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Credo Mutwa Reptilians


Transcript of conversation with
Roger Elvick on September 16, 2002

**    Oh boy am I glad to catch you!  I’m so glad to hear your voice… (chuckling)  There is a lot of activity going on.  
R:    Oh you are…. What kind of activity you got going?
**    Hope you’re all caught up with your stuff cause there is a lot more new stuff popping up!  I’m working with a friend of J* who is in foreclosure and I’m not sure how to handle it because he is involved with a sale on the property with the guy that loaned him the second.  It is in escrow and the buyer is now suing him because he’s claiming that he is injured because of the escrow is so delayed etc.  I don’t know what to tell him but what I did suggest is that he notifies both the lenders and ask for an assessment and to include the reconveyance deed because he would like closure.  Where I’m stuck is because he has entered a contract with the 2nd TD holder for the sale of the house as well as other items in the house and he doesn’t know any of this information.  The way he happened to find J* was from his book and contacted him and then J* gave him my number, with my permission of course.  
Since he read J*’s book and realized that he was defrauded by the banks and took that approach first so now he has to undo some of the mess he’s got into.   My question is because he is so entangled with an escrow and all I don’t know what else to tell him or how to help him….
R:    Okay…
**    I did tell him to go pay the property tax cause he was behind on that but he said the guy buying the house had already paid it….
R:    Well the only thing for him to do is just go use the closed account and pay it off.
**    That is what I did suggest and J* also told him about that but because he is in a contract to sell then wouldn’t he have some breach of contract going on…?  If you’re the seller and you made the offer to a buyer you’d be obligated in that contract wouldn’t you?
R:    Oh… okay.  He’s made an offer to sell?
**    Yes!
R:    Okay well then they better pay him.  Is he going to be satisfied when they pay him?
**    Well here is what the guy is doing….  The guy on the 2nd TD is actually trying to squeeze him out.  When they do foreclosure and they add all these extra costs and fees to push him over the edge and that’s what the buyer is doing.  
R:    See they’re trying to invent a claim.   For an attorney to charge a claim without an assessment is a felony.  
**    Okay!  Well see he’s a private party…
R:    Doesn’t make any difference.  Because he has got somebody under license in that escrow that’s pushing him.   
**    Here’s what I suggest he do… and I’m not sure if I’m out in left field or what but I said contact these people that you mis-spoke and you do not dispute any of the charges and you would like to know what you can do to get closure and to give you an assessment that would include the reconveyance deed.  Tell them you want settlement on the contract and give them your account number.   I told him to see if he could work out something with the private party but then I find out he has made some agreements with the buyer/2nd TD holder to buy furniture and other alterations on the property.  
R:    Well don’t bring that into this right now.   Go back here to what you were just saying …
**    Before I go more on that he was suppose to go to court today because the buyer is suing him for not closing the escrow on time.   He ended up not going and having a doctor say he would probably not be able to go to court until Friday to give him a little more time to try to understand this.  
R:    Okay… well what I’m trying to say here is if they give him a figure…  they also have to produce the check!  Because that is the assessment in fact.   If they don’t do that see, there is no assessment.   
**    And an assessment would require a check to be included???
R:    Yes!!!   Okay and if he does not have that see now he can take and file a disciplinary action against the attorneys who are responsible for the case.
**    Oh the attorney’s who are bringing up these charges cause they are in court…  
R:    Just put in the statement that:   I will expect your check to accompany your offer to prove the assessment in fact.     
**    Okay good…  That takes care of that.  I think I can head him in the right direction from there.  He’s going to have to study up on some of the other concepts but this will give him some kind of blue print to follow.    Now another thing that is going on is there are people getting arrested for writing a check and remember how they tried to trick you by saying that you were writing a check on a “no account”?   Well they’re saying it is a ‘non-existent’ account.
R:    That means that the attorney’s have done it.   Because our accounts do exist!   So they’re referring to an account that doesn’t exist.  
**    Right… Okay.  Now what they’ve done is raided a place.  This guy up in Idaho, they chatted with him and he told them, “There is no dispute of fact.”  A couple of days after the conversation they came out with a warrant and took his computer and a bunch of material like books and tapes and other paperwork.  They did give him a receipt.
R:    Oh yeah! Yeah! Yeah!  But the thing is, what we need to do now.  Whoever is responsible for bringing the claim to bring a disciplinary action against them to depose those people, because that’s a deposition.   See that’s why I think you need to look up and find in each state the statute that charges that felony.  
