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Transcript of Conversation
W/ Roger Elvick - Sept. 8, 2002
**    Hi I just heard you were back and took a chance on reaching you.
R:    Well I’m just stopping in to pick some things up and got to take care of some other things before I get settled back in here.
**    Oh… I won’t keep you but I just talked to J* and he told me you were back and sort of exposed some of the new ideas he had about where we could take redemption to start getting a little better attention for solving our situations.  We can talk about it later though when you have more time.
R:    Well we’re realizing there are more people taking an interest and we’re so swamped taking calls helping the people with the emergency there is not enough time left to do researching so we were talking about teams…  some of the people in the know are being held back so we want to free up more time to take care of the real problems and that’s what we were talking.  
**    Okay…  Makes sense.  
R:    I first meet him when he was in prison and I took his call and haven’t had a chance to talk to him in detail cause we had so much other stuff that got in the way.  When I went down there with R* B* and because R*’s pretty much of an expert in bankruptcy proceedings.  He use to take all of these farmers and all these farm organizations that he’s been an active participant in….ultimately it would come down to mediation or bankruptcy,  to where then he would apply the Administrative Procedures Act.  By doing that he could always get them written down and they could hang on to their property as ‘debtor in possession’.   So he’s been highly successful with those.  Sometimes some people overrule what he has done and I’m sure you’ve seen this in some of your people and they acquiesce to the opposition.   But that’s the only time that they would loose.  If they follow through all the way they win.  The thing that I like about what R* is doing is that as soon as they determine that they are trying to bring criminal charges and there has not been an assessment… if there hasn’t been an assessment made the attorney has committed a felony and they move on him against his license and to jail him, because fraud is a felony for them to bring criminal charges against someone without an assessment.  
**    That’s a good thing to know!
R:    Yeah because R* knows administrative procedures to where he goes right into the court and binds them that way to whether it’s a district court proceeding or whatever it is.  
**    Bc put together or is working on, a good Cause of Action boilerplate for DMV.  I was thinking we could actually do a couple of good boilerplates of Summary Judgment and one for a Show Cause action.  One for when they act on us to do the acceptance and do a summary judgment and when they ignore us do a Show Cause Action.    They just ignore us…. It just goes dead.
R:    Well that’s what it is.  That’s the next step I was going to say.  That’s when we request discover of their personal assets….  Yep because you see R* demonstrated that.   When he went into court and said that he didn’t dispute any of the facts and the judge couldn’t carry it any farther.   So as soon as he announced that the judge told the attorney, “Well you and he go out in the hall and work this out to an agreement.”   He went in with them a few days later and they sat down and for 3 hours hammered on them and these attorneys refused to agree so that meant he had cause to file disciplinary action on the attorney to go after his license and have him jailed.   He committed a felony.
**    That’s wonderful!  … that would provide a court order to take his personal assets….
R:    See what the attorney tried to do … well see this guy that R* was helping filed everything else but had not filed a disciplinary action yet and he should of done it immediately… and he didn’t do it and that’s what happens with some of these characters and then if we didn’t get full time results, you see nobody says, “Well it’s because you failed to file the disciplinary action.”  So what happened you see, we knew then that if that disciplinary action would have been filed that attorney would have been very, very anxious to make settlement right now.  
**    Yeah!  Those judges look to those attorneys to give them technicalities so they can rule in their favor.  
R:    Yeah, well see here’s how they do it.   They waited until he had to appear in court.  The next morning this attorney requests that they talk before they go into the courtroom and you see at that point he is going to try to make his offer and he wants him to confess to something other than just willful failure to file.  Cause he said, “I don’t dispute the fact that I did not file.”  In other words he’s willing to plead guilty to that.  But all the other supporting facts see the judge has to make finding of fact and conclusions of law based upon what that attorney has given him.   Okay and they haven’t done this yet.  So you see now even the judge is getting in jeopardy.  They should have actually had the action filed against the attorney.  They got up from that three hour meeting and that attorney refused to settle.  
