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Credo Mutwa Reptilians


Transcript of Conversation
with Roger Elvick 6/22/02

After the preliminaries, i.e. who I am, what has happened to me, what I've been doing about it, I explain where I am in my lawsuit.  That no matter what, the adverse parties are moving for dismissal and not addressing any of the issues:

OM:  This is what I put in my answer to the State Defendants:
"Should this Motion for Summary Judgment and Motion to Vacate the Court's Order for Dismissal of the WEST PLAINS defendants and the COUNTY OF HOWELL defendants not be accepted by this Court, and should the Court's previous Motions to Dismiss not be reversed, then Masten accepts and moves for collection against this dishonor under the authority of the United States Congress, HJR 192 of June 5, 1933 and UCC 10-104 using the Claim Number 02-3088-CV-S-SOW allegedly on file with the Secretary of State authorizing subrogation of this claim for payment by the insurers."
Now I've called a number of your "followers" and everybody seems to think I'm doing the wrong thing by going for a judgment - and it is a monetary judgment - with the Federal District Court.  And of course I realize it's a fiction and I shouldn't be in there…

RE:  Oh yeah, but that's alright.  See, going for the judgment is merely a matter of who does it.  Because the judgment that they enter…  See, when they dishonor you and you accept the dishonor, that is basically the judgment.

O.k.  So I can accept the dishonor of the adverse parties when the judge….  But see, they're going for dismissal all the time.  And they haven't addressed even one issue.  Not the fact that I've been locked up unnecessarily, been dismissed from my job at their request, and so on and so forth…  So, in answer to this last filing of theirs I should just basically reiterate what I just said… that I'm moving for judgment and then I have a claim against…  I'm assuming it would be the Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association that would be responsible for this.  And they have been apprised from the beginning:  "Please call off your dogs.  I'm not litigious."   But here I was locked up in solitary confinement for nothing more than not having the correct papers.  And they've never done anything.  So I'm assuming that, as the insurer for the city, county, and state, they're the ones I would be moving on to execute this judgment.

RE:  Well yeah…  I don't know the technical set-up but as an overview the dishonors or the refusals or whatever it is that's in front of you that they have acted on… when you accept those as a dishonor… when they dishonor you…   See a dishonor is the sum total of your property in that particular controversy.  And it's called a "charge."  In other words you have charged them here to discharge their duties.  And there cannot be a discharge of duties until there is a charge.
O.k.  Well, this is a big charge.

RE:  That's o.k. the numbers don't mean anything since it's all zero anyway.

Well, I understand that.  And that's one of the issues that I brought up.  The money issue.  I mean I brought up the whole kit and caboodle including the fact that Missouri is operating under private law.  And that's right there in their printed statutes.

RE:  Yeah, well see what they're doing is…  They won't even argue with that cause see what it is is a matter of linking the evidence together.  Cause see what they are doing is they have built firewalls between themselves and the evidence that enables them _____(?) tax delinquency.  The way they're doing it is… what they're doing is they're assuming the tax exemption from the people that have been given that exemption under HJR 192.  See they're avoiding the State tax authority cause the state has the jurisdiction over the subject matter.  That's what a State warrant amounts to… as jurisdiction over the subject matter within the geographical districts that they are charged with.  But you see the State, County and City as we know it have been left out.  Except that the city involved, or rather the municipality, has funded the superfund.  A superfund is just basically a supervisor.  And a supervisor is an agent of, a superintendent of, a federal project.  That's what all your supervisors are.   So when a federal project has been funded it has been funded directly from the municipality and they have avoided the city, county, and state.  O.k. now the best way I can explain what is happening is:   in California the Government Code seems to cover it.  Where they show that the State, County and City do not have any employees.

OM:  They don't?!?

RE:  No.  So you're dealing with a ghost ship.  That's the Holy Ghost.  O.k.  To get them…  In California the Government Code shows us that the employees are actually employees of the Superior Court.  Well I wonder why they use the word superior.  It must be the Mother Superior.  See that's the internal operation of the church, the internal sanctuary of the church that they've erected.  That is what the Book of Revelation is talking about.  When you open it up you'll find the Whore of Babylon is _______________(?).

