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Credo Mutwa Reptilians


March 31, 2002 - Transcript of
conversation with Roger Elvick

R*** all he needs to do is tell them he requests an appearance bond. Ok

D** ok

R*** that he request an appearance bond on his own pr (personal recognizance).  That he then can appear and plea to the charges

D** then he testifies to the fact that there is no money?

R*** No! He just pleas guilty to the charges. But you can't plea guilty to the charges unless you have the bond, so you see that’s what he's going to tell them.  That he requests the appearance bond to enable him to plead to the charges.  Don't tell them anything else. You see because no matter what the charges are once he has that bond you see and he can appear, he can plea to the charges

And when the judge gets the guilty plea he’ll bang that hammer down and the bond will be discharged and that means the other charges are gone. Ok?  O.k. that’s all you need to be concerned with .  That's what he does.

He is going to have to request that from the district judge, or if he talks to the prosecutor he's going to have to ask the prosecutor for a conference with the district judge and at conference he tells the judge he wants an appearance bond and he does not plan to dispute any of the facts, because when you tell him that you don't plan to dispute any of the facts there is no need for a trial.

D** well of course this has already been to trial.

R***That doesn't make any difference! Don't start raising any questions now, I already told you you've got to stay on this or your not going to grab it! You guys are going to have to make that decision don't push that down here! You request an appearance bond to enable him to plea to the charges, you can't go to trial or cop any pleas unless he has the appearance bond so you see that’s what he has to tell them, if they want to continue to argue on that we going to go on here and there, is that the charges cannot be plead to whether guilty or not guilty neither one he cannot plea to the charge without the appearance bond.  ok?

And that's what will enable him to plea to the charges because that forces them here to bring the charges up, they haven't brought them up they're only assuming they have, and they're just going to keep pressing them here until you bring this matter to a conclusion here and that’s how you do it.

D** I don't know if this means anything or not but I tried to get information on the taxes for the building where their being held and they said that’s owned by the county and there is no tax and it's tax exempt.

R*** right, right that’s why you ask for the appearance bond because they're going to have to give you the appearance bond here because that’s what keeps that balance at zero, because they assume their holding the rights here of the individual ok so if that’s the case here then they have to give him the appearance bond here to enable him to plea to the charge see when that district judge rules on it, when your given the guilty plea and you have that bond in that court, that judge comes down on the bench with the hammer that discharges the bond and that discharges all the criminal charges and it sweeps them away, they are gone forever.

D** and if they try anything else beyond that.......

R***don't get beyond that we don't know! Don't start raising those kind of questions!!  That’s what’s getting you guys in so much d*** trouble! Just get this done!

D** o.k. I’ll get this into them.

R***yeah, yeah then he'll have to just hammer on them. If they ever try to get him into trial there or anything else he can just tell the judge that he requested the appearance bond and he's been refused here you see, I don't think they dare because that refusal boy I’ll tell you is the cause here for a federal question here for the U.S. bankruptcy court to get involved here, because once he tells them here, regardless here whenever he's asked any type of question he's to request the appearance bond on his own Personal Recognizance to enable him to plea to the charges otherwise he can't do it, you see why ,because there isn't any charges if they don't produce the bond.  O.k. that’s going to be the squeeze play on them i think. And that will mean immediate release.

End of conversation.