**    Okay.  We can probably do that.  Is title 18 state statute or is that federal?
R:    Well I’m not exactly sure… No this would have to be state.   Cause you see if someone is going to proceed in federal proceedings that attorney still has to have their license in the states, otherwise they can’t practice there.  
**    That’s right.  Oh we found out something else… C* our shopper, who has big issues with Social Security.  Well it seems this name that has been signing the papers causing her to loose her entitlements and she didn’t know if it was a man or woman because he had this generic name like Jan and she thought it was a woman.  After going down there and trying to do a search on her finds out that there is no record of him.  This one woman at Social Security I think referred to him as a ‘him’.  Then she tried to find out about if Social Security is registered with the State and it isn’t.  They shouldn’t be entitled to do business within the state.
R:    Well here’s the thing.  Whoever makes the charge without the assessment has committed a felony in the state.   See that’s why we’ve got to round up the state statutes that hold that because this is what we were doing at J*.  This friend of mine, he’s accustomed to bringing those actions in the administrative procedures act.   The way he does it is these guys file bankruptcy, chapter 11’s and then you see he gets the Administrative Procedures Act which you can administer in bankruptcy….and then he binds these attorney’s down then what they do is they just put a motion in to dismiss, but he’ll tell them that he’ll plead guilty to the charge of willful failure to file.  BUT then he’ll put a motion in to dismiss, cause he’ll say, “He’s not in dispute of those facts.”   But you see when you put a motion in to dismiss the judge now has to do the finding of fact and conclusion of law and if the prosecutor hasn’t come forth and come in there with his assessment then the judge is going to pronounce judgment on the attorney.   So in that case that they had there in Houston, while we were there, the judge just told the defendant and the prosecutor to get out of the courtroom and go and settle this before they came back.  Then they set a time to come back.
**    Who were they holding out as the defendant?  The guy that wasn’t disputing the charges or the public defender?
R:    The guy that wasn’t disputing the facts…
**    Oh interesting!
R:    That’s what was going on while we were there and I became fully aware that the states have statutes that hold it to be a felony for an attorney to charge a claim without an assessment.
**    Okay we can check that out on on the internet I would think.  
R:    Right and you see that’s what we would use when you file disciplinary complaints with the disciplinarian of the state, which I think…
**    Would you handle that with the bankruptcy court or a state court?
R:    Well you would handled in a state court but it’s filed as a result of the applying the Administrative Procedures Act in bankruptcy.     
**    Okay….
R:    See you can file a chapter 11, because the strawman would actually be eligible for filing chapter 11 because they are actually public property.   And you of course would be the representative.  
**    Chapter 11 is re-organization?
R:    Yeah!  But you can convert to 7 though too at any time in those 11’s.  
**    Okay so you would be what?… Liquidating your strawman?
R:    Yeah!  It could be total liquidation or it could be re-organization.  The thing is though you can jerk there chain around and make them come to some settlement and make them put up the bond or admit they don’t have anything and get your motion in to dismiss.  Because if you’ve got a proceeding that is already going on and you put a motion in to dismiss the judge has to do the finding of fact and conclusion of law.  And at that point you see we want the evidence in that that attorney doesn’t have an assessment.   He’s committed a felony then.  
**    Oh…  gotcha!  Let me see if I understand this right.  So if you go file a chapter 11 bankruptcy that you’re putting your strawman into re-organization they are going to have to come in with their claim to provide that’s what they are trying to take from you.  
R:    Right!  And you see the only ones that can be there are the creditors that have filed.  Once that bankruptcy is over the rest of them are gone… they’re history.
**    And of course that would go against your name and you can only file for bankruptcy xx amount of times every 7 years or something like that.  
R:    Well whatever it is…
**    It does go on a record and even though I never completed mine it is still there in the credit history.
R:    What you do is you just run the motion to dismiss.  Okay?  So there is settlement.  They can’t hold that up.  You just file again if somebody gets cute, because there is no final adjudication.    There you get a motion to dismiss but at least you’ve got a form to where that attorney is being held to his license and he could go to jail as well.
**    Okay… plus you can get that form from the bar association.  Usually they have to put there bar number on any case they are doing also.   When I was trying to keep my house I know we reported some of these attorneys to the bar and nothing ever happened to them.
R:    Well yeah but what you have to do is get them into deposition.   That’s when you have to get them to confess.  That’s when he’s going to go bye-bye.   Yeah they’re not going to do that you’ll have to bring them in and do just get your questions down.  Like, Did you have an assessment?  Here is the statute you’re being charged with… etc.  Where was the assessment?  Did you have a check with it?  Do you have anybody that can testify that you had an assessment?  Bring them in here if you do I want to examine them if you do.  Yeah that type of set up is a deposition.  You’re deposing him civilly.  