OM:  Well I've done a lot of Biblical research and I've come up with a lot of interesting words and other information…one of which is the word "foedo" which is the root word for "federal."  And "foedo" basically means "to defile," "to make filthy."  And I'm saying, "Well, wait a minute!  What's going on here!?"  Also the word "Capitol" tell us that this is a pagan religion because a "capitol" is a temple of Jupiter and everything is based on Jupiter and Jupiter's pantheon.  But if you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear they're messages from the True Creator all over the place saying "Watch out! Look out here!  Pay attention!  But it's just so difficult to navigate in the waters that the system has created under their Admiralty or whatever you want to call it.  I'm not even sure it's Admiralty.

RE:  Well see it's the law of the sea vs. the law of the land.  And you have more than one sea.  You have a sea of water but you also have a sea of air.

OM:  And you also have the rivers of tar - which would be the roadways.

RE:  Of course!  Because see, you create all these things here by agreement.  And that becomes a fact.

OM:  Well now, back to my initial problem.  I have apologized, and I've given them every opportunity to answer even one of my issues whether it be fact or law and they've just moved for dismissal.  Do you think that my next document to these people and to the court should be just accepting that for value?

RE:  Yes.  You accept it for value and when you do that you can also enter that as a summary judgment.

OM:  Well, that would assume that the judge would accept it.

RE:  Oh no!

OM: I have been asking for summary judgment…

RE:  Yeah, you're asking.  That's the trouble!  You just enter it ex parte.

OM:  I just enter a summary judgment???

OM:  Yeah.  An ex parte order for summary judgment.

OM:  I don't even know how to do that!

RE:  Just do it.  In other words you're able to sum up here what they've done.  O.k. I'll give it to you real simple.  When you accept this for value - and that's what I do.  I just write on the certificate or whatever  - and usually it's on their stationery, their bonded stationery so that's basically the bond.  See they signed it.

OM:  O.k.  So I just write across it "Accepted for Value"…

RE:  And somewhere on there I would mark on it: "Certificate of Origin."  And then I just address it to whoever signed it.  And I just write on it "Accepted and returned."   I write "Accepted and returned."
Now,  "I did not find your check herewith enclosed."  And then I go on, "Will you please charge my account for the sum debt and charge the same to your order in exchange and settlement."

OM:  Now I'm doing this to the law firm that represents the City People?  Or to the judge in charge of this entire…

RE:  To whoever signs the order of dismissal.

OM:  Well yeah, that's him.  The judge is going along with this whole thing and just…

RE:  Oh sure, I know.  See when he gives you the order for dismissal, o.k. then that's over his signature.  And now what you're doing is you're accepting him.  You could put another note with it here stating that you're accepting the judge as the notary of record, you see.  And then you can ask him… and request of him here his affidavit of surety for the bond.  I think I would probably ask him first for his Affidavit of Surety for the Master Bond covering all of his officers of the Court.

O.k. That's one of my next questions…  A friend of mine in New York told me that his father had written a letter to the Insurance Commissioner, and the Risk Management Company, asking for the subrogation receipt number.  This apparently really upset them.  Unfortunately, this man died before anything really happened.  They were charging him… I think the tax department or something like that was charging him some colossal sum for I don't know what.  But at any rate that really spooked them when he asked for the subrogation receipt number because evidently for every claim that is presented in a court there has to be at least a 10% sort of retainer held aside in bond apparently at the Secretary of State's.  Does that mean anything to you?

RE:  Yes.

OM:  So you know about that.

RE:  Well,  I just know of the concept.  I don't produce papers or have students or anything.  Just when someone phones me here - well, I try to help.

OM:  Well, I can't thank you enough.  You've got a very excited group of people following you.  And frankly if I could just get out and have the "authorities" just leave me alone… But I don't think they're going to leave me alone until it hurts them in their pocketbooks.
So you're saying then, after my case has been dismissed I just basically label this thing a "judgment."

RE:  Sure "Summary Judgment."  See because when you've dealt with these people who wanted money from you.  They've never really offered a "sum."  (summation) And you see the word "sum" here is like a key word because that's like a court martial.  It's a summary court martial because it's a summary of all of the controversy for one thing.  Whenever you're dealing with accounting credits and debits you reach a summary.  See, the summary has come down to the bottom line and you can have an outstanding balance so if you're doing accounting here you have the authority then to take from and do your reversing entries. You read the real assets here and you're doing accrual accounting.  Well, then the accrual's here and that enables the accountant to adjust the account and bring it to zero.  That's military accounting here - bringing it to zero.  If there is an outstanding balance somewhere, then there is a delinquency issue.

OM:  O.k.  Well, I don't know who I'm going to address this to, as far as the payment is concerned.  I just wish it would go away or that they would just answer some straight questions.