**    Okay.  That’s typical
R:    Okay.  See he made a concession or two that are really minor at that meeting but he actually refused.  Well now he can see what it is and now they want to pull a squeeze play.  They want this here just a few minutes before you’re going to the courtroom and get you to admit to at least one little itzie bitzie fact that can put you in jail.    See people don’t realize that.  So that’s why the guy that didn’t file that disciplinary act got himself into trouble cause he didn’t follow through doing what he was told.  That took considerable effort on our part to try to get in the right position.   R* understands the use of the administrative procedures.   Because if they don’t have an assessment when they bring in criminal charges see that’s a felony.    Now if they have an assessment then it goes the other way around.  If they have an assessment they can only bring it to civil.  
**    Oh…
R:    Then when we give them a check or request that they settle the matter because they’re the holder in due… course they have to settle any ole way.   See he’s got them on a squeeze play in the Administrative Procedures Act because he knows the procedures well enough.  That means that he has now exhausted the Administrative Remedy…. right at that point.   Now you see the judgment is going to come in and they had better perform.  
**    Interesting..   I know what they try to do like with this lady’s house that she paid off with her private check and they are trying to bring on a quiet title action and she did a summary judgment, which you saw, but the attorney is trying to get a default filing because she didn’t do an affidavit of truth.  Also the court is trying to set her answer aside because she paid the court costs with a private account check.  She is going to do a demand filing now.  Then just yesterday she got about 17 pages of discovery questions which I know don’t go through the court…
R:    No those are new claims and she should just accept those and return them and tell them now I want your discovery for the purpose of making an Incident Report, Treasury Direct to conform to the requirements to the Core of Engineers in the local community.  
**    Oh I did get copies of those Incident Reports but wasn’t sure if they could be used because there is no OMB numbers on them so I didn’t think they would have enforceability.
R:    That’s all right.  We’re going to require them.  See we just send them to them and tell them to fill them out and if you fail to fill them out we’ll fill them out…  We don’t care!
**    Okay.
R:    But we want this Incident Report because it is going to go in the process to comply with the Core of Engineers Handbook for their schedule.  See what it is, I suppose what you could do is state, because this involves an electronic funds transfer this Incident Report is to be the information that is required by the Core of Engineers schedule in the local community.  If you read up on the top of the form it’ll state some of that.  
**    Yeah I did read it over and noticed that.  
R:    Okay well that language on the form can be used to put in a letter along with the form.   Pursuant to these because this is going to involve investigation of those who are obstructing treasury direct electronic funds transfers.  
**    Do you remember that we sent you a big book on banking information that was downloaded off the computer?  I know it has been awhile but there may be some helpful information we could re-visit.  
R:    Yeah… If I ever get a chance to get to any of this….  This is why we’ve been talking about getting some other kind of organization because we have to keep going over this and over this and need to have some other ways of freeing up our time…
**    Right and it is necessary to get the foundation so the rest will be easier to understand….  

Other chit chat…

R:    The stock that I bought within a co-op back here with my private check…?
**    Right…
R:    See you don’t get stock certificates out of that market any more.  You only get the booking entry.  See it’s held and all you do is get the statement and confirmation of you having that much stock.   Well see then they promise to pay like 8% interest over whatever period of time…  But anyway that’s why I don’t get regular monthly checks for interest… why?  Because when I got that certificate that accelerated all of the principle.  So when I got that certificate that is all principle already.  Because if you’re getting interest you see admits that someone else has interest that will place it into the principal.  The interest means it still is in someone else’s possession.    But you see when I purchased this and they gave me a statement that means that is all mine now.  There is no more outstanding interest.  This item is all principle.    I just assigned about $450,000 out for someone in need to take that to the bank and get the funds.
**    Oh that’s interesting.  
R:    I know that this came in on the brokerage house.   When I gave him a check that brokerage house had actually put the corporate liabilities into the electronic funds transfer and bang… all that interest was transferred to the treasury direct and now I am the principal owner and I assigned my interest to J* for a promissory note.  
