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Credo Mutwa Reptilians


Transcripts of Conversation with Roger Elvick March 5, 2002

** Good afternoon!  It’s B* in LA.  I just wanted to tell you what happened to R*’s trial and the outcome.

R: Ohhh, Oohhh Yes!

** They had the trial last week.  Anyway they had a jury.  First the defense waived the jury but then they decided to have the jury.  Of course they had selected the jury without bookkeepers, accountants, etc.  They wanted them stupid and pliable.  Anyway the jury found him guilty…and I’m not really sure what the final guilty verdict was for.   Originally it was simulating a money order and simulating forgery cause he paid a credit card with a sight draft payable through the attorney that was collecting.  Then on Monday was his sentencing.  So they sentenced him to 9 months.  Now he’s been in there a little over 4 months.  The judge was trying to get him to recognize the court.  Anyway he didn’t.  The judge told him if he would recognize the court he could get out that day and just be on probation for a few years… 3 years I think.
He did sort of screw up because he told the judge to put his offer in writing.  Anyway he did so it’s done now.  He did call the witnesses of the Public defender and the prosecutor to ask them their names, and if they have a claim or know anyone who has a claim.  Oh, the prosecutor turned her back and wouldn’t look at him and of course non of them answered.  Okay so now that is done so R*j put together a letter and here is what it says:
You have a case of mistaken identity.  The synonym you are searching for is the mirror image of the real man, the principal in fact, being detained at the warehouse (address of jail).
Your oral solicitations and offers at (address of court) are accepted for value and returned for value in exchange for immediate settlement and delivery of the proceeds, products, accounts, and fixtures at the discharge door of the jail, which is the remedy I request.  Also, I will take delivery of my copy of the tax reports made to the regional and district office, and delivery of my copy of the documents that identify who is using the exemption of the account (booking #) that belongs to me the Owner in fact.
To become eligible for the exemption, you need my acknowledgment of my having received the remedy requested.  Without the use of my acknowledgment for settlement and delivery, you are tax fugitives in possession of delinquent income taxes, the criminal charge in fact.  I will take delivery of my equity immediately.
In the event you choose to refuse or otherwise fail, your dishonor will be accepted for value and returned for value as our alternative contract for immediate delivery and settlement.  Thank you.
Does that pretty much nail it?

R: Oh yeah!

** See if they don’t have subject matter jurisdiction their orders are pretty much void aren’t they?

R: Yeah and see as soon as they dishonor that is contraband right at that point.

** Okay.  See they have been dishonoring all along this whole preceding by not releasing him as the remedy requested.

R: Yep.

** So, the building that the original attorney that turned this over to the police is about to have the taxes paid for her office building that she functions from.

R: Well see another place to get them… you know the place where they are holding him?… Get the facility address and get the parcel number and go pay the taxes on it.  See some of them they tell you there is no tax due or they don’t have it.  If they don’t have it at the county well then it’ll be at the city directory.  But there has to be a parcel number somewhere.

** Right, if it’s been surveyed it has to be numbered with a parcel number.

R: Right it has to be accounted for.  When they do the assessment, the assessment is made on the real estate and the personal property.

** Oh the improvement on the land.

R: Well everything in there is considered personal property.  That’s what the assessment is, is on the personal property.  Then they attempt to divide that, that the real estate is listed with the Treasurer and the personal property is assumed to be in the hands of the state.  In other words, they assume or the state does something in fact to credit the county books for the equivalent of the assessment or of the personal property you see…

** Right… okay

R: It’s the personal property that they assume that the state holds.  So that means when they tell you there is no tax on the building they are telling you the state has credited their books for that particular amount of the bill we are looking for.  Then they tell you there is no tax due.  So if they ever do that then we jump them for the Certificate of Origin to show the name of the principal they rely on for that.

** Okay

R: So that’s basically the 1099….or some other form the state may use between them and the county.  We can start to accuse them of doing the off-balance bookkeeping just like Anderson was doing with Enron.

** Can you believe there are all these other corporations doing the same bookkeeping, funneling the money to rip off the investors by putting the money in some other subsidiary.    Also out here in California and I think they do it in other states, where they start taking cars and put them in impounds and the impound or towing company kick back money to the courts for the judges retirement fund.  It actually discloses it on the paper that a certain percent is going back to the court.  Isn’t that a conflict of interest and is there any way we can tap into that fund?