**    So that would make them prove they didn’t provide a check…. Just like what they do to us with there show me the front and back tactics.
R:    Yeah!
**    You know what else I think is a real cute thing they are doing now.  The merchant or whoever receives the check and put it through the bank… they think they can white it out and then they write on it signature withdrawn.  Like un-ring that bell!  
R:    Well okay…   did you get any of the forms on doing an Incident Report?
**    Yeah and I’ve distributed them.
R:    Okay, well that’s the time to lay one of those on them if they ever get cute with that.  See when you give them a check and it’s written on it:  Electronic Funds Transfer only, now those forms come into effect and I’m sure they do not know how far this is going to go with that core of engineers.  
**    We’ve had some real interesting things with C*.  She got a call from S* Groceries.  She’s the one that got in their face about getting her groceries and she wrote them a letter and she got a call and said your bill is due etc and C* said, “did you receive my letter?”   At first the lady said, “No” but then later called her back that she had received the letter and asked her if the check she had enclosed with the letter would be the same as the last one and C* said, “The check is electronically charged when you put it through the bank and that will zero the balance giving you a tax exemption.”  The lady said, “Okay now I know what to do so your account will be adjusted.”
R:    Yeah!  That’s good!
**    Also I heard second hand, that there are two people that have gotten cars by talking to the bookkeeper/accountant at the dealership by explaining to them the tax exchange.  I have not verified either of them but there are those rumors that sound like they could be true.
R:    Yeah
**    Oh the guy that had his computer and information taken.   The sheriff had a search warrant but took the stuff didn’t just look for things.  You would think they would have to have some reason….
R:    Well you see a search warrant can only look, they cannot take.  So you see if they’ve taken anything, where is the assessment?  Now you see they’ve committed a felony.  
**    Good!  I’ll pass that on to him cause I know he’s preparing something for an acceptance and bond request.  
R:    You’ll need to run those statutes down and get the actual for each state.  
**    All the people that are studying the transcripts have gotten the Incident Report.  
R:    I’m going to need somebody to hunt up the statutes for Minnesota and North Dakota.  I’m not going to get time for a long time before I’m going to need it.  
**    I can probably get that handled.  Most of all the states post on the internet so finding one state is just as easy as finding 3 or 4 or whatever so consider it done unless you hear different from me.
R:    Yeah when they found it in Texas that’s when I become aware that it was a felony spelled out very simple.  
**    R* is still working on a boilerplate cause of action.  It looks pretty good.  It’s about 4 pages and we’ll probably run that by you before we try to put it to use to see if it needs tweeked.   Then the lady that paid her property off with the closed check they are trying to get a default on that… I would think what ever they do she will still own it.  Either by accepting the court action and filing the ownership on the UCC3 or by the judge on the facts of a summary judgment.
R:    Okay well she can still accuse them of committing a felony because they don’t have an assessment.  They’re attempting to charge a claim …. An a
**    I think you’re right… That would be her next step.  I think we can figure it out from here.  This is some very good information.   That explains a lot for many people.
R:    Oh I did finally get a chance to get through your tapes that you sent about the prisons…  Brubaker and the other (The Man Who Broke a 1000 Chains).   That’s basically how it works.  How the outside politicians keep everybody down in the prison.   Course they use both the inmates and the staff to keep their criminal enterprise outside the prison going.  
**    Right!  It’s big business it isn’t about re-hab. And it’s also private business.
R:    Yeah! Yeah!  
**    There were some people over the weekend that were arrested and they always call you when they’re right in the thick of the problem and want the quick solution.  They call you when someone is in jail just before trial or arraignment and want a “what can they do?” or “what shall I do?” and I know you’ve given us some wonderful tools but it needs to be internalized and understood prior to the event…
R:    laughing… Yeah!  I know!   This that we are just now learning about should also help those that are in custody.  The information going to some of these guys that have been exposed to this process should be highlighted that this kind of evidence will need to be brought forward in a deposition.  That’s basically what a disciplinary complaint on the attorney is.  You have to take him in and depose him.  In other words you have to set up…  well what R* use to do is set it up in a motel and he would make arrangements with the Supreme Court clerk to be there and serve the subpoenas here on those attorney’s that are going to have to appear.  Then he goes in and does all the questioning.  