RE:  Well, I don't think they're going to answer, because it condemns them.

OM:  Well, that was my whole thing.  I mean I have brought up everything including the kitchen sink:  the fact that there is no money, their working with idem sonans, which is just a name that sounds the same so when you look at the judge and say, "Don't we have a Constitution anymore?"  He can look you right in the eye and say, "Of course you do."  But he's not talking about the same Constitution.  But by using the item sonans they don't have to lie.  They can call my name and they know they're calling the fiction but I'm thinking, "Hey, that's me!" And I have to stand up.
Anyway, I just finally had to take this thing to the Federal District Court because if I hadn't - under the three-strikes-you're-out rule - they want to put me in the penitentiary which is an absolute absurdity - for simply not having papers.  I don't break the laws when I drive down the roads.

RE:  It's not the penitentiary they'll put you in.  They want to stick you in the corrections.  See there's a two-tier system here.  The corrections are what the Bible talks about.  It's for correction.  But here it's for correction of the national debt is what it is.  And when they put you behind the fence…  These institutions in this country were built after 1933.  That's when they all came into existence and the first one that was built, or one of the first one's that was built - in Oklahoma - is the hub of the Federal prison system.  In Elremo(?), Oklahoma.  And that one sprang up as a reformatory.  See all the cells are small and everything.  It was for juveniles.   Well that's become the hub of the entire prison system.  Where they fly the prisoners in and out of the airport at Oklahoma City all day.  And I've been on that see.  That's what they call diesel therapy.  They kept me flying in the air to disorient me.

OM:  How do you get out of something like that?

RE:  Well, we're still working on that here.  I have some acquaintances of mine who were just flown in yesterday.  And you see they've worked on them for the best part of a year with this legal process you're talking about right now.  But this goes back to the idea that…  Do you remember the term "to Shanghai someone on a slow boat to China?"  See that's what these corrections became.  They used to do it on ships.  They grab the…

OM:  Well, I heard about diesel therapy by bus.  Where they just keep the prisoner shackled on a constantly moving bus for a few years.

RE:  Oh yeah, they do it the same way by aircraft.  But see, this reflects the performance, or the mimicking of the atomic energy function.  In other words… "I always refer to a couple of references in the Book of Revelation where it talks about an agent coming out and having a great chain in his hands.  Well see there's two of those.  One of the great chains would be represented by the chain reaction that occurred when they dropped the bomb on Hiroshima.  That was atomic fission.  But then, 72 hours later approximately they dropped another one on Nagasake.  That was not the same kind of a bomb.  Oh no, that was nuclear fission.  That was a hydrogen bomb.  And the name of the first one was called "Fat Man."  And the name of the second one was "Little Boy."  And so you see, I'm thinking with all the things we're dealing with, well who is the "Fat Man."  Well you know who the fat man is?

OM:  Do I know who the "Fat Man" is?

RE:  Sure!  The one who comes down the chimney.

OM:  Saint Nick!  The supposed saint.  But "Nick" is another word for the devil.  By the way I did some research on this too and they never seem to know where the name "Uncle Sam" came from.  Well it comes from the highest source of evil.  Under the Jewish religion they have a certain Samael who is the chief prince of darkness.  And I'm absolutely convinced that that's why we have this "Uncle Sam" who "wants us."  And to corroborate this Samael is spelled S-a-m-a-e-l and when I looked in the Jewish Encyclopedia it explains exactly who he is but then I looked up the word Samuel as well in the Jewish Encyclopedia and it says "see Samael."  So as far as I'm concerned Uncle Sam is Samael - the Prince of Darkness.

RE:  Oh yeah.  The United States.  The way it was created.  And they're sailing it as a pirate ship.  The ship of State here is a pirate.  And that's exactly what they are.  But you see, they've made it a ghost ship.  The holy ghost.  So you see when you're dealing with them there's nobody in office.  That's why you can't get any response out of them.  So you're getting the evidence here that you're dealing with the ghost ship, or the holy ghost.

OM:  O.k.  But now the Holy Ghost is supposed to be on my side.

RE:  That's right.  But you see what these other people are working on are assumptions.  They've changed the rules of evidence so that now they can prosecute someone on presumption - on probable cause.  And the only way that we can overcome the presumption is to displace it with a fact.  It's a displacement process.  I always refer to it this way "my cup runneth over."  Well see, that's a displacement process.  Say you have a cup of anointing oil.  How do you get the anointing oil out of it without tipping it over?