R: Sure! Just go down and pick up the taxes on the impound lot.

** Oh what an idea!

R: Yeah, any of them that get out of line because you see they are operating in debt money and as soon as we charge that particular parcel, bango, the debts are removed.  They don’t have a claim on any of the property that’s in question.  When they electronically charge your check you see, that then discharges the debt claim.  It goes to zero.   See it’s just like here… When I went up and paid the taxes on my property, eventually the state’s attorney got around to threatening me with a warrant.  And he probably did issue it.  At least he wrote me a letter and told me he did.  … He was charging me with writing a check without an account.

** Interesting!

R: Well you see it’s interesting cause he stated here that he issued a warrant….for me.  But you see you got to change the word warrant to check.  He issued a check for me.  (Chuckles….)

** But you didn’t find a check enclosed???…  chuckles    Now R*j was going to put that in the letter starting it off that way and I didn’t think so because I thought the more important thing was who was using the exemption would be more valuable.

R: Yeah but still we did not find their check -- to me…  That means that they don’t have a claim.

** You know what else people are saying… when they get correspondence from like government agencies it has on the paperwork “non-negotiable”.   This guy got something from a public defender and may still have some active common law thinking going on and put that on his paperwork he sent in and they are possible making fun or mocking him.

R: Maybe… I don’t know.

** I told him it doesn’t really matter he just puts on his paperwork - nontransferable.  Hey what’s going on with you and Wal-Mart?

R: Oh I’m just waiting for the county to give me the bill.  I’m waiting for the bill whenever the taxes are sent out by the county.   They haven’t sent them out yet in that county.

** Oh I see… okay.  I was talking to JK and he said you were doing this thing with Wal-Mart.  Said he talked to you the other day and that’s what you had going on.  There is something circulating on the internet about Wal-Mart and how un-American they are because they won’t fly the flag or provide it to the stores to fly unless the employees for Wal-Mart take up a collection to pay for it.   Wal-Mart was supposedly the ones that encouraged everyone to “Buy American” now they are the biggest importers from China or some other third world country.

R: Well see their financing is all foreign.  I could tell on that tax thing.  I was a little surprised when I went in there, I thought I was going to run into a little more flack then I did.  Man they were just all smiles.  They were more than happy to bend over backwards here to accommodate what I wanted.

** Wonderful!

R: And you see they didn’t have it on the county books.  When I asked her for the property out there where Wal-Mart sets.  She started to look it up but couldn’t find it.  She knew where the plot is because this town is only about 7,000 people so they know where all the major property is right off the top of their head.

** Yeah… Wal-Mart’s got to be several acres…

R: Yeah it is.  It’s a super store.  You see it’s a supercenter.  So anyway… Then she said, “Well just a minute, I’ll call over to the other side”.  Well she called the city hall and they told her right away.   I heard her ask on the phone.  “Oh” she said, “I can find it now.”   So now she went in and found it and brought it up under the name of Wal-Mart and there was five parcels and just a little bit under $25,000.  Then she gave me the parcel number and also the assessed value but the tax bill she said, those are not out yet but do you want me to put you on the mailing list?  Then she said, “Would you like me to put you on the mailing list for every year?”  I said, “Why don’t we just wait until the bill is out and when I come in and take care of them then I’ll let you know then.”  “Okay”, she said, “that’ll be just fine”.  You know as she was going through I could tell kind of the way, well we talked about other things too, and I could kind of tell that there isn’t anybody else that’s on those.

** Wonderful!  Because most people get intimidated by big…  When they think it’s a large conglomerate.  Oh the property manager on K*’s building has quite and now there is a new manager there.  I’m not sure if he got the tenant notices out about the property being under new management and to start sending their checks to a new location.

R: Oh they did?…

** He may have thought that he needed the names of each tenant in order to serve them the papers, I’m not sure what he did.  He could have sent it to them using the apt. number and who to make the checks payable to…and where and either mailed it or put one on each one of there doors.

R: Yeah… yeah… yeah!

** Now we have another guy also evicted who also paid the property tax and the management is actually working with him so he’s got all the papers out with the new agreements and the rent reduction so we’ll see what happens at the first of April.  He’s paid the property tax paid for 6 months.  He was evicted because they wouldn’t accept his private check.    I’m sure the owner and attorney is going to be having a hissie fit about the first of the month when the tenants decide they want to pay the lesser amount of rent to the new owner.