**    After doing a couple of these I think we’ll have some breakthroughs and start having more successes.
R:    So just make sure that they understand that we need to depose the attorneys to get the evidence.  We can say, “Oh this is a felony and that and nobody ever gets anywhere is the reason they don’t is we aren’t deposing them.   You see it’s just like this guy saying, “You make me the offer and what it’s going to take to settle this and what the assessment is and I will expect your check with the assessment to prove the assessment in fact.”  
**    Perfect!  Okay.  
R:    If he doesn’t have it then you see he’s committed a felony but you can’t just accuse him.  You have to get them to admit to those conditions under a deposition and that’s what those proceedings are about.
**    Wow and this would include the prosecuting attorneys…
R:    Oh you bet and maybe even some judges if the judge over steps himself too much.
**    Now your friend is successfully doing this?
R:    Oh yeah!  He’s done it because he’s always sat with a lot of farmers in bankruptcy.   He’s familiar with doing within the bankruptcy actions and the Administrative Procedures Act.   So a lot of the expressions that he’ll use would be foreign to a lot of us and a lot of people studying this would have difficulty relating to it.  
**    Right!  Not being familiar with the legalese.  
R:    Right and that’s how I could see what was going on by watching over their shoulder but it took many hours here and there before they get to the next phase.  They’re in there hassling over the next hurdle.
**    Well this certainly gives me a lot of help and direction regarding all the activity especially the guy that is very involved in an escrow.  I did send him some transcripts and some other information for him to study up and talked to him on the phone but he’s in a tight spot because so much is coming at him that he is unfamiliar with.  I’m sure he is going to need a lot more help.  People want a “fix-it” manual that they can just do it by numbers.  ….  Chuckling… we’re close but not quite there…
R:    Yeah! Yeah!  Yeah!  People still have to boil it down.  Just because we know it’s a felony and bla bla bla and accuse the attorneys they don’t turn and run.  They run right up to the edge and that’s when you try and put it to them.  They’ll even try to remain silent if you catch them and do it in open court.  
**    So he should be doing the position of “I didn’t get your check!”?  So he shouldn’t be giving them a check he should be requesting one?
R:    Well if they make the assessment and they give him a check… he can let them have the property.
**    Okay….  
R:    No more contest!  
**    Well we know the mortgage company is not going to give him a check…
R:    No… so he’s going to have to go after their attorney and depose them.  Why?  Because they’ve committed a felony.  They’re attempting to convert a criminal charge into a civil claim is what they are doing.
**    Right!  Oh here is another latest…  Someone got a letter from a closed check and it stated that if they do not send funds to make the check good within X amount of days they were going to turn everything over to the Postmaster.
R:    Good!  
**    Before I forget… any thoughts on possible coming out to LA for a seminar?
R:    Weellllll  (chuckling)  actually not really…   I think my doing a seminar would be counter productive.  I think the way you’re doing it has worked out real well… the way we’ve worked it between us.  That frees me up to think and do other things that can keep us moving….
**    Okay… yeah I agree.  The information is available to study so those new coming aboard will have the information and be able to catch up and we can keep moving forward in our apprenticeship.  
R:    See the reason for that is, is they have to keep their ear to the ground and it gets more internalized when they have to put out more effort and that keeps the learning curve there, otherwise if they think I’m going to give them the answers they’ll put their progress on hold.  
**    Good point.  
R:    They have to reason it out on the principals before them and they have to make the original decision and when they do that then the results become their property.  
**    Oh how did your venture go with you priming the pump so to speak with you loaning J* funds from your broker’s account?  Anything materialize on that?
R:    Well they’re doing some fund raising so they can pay any damages if they get in a position that someone has been injured.   See what I did I have is a confirmation certificate of some stock that I own with a co-op.   I gave them my check for it and of course J* called in and they confirmed it.  Okay so they took the check and I don’t think they have any other choice.   But you see the interesting thing about that is that the contract hold that they get to use the money until I’m 72 years old, then they have to pay it out. … or until I die, which ever occurs first.   Well that amount of money will come when I’m 72 but you see there is no provision in between.   You see if you buy them with debt instruments then you see they pay you with so much interest per month or per quarter of whatever it is or how it is set up.   Well you see when I gave them my check see they do not make payments to me.   Why?  Because it accrued to me all at one time, instantly.  It’s all principal… there is no outstanding interest to be paid in.  So that is a pure capital item that J* has got in his possession.  
**    So that will basically… well at the time it matures, J* will be the one that materializes it?
R:    He’ll have to find some way to do it.  He wanted me to call the company and one thing and another and I’ve got to get a copy of the certificate cause I don’t have it.  I gave it to him and he gave me a promissory note for it so the whole thing has been done as a matter of fact and I’m not sure how they are going to be able to use that and utilize the funds here.  Maybe a bank could discount it… let’s see it will be due in 6 years.  
