using just municipals only to bring in arrests like say ** and the guys in Oregon.  It's not municipal funds so it's not the number 5 that's responsible.  If the marshals had to act they'd have to act on municipal funds.  See I think what they are dealing with is only 4 digit numbers on holding them in secret like this.  See those are simply commercial invoices.   It is the same thing when you have property parcels that are taxed in the county… Okay those are 4 digit numbers. Those are parcel numbers.  They are not based on the Greek orders and they still don't directly become funded by the municipals until the completion of the contract.  That's why F** and D** are not in the prison population. See they can't be recognized by the municipals.  It takes municipal funds to fund all these commercial invoices. You also have to have municipal funds to fund treasury issues too.

**   Isn't that why they also held you because they couldn't get enough funds.  They had it way up over the international limits?…

Roger :   Yeah

**    Isn't it interesting with the social security number how it is broken up in sections of 3, 2 and 4.  Wonder why they have that separated like that….

Roger :    Well it is a double minus so you see.  Well I'll just have to think of that a little later on…

Tape turn

**   Oh I have to clear something up on writing check off closed account to Franchise Tax Board… should I write
on that where I put the legend "Non-transferable".?

Roger :   Now remember,  when you give them that check, the bank takes and marks it "closed" but you see the bank is saying there is no money.  And so what it means is --returned - not paid.

**   Right

Roger :   So when they start coming back after you… well I had one like that today.  I told him well what the bank is telling you is there isn't any money.  And he said "Well it was a bad check".  And I said, "why are you writing bad checks?"

**   Laughter… that's got to really throw them for a loop!

Roger :   See that's the truth… They're talking about the bank… the bank that they have is their bank that they're talking about.  They're not talking about the one that is on your check.  And when they took that into the bank here, they didn't take it to our bank, it was their bank that stamped it "Closed".  Probably.

Some small talk

Roger :   We have to take delivery in FACT.  They take it by presumption and that won't stand.

**   You know I transcribe many of our conversations and I email them to people… I was just wondering if this guy's finance' sends them to him in jail cause you know they censor the mail…

Roger :   Oh I don’t care… it might even cause a conscious to be recognized.  … No, that won't hurt anything.

Chit chat small talk and call ended.