R: What’s he got, Straight Street rentals now?  (Chuckles)

** Oh no, that was K* with his 208 unit building.  He would have to file a business license and all that to do that so I’m not sure how he’s going to do it.   This other guy’s building is over in Hollywood and it is 25 or 26 units.   He was the first one to pay the property tax around here.  I think he did it a couple of days after I got the information from you, he moved on it real fast.   He’s very focused into understanding this cause he is currently out of work and necessity is the mother of invention so he can study this instead of re-invent the wheel.

R: Yeah… yeah (chuckles )… Okay now what I was going to say a little more examination of using these checks to overcome arrest warrants.  Because this warrant that this guy is coming on me with is like a class A misdemeanor.   Even if he comes and issues a warrant and tries circulating, for one thing it can’t circulate outside of the county.

** Oh… interesting.  Okay.

R: It would have to be serviced right in the county.  And you see when I write my check, that is a warrant!

** Now there’s a gal that does all this legal research and she said that a warrant is actually only good for about 10 days.  When a warrant is issued they have to go get the culprit within 10 days.  Some of these people think they have a warrant on them for like years….

R: No they have to keep rolling them over because those are actual charges.  You see when you give them your check for payment he’s got to charge that check if he wants to bring it into evidence.  What happens when it goes into evidence it destroys any of his evidence that he would have to move against you.

** That’s right.  That’s what you discussed once before.   In other words what they do is they don’t electronically send it through they make phone calls.

R: And see that’s committing fraud on the Dept of the Treasury because they’re assuming they have the exemption and you have settled the claim by giving them the check so essentially they are making another claim.  So whenever we run into people that do this we need to go down and grab a chunk of property… and here’s another thing too.  When we get this property that says “No Tax”, okay and we get the parcel number, okay, we take the parcel number and also the correspondence you have to show the dishonor and put it on the UCC 1.   Then you see there is where you’ll be able to pay the claim.  Then you see, after you get that thing filed, than send it over to the county auditor.

** Okay.  Put it on the UCC1 or on the Form 11.  We were thinking that would make it go public on the UCC1.

R: Well the only reason for it is, it gives you the place where they have to take a check.

** Oh another thing is whenever we try to purchase something from mail order and they just loose the checks.  They don’t dishonor or send the checks back or send the merchandise.

R: Then you see what we need to do is just call… you know the address where you sent the check, just call and get the address of that place you can find out the location.  If you’ve got a Rand McNally you can view the city and once you get the streets until you can get the county that it’s in.  Then you call the County Treasurer from information.  Then just request the parcel and the tax bill.

** Okay… Oh and another thing about the ones in jail and trying to help them get out.  If these people admit to, let’s say some lesser charges so they get leniency….

R: Yeah, that’s the public version of the acceptance…

** When you recognize the wrongs of your sin!…  Hey did you ever get a chance to watch the video on the Inquisition?

R: Yep!   Well that’s just about the way I had it figured out.  I read the protocols years and years ago so I know.  I didn’t realize how the nazi’s jumped on this to keep the revolutions going.

** We have so much corruption and then R*j brought to our attention that if you don’t have a claim, the only time you can admit to having a claim is if you have a witness and it talks about that in Mark and Luke in the bible.  I think it is at the end of Mark and the beginning part of Luke.  It talks about how you can never say anything except through a witness or in writing.

R: Yeah, yeah, oh yeah.

** Anyway I just wanted to bring you current with what we have going on out here with R* since the trial and all and if you have any input.

R: Well I think what he’s doing there and then moving on the tax of where he is being held…

** Oh and then file it on the UCC1, after paying the taxes, claim the buildings…

R: Well I don’t think you have to do that but it wouldn’t hurt.  I was mainly trying to point out when you run up on these buildings where they say, “Well there is no tax due.”  Or “There’s no tax”.  Or I think they are even saying, “There are no taxes assessed on those.”  But I can’t believe that because some contractor had to build the building that’s on that site and they had to use commercial instruments to do it.   That’s why I’m saying we still get the parcel number and if they come and state there is no taxes due, then it’s pre-paid and that belongs to us.  So that is why we take those and put them on the UCC1.  Not so much as to what we’re going to do as showing that we own the property but mainly so you have a place to write your check and take it into the circuit.  See the circuits are closed circuits and I think that’s really what these circuit courts rule on too.