OM:  You'd just have to keep filling it until it ran over.

RE:  Yeah but you see you can fill it with water.  Water will cause it to rise to the top and the oil will run out.  Well that's sort of the message of the New Testament here.  Water to wine and the washing of the feet with anointing oil.  Well see that's what they've done here.  They've got the oil business in this country and they're using that to take all of the energy.  And see when you've got enough energy you can use it to manufacture food.  You don't need animals because the technology we have now means we can go right to the source of the release of energy for whatever we want.  See we're getting into a pure recycling program.  Everything in our body is indestructible.  And you can't see an atom with the naked eye.  But you can see the association of atoms.  In other words, the molecules.  You can see a molecule in a microscope with the naked eye but if you want to see an atom you have to use a charged microscope - an electron microscope.  So that means that there has to be a charge given to it.  Where it comes from nobody knows.  It comes from you or me or whatever.   So you see, to unmask the method of how this stuff works it's easier for us to go to our basic science textbooks regarding the activity of electrons and protons.  Because the electrons and protons are the couple - the man and wife so to speak.  And these actually have daughter cells.  I don't know if there are any sons issuing out of them but I do know that the neutrons are like daughter cells.  They don't have a positive or negative charge.  They're neutral.  They're neutrons.

(Bible talk about Abraham, Lot and Lot's wife and daughters.)

The word Lot means other things too.  Because the Roman soldiers cast lots for the robe of Christ.  They didn't divide it.  And the lots are where they go to charge their municipal funds…  assuming they have our exemptions.  Because tax assessments can only be made against personal property.  That's why I'm assuming they're using the cemetery plots here to take the tax exemptions.  Now they were taking the exemptions the regular way too.  But whenever they would step into their position, the county would move for tax abatement for any property that came into controversy.  So then once those taxes have been abated that means that the State can't tax it.  So now the taxation of your real estate is in the same category as the cemetery property because it's now held in a public building and if you go take a parcel number and request a tax statement on that particular parcel number that covers say, the court house, it's going to tell you there's no tax due or that it's tax exempt.  And that means that's where they're using your name to exempt their liability.  So you see there's where we have to start our move on them to have the correction put on the particular city and county tax records.  And that's really all you need to do I think.  First of all you have to find out what the parcel number is, say on a cemetery plot, and then on say the court house.  Once they give that to you, you give them written notice to please do the address correction on this account and put me on the mailing list for the tax statement.  In some places it's called a supplemental tax bill.  You see, the process they use to put your name on your property is… end side one.

(Some of conversation missing)
…They mail me the tax receipt.

OM:  Well haven't I just given them title through the purchase of the property?  There's always a real estate agent there who handles all the title stuff.

RE:  Oh yeah.  But by the time it gets to the tax collector there is an assessment done.  The assessment is made on personal property.  It can't be made on a fiction.  Summing it up here… however you get your title you can have a deed to property and it doesn't have to be registered.
Now once you've got the supplemental tax bill it shows that the taxes are all paid. I have a tax receipt here showing me the taxes are all paid, you see.   And when they mailed me the bill they may try to assume that I'm a taxpayer but here's the thing… Well, you need to get an Affidavit done stating that you are the representative for MASTEN, OLGA and for OLGA: MASTEN.

OM:  Well actually, I've already filed that on a UCC-1 and I've also filed in the newspaper, which is where I do most of my filings - in the newspaper, because the county recorder no longer takes them.  They just refuse to take my filings.

RE:  Oh well, when they refuse them just say, "O.k. I accept your refusal and then you lay it down and now you say,  "I request you file this without the fees."  A fee is just a promissory note.  You see you're saying "Now I'm charging you here to file this without cost.  Charge the fee to my account, or charge the fee to the debtor."

OM:  Well then what's to prevent them from just tearing it up and throwing it in the wastebasket?

RE:  Well yeah, but you see we don't care about what the public records carry.  We're binding them to their conscience.

OM:  That's why I started filing everything in the newspaper  I said, "well, you know, they won't let me go public" - well supposedly "public" according to the common understanding of the word - because "public" actually means "property of the State" - But they won't let me record these things at the County Recorder's so I'll just put it in the newspapers.  So I just did all of my Affidavits and things stating who I am, and who I am not, and everything including the bit about their private law,  I just recorded it by affidavit in the newspaper.  And they don't like that.  They really would like to see me go away.