**    Oh you know this gal at the last seminar said that when you give a donation to like the Catholic Church, they will find ways to make that work.  Now there have been people at the seminar that have tried it but did get everything back ….
R:    Well did the church write on the check or does it have any marks on the check that they tried to process it?  
**    I think it was stamped on there ACCOUNT CLOSED but I’d have to ask and make sure.  
R:    Well then that’s when you send them one of the Incident Reports.   Especially if on the face of the check it has “EFT only” and they call it in (call to verify if the account is closed at the bank) they are violating the privacy act.    Send them an Incident Report and tell them you either fill it out and go as far as the limit of your competency and then send it back to me the authorized representative.   Whoever that is in that particular case and that authorized representative will finish filling it out and in the event they should ignore it, then you see the entire report will be filled out by the authorized representative.  
**    Who does that get filed with?
R:    I don’t even know yet.   I’m sort of waiting for that information too.  
**    We’ve been looking for some information on the core of engineers.
R:    Well some of the guys up in Canada may know….
**    Oh I know he sends me some good stuff.  They know more about this country I think then we do on some things.  Something else interesting that C* ran into when she goes over to at the Catholic and buys script with her private account.   Well she had her purse burglarized and reported it to the police.  The office that came out to take the report knew all this information about her writing these checks to the church and told her that the police were not to touch her.  Why do you think that is that they were told not to investigate for the Catholic Church even though she saw some of her checks on his clipboard?  Do you think they are holding off waiting for some big bust or they are still gathering info?
R:    Well they should have enough anyway already.  They can take it to a Grand Jury or whatever they want but you see if they do they are still going to have to come with an assessment.  Even if they had people saying, “they are going to charge me.”  I’d say,  “Well where is the assessment.”  If there isn’t an assessment then whoever has done this has committed a felony.  
**    Okay so that is a new key element.  
R:    How’s K* getting along?
**    He’s hanging in there.  He has been working on something but I’m not sure.  I think it is the eviction letter.   He writes some of you wisdoms on the board from the transcripts so they can study up on them and get them internalized better.  
R:    See this is what K* can use too that any of those that are opposing him see.  They can’t charge a claim on him without an assessment.   I figure that with this information we have now I can move against my property up there in North Dakota on that states attorney that jumped into this.  But you see I know that the minute I jump him then you see he is going to bring the State Attorney General in so I know that I have to be able to take him on and run these guys up and get them charged with a felony.  
**    I heard a rumor that the reason you have success with writing closed accounts is because your closed account is bonded because your family has a banking history….   I thought how silly is that.  The whole New Procedure we are doing is based on your experience of being arrested from writing a check on your closed account for your property…  
R:    Well see that has an element of truth but it’s misunderstood or misspoken.  See some of these companies that won’t take the checks is because they are not bonded.  Some of these attorneys are suppose to bond them but they get behind on their fees and see if it isn’t challenged we don’t know.  
**    Okay.  Well this is certainly a lot of new information to keep us busy.  
R:    This might be the slam-dunk so many are looking for.  We’ll keep a close ear and eye on how these people apply this.  We could use this on almost everything.   This could bring all these disasters it could heal them all up.  I mean for people that are incarcerated or anything…. Now they can go after the attorneys.  
**    As a matter of fact the people that are incarcerated they could ask for the assessment even after the fact???
R:    Yes! Yes! Yes!   If they don’t have them they can request from the Warden to be released immediately because otherwise the Warden assumes himself to be a holder in due course right now… an innocent holder in due course.  But you see he no longer will be innocent when he’s been informed that there was no assessment and that is a felony and you see he then would be aiding and abetting a felon if he attempts to keep the people incarcerated under those conditions.   See just use your imagination a little bit on the how.  Every place that they have gone it’s been a pass through.  But now these people only assume they are innocent holders in due course and they have actually held the account for a split second to allow it to pass through them.   And in doing that you see we’re going to bind their conscience.
**    That would almost be the same thing like for these IRS taxes and there is this guy down in Florida and they are moving on foreclosing on his house for taxes.  He sent them a check but they dishonored…..
R:    So now he can go after them by requesting the assessment and request the finding of fact and conclusions of law by the judge.   So that we can identify the certificate of origin on the tax assessment.
**    Wow this is some very good information.    This is some real smile power with all these teeth!!
R:    Yeah!  Yeah!  
**    All right I’ll get this out.  Many thanks and we’ll be in touch!!!