** Which turns the light on.  … the closed circuits.    Oh you know I have another question about some land that was given to this church I use to have.  I think it has been abandoned but I keep getting these tax bills.  Well I just got one and it has an amount but it also says on there that the records show there is more owing.  Should I just send them a blank check and a note saying I would like to pay all the back taxes or just pay what the bill says?

R: Oh you can just pay the amount showing.  If they bring anything else it’ll just go to zero.  See everything melds off the property that’s a fiction.

** Okay I’ll just do that and practice on what goes on.  It’s only something like $270.00 or something like that.

R: It must be unimproved property.

** It is.  It’s just raw land out in Palmdale.  The guy that put it in the churches name was going to get it back out after he resolved some other things he was working on and then he just abandoned it.  I haven’t heard from him in about 2 years now so I guess I’ll just pay it.  If he wants it back he can surely have it cause I don’t want raw land.

R: Yeah…

** Oh I need to ask something on J*’s behalf cause her husband was arrested on writing checks from the private account and she was able to bail him out using the sight drafts.  What you said about that will be beneficial and I can pass that along to her.

R: Yeah because you see they take the equity and they assume they have another claim.  So they aren’t revealed for when they’ve take somebody and put them in these facilities that’s why there is no tax due because it’s for their benefit and they claim well they’re looking after this person and he’s getting benefits.  Now that’s the rational they are using.

** Right!  Exactly.

R: But you see it’s fraud and so that’s why they need to take the facility where they’re being held and get the parcel number….

** He’s not being held right now because she bailed him out with the draft… or her closed account.  However he has had to go in for the psychological evaluation and now has a trial coming up and he has complied with that and accepted it all for value.   He needs to just keep his mouth shut during the trial until someone identifies him, which he knows to do.   Oh something cute that happened at R*’s trial… after the trial and the public defender was walking out and this gal that is in our group was walking out from the courthouse to the parking lot and she said to him, “What just happened in there?”  and he commented back, “don’t ask me, no one would talk to me.”   Like poor little victim!  (Chuckles)  And another thing that happened in that trial besides them knowing all the people that attended any hearings R* had so during the trial they made them either give there name or they were not allowed in the courtroom.   One guy said, “We should have just gave them our drivers license”.  That really wasn’t a public forum.

R:  Right!

** This guy didn’t realize that he was the defendant.   This gal started to feel sorry for him and wanted to give him some information.  Apparently this public defender lost his job over this or decided it wasn’t for him.   There was another point in there that it almost appeared that the prosecution was on the side of the defendant.  There was also a guy from Wells Fargo bank that testified that the sight drafts were legitimate instruments.

R: Who was he in there for?

** I think that the prosecution brought him in.

R: Oh, well then I’d go down and take a Wells Fargo Bank.

** Well he didn’t testify against him…  he said it was a legitimate instrument.

R: I know.  But they still used that to move against him.   I’d lay in there on the taxes on the bank so the prosecutor knows that anybody he calls in he’s called them in and we’re going to take the tax on the property.

** Okay.

R: They won’t be so anxious to bring anybody in there because whoever they bring in as a witness, bang, we’re going to nail their property.

** So they’re going to have a horror story when they try to deal with us.  What I’m wondering about is the judges.  They just go in there and start expunging everything on the property that is adverse to the title.  I don’t know where they get all that authority but that’s what they do.

R: Well here is something you can do here.  What R* could have done is he could just go up announced that the judge is fired and that the prosecutor is fired.  He can fire them.  At that point they are assuming they are the operators of his account.

** Interesting.

R: So he could just tell them if you don’t do what I tell you to do then you’re fired.

** And then if they don’t take that as something serious what’s the recourse?  Just take the property?

R: Yeah!  They forfeit their property.

** See I can’t help thinking this is going in on contract law and it is breach of contract of what you were telling us about earlier.  Like when they wrote to the property managers they wrote - by mutual agreement this property is under new ownership.