RE:  Well then what you need to do now see is…  If I were you I would take all of this here and sum it up.  Make a sum total and put it on a State UCC-1 statement and take it in for filing, and if they refuse to file it…

OM:  Well I can probably get it filed in Jeff City on a UCC.  You think I should put my case number on a UCC?

RE:  Sure, but you see what you do is put it into the body and you instruct the Secretary of State to call upon the law enforcement units at his disposal to compel these people to discharge their duties of office.

OM:  Well unfortunately the Secretary of State is one of the Defendants.

RE:  Well O.k.  But the thing is here you put it on your UCC-1.  You don't use the Secretary of State's title.  You can state "John Doe. Dba Secretary of State" is hereby ordered to call upon the police powers of the State to compel the officers in these particular capacities to discharge their duties.

 OM:  And I put that in the text of the UCC that I'm filing?

RE:  Yes.  Yeah.  Because all your court actions are a part of your property so you're filing a property description.  Now, you list yourself in there as OLGA MASTEN.  That would be your business name and MASTEN, OLGA would be your individual debtor (?).  Those would go in.  And then you're also going on there in upper and lower case here as the secured party.  Now once you've done that and you've also got the Secretary of State there as your assignment but do it through the living being as the assignee.  Now what you do is you simply spell everything - the duties - out in the body or property description.   Now you tell them to file it here.  You tell the filing officer is hereby requested to charge the debtor for the filing fees and in the event this filing is refused, this instrument will serve as a dishonor.  O.k. now, the dishonor for the purpose of identifying the ____________(?)  Now, with that in mind.  As soon as you determine that they have failed to honor your claim… you can also refer to that as a summary judgment as well.  Now, now you take the national form.  If they go into dishonor on that you take that particular dishonor and attach it to a national form and now the Secretary of State for Missouri becomes a debtor now and you of course are the creditor.  And you file this then in Washington with the Secretary of State and you make the assignee Colin Powell, the National Secretary of State.  He's also the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  So you see, he has the power to force them to perform.

OM:  So actually, the first move is to accept for value all of their dismissals. And then I have to record this case as a summary judgment on my UCC and, assuming this is filed without problems, then I'll just start moving for collection.  All right.  I hope this thing works.  My question is should I try to get the subrogation receipt number.  There is an insurance company in the background, ultimately Lloyds of London.

RE:  Yes, you can do that here.  I'm saying that you should make your request for that information probably before you dump this whole thing on them.

OM:  All right then I should request the subrogation receipt.  And then I could put that subrogation receipt number as my property as well.

RE:  You bet!  All your property goes into this and you're calling on the Secretary of State as a private person to discharge the duties of his office.  And he can now discharge here because you have charged him.  Without a charge there's no ability to discharge.

OM:  O.k.  Well, I have made the claim but of course I haven't accepted their dishonor for value yet.

RE:  Right… you have to take the dishonor and now you charge the debtor.  You see when you're filing with the State they have to have the debtor's signature.  That's why that affidavit you made that you are the representative for the other two strawmen.  Once you have that affidavit in there you have a notarized affidavit.  The way to put it up here is that you are the representative for those two particular names.  And then when you put a placed assignment I'd say just put in there name and address correction and then under there just sign your name and write out your full address in the presence of a notary.  And then I'd suggest you make several copies.  And then let that statement go with the filing.  And then that statement can go with an awful lot of _________(?).

And if you go all the way to the Supreme Court just go ahead and issue a Writ of Certiorari.  Do you know what a Writ of Certiorari is?  It's just basically certification.  That's all it is.  So you just certify the judgment.  Just enter a summary judgment ex parte.   Ex parte simply means you're entering judgment without the other party.  And that judgment will stand ___________(?) and that simply means that that judgment will stand unless… unless what?  Unless there's a subsequent one.  So they'll have to come in with an Affidavit.  And they don't have…  They always say that things are based on Affidavit and this and that.  But you see they never have an Affidavit on an information claim.  So the Affidavit here is immaterial, cause it doesn't address anything.

OM:  So I go for an ex parte Writ of Summary Judgment.

RE:  Yes, you see it's an order.  You know first of all you issue the order for Summary Judgment and just attach the Summary Judgment to the ex parte order.  In a summary judgment you're summarizing the action that you want.  That's all you have to do.

OM:  And you're saying that an ex parte Writ has to be attached to the Summary Judgment.

RE:  Well it's an ex parte Order for a summary judgment.   And you just issue the Summary judgment and sign it.  Be sure to get it notarized.

OM: (Profuse thanks to RE and closing chit-chat.)