**    That’s brilliant.    You know when you pay for your car insurance with a private check and then the DMV won’t let you register your car because the insurance company won’t acknowledge you… would that be state requirement or do you think that’s the insurance company or who?
R:    Well it’s DMV or anyone else who is laying the claim.  Now it’s got to be some attorney somewhere.
**    Well there are many people who are trying to pay their car insurance with a private check …
R:    They can do it… But see what they’re doing … either the insurance people they actually have to clear that as a tax matter.  Well then what they do is they come back on you and they make another claim… to off-set that.  See it’s a brand new claim and a lot of times we start and just write them another check and of course then they just keep this up.  I know one guy just kept writing them a check and finally he started to make the check out to them and the Dept. of Treasury.  Well then finally the lady collector called back and asked, “Well why did you put the Dept of Treasury on the check?”  “Well,” he said, “because of the way you people here have been manufacturing claims against us to avoid the issue.  I put the Dept of Treasury on there to bring the Treasury Investigators here.  You should be having some of them call on you one of these days”.  She wanted to get away from him so fast she hung up the phone.   See that’s why we have those incident report forms like you got because it is based on the handbook for the core of engineers…. To show their schedules in their and their schedules in there are financial as to what all the reports are that have been made regarding the treasury.  Because it refers to the Core of Engineers schedule in the community.   And that’s how they get into the community with the corporation there is to electronically transfer their liabilities and that means that they have had to make settlement here with the principal that lives in the community.   
**    Oh that’s some good information…..
R:    So I’m not sure because I’m out of touch with my contact who developed this form and he’s the one who goes after the higher echelon in an area that you and I have never considered cracking.  
**    We’re going to go meet with the guy that is the head of the Board of Equalization.   We’re  trying to figure out some questions because they are over the Franchise Tax Board and I think all other taxing agencies…    
R:    Ask him or tell him that we are in the business of determining the equity and since we are dealing in equity these attorneys cannot cross over in and lay claim by statute.  You could ask him, “Well where in your office, beings you are dealing with equity, when these officers dishonor you, they no longer hold any equitable claim.”  You might start to quiz him with questions around that area and get him into a general discussion about it as to when and where and what we have to do to show the bureaucrat has now failed to provide me a remedy under public policy and once they do that then you see the equity belongs to you, because they can’t come to equity with clean hands.  But what they are trying to do is trying to put the property into an abandonment position.  So you could ask what would be required of you then to establish you’re equitable claim in there when obviously the bureaucrat has failed and cannot come to equity with clean hands.  
**    Great!  That helps.   Oh speaking of abandon property… you mentioned that since 9/11 all property has been abandoned… what exactly does that mean.  I thought it meant that they didn’t protect our borders they abandoned us because they allowed this to happen on our land …
R:    Well they have abandoned the claim.  They don’t have the structure to lay claim.  In other words the Glass-Steagal Act finally came into effect.  The barrier between the credit and the debit… came down.  It went to ground zero!  So now remember when I told you about when I was in that tax office and I told the lady, “Now since the twin towers went down on 9/11we have to have a real living principal on the account.”   
**    Right and she said, “Yes we do!”… right I remember that.
R:    See now it’s reversing entry.  See that got them to the end of their expansion of their bull market.   See that’s the golden bull that the Israelites constructed while Moses was in the mountain, while Moses was in the mountain.  Moses represents the water baptism.
**    Oh the cleansing?.,,,
R:    Sure and he was in the mountain.  He was up in the mountain of debt… high up!   When he came down and he sees they erected the golden calf.  It would be interesting to have one of those scholars to identify in the scriptures somewhere if the calf was a bull calf…   When they covered him with gold that means they went into the greater bond… The international bond!   I’m going to have to go the guy is picking me up and he’s here.  
**    Okay… was great and appreciate every morsel of information…..   I’ll catch up with you later.