** So by putting that, that softens it to the tenants and then the owners are going to look at it and go MUTUAL AGREEMENT!!!  I didn’t agree to this!  And then of course they are going to get a battery of attorney’s to rescue them and their bad decisions.

R: Chuckling…. Oh yeah…
** That’s why I was thinking that if it goes on the UCC1, the judge can’t remove it only the person that files it can remove it.

R: Yeah… yeah… yeah … (more laughing).  But you see here, people who get in a tough spot in court.  They can go ahead and fire these guys but what you need to do if they build up something and start hollering about you didn’t pay this and you didn’t pay that, then you can stand up and announce well then sir, whoever the court appointed attorney is, you just announce that I’m instructing Mr. So and So to go ahead and pay this account.

** That he would say in an open court?  Wouldn’t that be that you shouldn’t be heard?  Aren’t you getting involved recognizing the court?

R: Well it’s not when you’re in star chambers.

** Oh the star chamber.  Oh I see.  And by them asking everybody who they are in the courtroom would make that a star chamber… That isn’t even a public forum then?

R: That’s right!

** So see another thing… the jails… Well one of the things that the judge said also is that they have to keep R* out of the public for the public’s safety.  That means that the jail is private.

R: Yep.  Cause you see if the public touches you see you get leprosy or aides.  See because it has to do with the energy and the body.  The immune system goes down.

** Okay good.  I know there are a lot of people that are real cautious about writing checks on the closed accounts.  Apparently different states have got harsher laws, like Nevada.

R: Umhumm.  Oh sure I can understand that.

** Right I’m sure they are protecting the gambling houses.   It may be state but writing the checks would make it federal wouldn’t it?

R: Yeah but when they get use of the exemption creates the federal question.

** The exemption, when you said that, that’s actually the key factor here.

R: Yeah!  It comes from levy.  And that levy is where?… it’s on the property.  It’s the assessment.

** And all federal reserve notes are taxes… tax levies.

R: Well they’re warehouse receipts.  Article 7.  You don’t have to go to article 8.  All the article 8’s is where the Anderson accountants are…. But we don’t need to use article 8 we only need to use article 7.

** You know this gal keeps calling me from Tele-check and she said they bought the check.  I asked her what does she think she bought.  Did she buy the exemption… who got the exemption?  She said she didn’t understand what I was talking about, so I told her she was an incompetent collector and she needs to do her homework before she calls.

R: I’d just tell her, “Lady you’re incompetent get your ass of the phone and get somebody that knows something.”  I get real crude with them if I have to.

** I’ve been crude to them to because they have such an attitude.   Have you noticed it has sort of quieted down.  Things seem to go in waves.

R: Oh yeah what I’ve been doing is I just have the post master return to sender.  I don’t even open them.

** Good!  We do that too so they can pay the postage.   They must sell it off then to collection agencies other then the company collection dept.

R: Probably.

** Another thing someone told me that they were in jail and after the hearing and sentencing and they accepted everything, they got out of jail.   What I’m wondering if they have held him this long and now just release him they are going to look like they’ve been doing something wrong for the last 4 plus months.  They’ve got to be accountable for that and don’t have any reason to be holding him since he accepted everything already and they’ve dishonored.   If he has never talked and accepted everything and they dishonored, they don’t have any substance so aren’t the orders void?

R: Then maybe you might even consider filing a 2254.  It’s a title 28 writ of habeous corpus and filing fee, well it use to be $5, but you pay with you closed check to file the fee.  Then go over and get your USM 285 form from the U.S. Marshals and have the Marshals serve the writ on them at the place where they’re holding him.

** Okay good!

R: That might be something we may want to try.  Because you’re contracting, that court is contract when you charge that check!

** Yeah okay.

R: See I know a lot of prisons or people that have been in the prison system that try to use those 2254 forms and 2255’s.  The 2254 are for the state and the 2255 are for federal.   Title 28, section 2254 and 2255.   They are self explanatory.  Those are the writs and once that writ is filed and the filing fee is paid.  You’ll get the federal court clerk to stamp it.  Once they stamp that action then you see you can go over and do the same thing with the U.S. Marshall.

** We were talking… R*j and I were talking and we were talking about all the new laws coming through and he said yeah but all you need to say is nisi prius and that means it goes back to a prior event and what is to keep them from doing the same thing of a prior law?

R: They can’t get it into evidence.  They can’t get the charge into the closed circuit.

** Oh wonderful.  That solves that.  So we really are getting an upper hold on them.  The hardest thing is to get people to not want to argue that they are right or their understanding of what they think is right.

R: Right, the check would implement the contract.

** This is really starting to clear up the understanding of the energy and the value of not saying anything, and getting your witness to create the facts.

R: Yep, yep yep.

** Hey how is that new computer doing?  Have you got on line yet?

R: No… I’ve got more to work on.  I tried it but something is wrong.  This guy is going to make me a cd and I can use that to clear up the problem.  The more I try to use it the worse it gets.

** Oh I know these computers can be a real head ache or a real blessing.

R: See on my small computer it has a metal cd or card that looks like a credit card… I don’t even know how to use it.

** Maybe when you use it, it tracks how much time you’re on line.

R: Maybe… I pay this with my closed account.   See we’re inside the closed circuit.  We’re inside and now they are out.

** This is wonderful.  I like this approach.  Gosh I didn’t mean to keep you this long.

R: Oh no!  I’m just laying low I’ve had a bad cold all week now so I’m just resting.  I feel pretty good but still have some congestion.

Call interrupt…

** Okay so what were you saying?

R: Here’s some information for you when they want to check on your account.  I just tell them you can’t access me unless you put that check through the bank.   The electronic transfer provides the correct information otherwise it violates the privacy act.   You try to access my account you’re going to have to go to a closed circuit.

** The way we look at that is if you talk then that comes out of you that makes you the strawman but if you put everything on a piece of paper then that is not part of you it is separate and that would be the strawman.

R: Yeah!  And see they use the strawman but see there is another one too.  There is the mirror image.  That’s the reflection and that’s the one where you have to be there to bring the mirror image into focus.  I remember when that happened when they entered my account when the judge ordered me to appear, but he made other comments in the correspondence that surrounded that and they were ordered not to take any adverse action against me.

** Interesting!  But they needed to have to there as the mirror image to what?

R: So they could pass the national debts into the international bond.

** Okay but I would think they would need a strawman instead of a mirror image.

R: They may have had to have a strawman somewhere along the line, but you see that was the first indictment, but the second indictment that was supercedeous.  See they brought an indictment on me but couldn’t get an arrest warrant for me to start with so it was just through some of these private things that they did so they could get a so called arraignment so they could do whatever they had to do but you see I reported them all to the internal revenue service on a 4789 form.  So then the marshals came to the U.S. Attorney looking for the money and they didn’t have it.  (chuckles)

** Now the judge judges the law and the jury judges the facts, is that correct?

R: Yep!

** The jury that was in R*’s case, I don’t know I think the judge was really controlling that also because the jury had copies of something and one of the jurors said this has an attachment can we see the attachment and the judge recalled all those papers and didn’t use that in the trial.   Wouldn’t that be evidence?  Isn’t evidence facts?

R: Yeah.

** The poor public defender didn’t do anything.  It truly was just a charade trying to impress the public with there phony justice system.   The other funny thing was when C* asked the public defender what just happened in there and he comments back “No, because no one would talk to me”.  I told her she should of said, “They just made you the defendant bubba!”  chuckles

R: (Laughter) …  yep!

** Okay well wonderful talking to you again and take care of that sore throat.

R: Oh one more thing… If you start into confession into these public things you aren’t going anywhere with them.   See like this guy talked to him about an investment and the information asked was in violation of the privacy act.  So the only way you can access my information is the electronic funds transfer, but finally we found out they had to comply with federal regulators on this investment.  I said well that would be fine.  The thing that they wanted to know was if you will accept the RISK.  When I told him to tell him, “I understand what the risk is and the risk is ALL MINE”.  That resolved it.  I ran that across another situation just today and I told this guy that the risk all belongs to me.  That means that I am holding the senior preferred.  He said, “Oh okay.”  So I knew that it has nothing to do with us loosing our money.  They risk loosing it if they get crossways with us.

** Oh because we own the risk or you would own the risk or he would own the risk!

R: Right.  I own it!  It belongs to me so how could I loose it.  And when you tell them like that they know exactly that I know the jig is up for them.  Okay, I thought that would help you some.

** Oh yes it does.  … Thank you so much.  Wonderful conversation as usual.  Talk to you again.