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Credo Mutwa Reptilians


Transcript Conversation re “O” 9/23/02  (Between Barbara and Gail)
 ►    “B”?
B:    Yes.
►    I’m ►►►.  I’ve communicated with you before via email.  The reason I’m calling is because “O,” who has also communicated with you by email, has been arrested.  After all of his talk with the bankers they just came and locked him up.  So now he and “P” are in jail.  And it looks like “J” may be soon.  Those are the only three people in this area who’ve tried to use a closed account.  So now they’re all in jail.  I haven’t had a chance to visit him.  In fact I just learned about it a few minutes ago by email from “O”s girlfriend.
B:    Well these guys should kind of know what to do by now.  That they’re not disputing any of the charges.
►    Yes.  However presumably “P” has already tried that.  He said he didn’t dispute the charges and that he needed an appearance bond…
B:    Where they run into the problem… Where people run into a problem is that they say “I want an appearance bond in exchange.”  That makes it conditional.  They cannot say “in exchange.  They’ve got to just say “I don’t dispute any of the charges.  I request an appearance bond to enable me to plea and I need to be released on my own personal recognizance.  I want the fees waived.  Otherwise they’ve being denied due process.  And they need to say it.  “I’m being denied due process.  I want to know who your insurance company is.  Who insures this municipal corporation?  And go from that.
    Now we’ve had a prosecuting attorney and a judge confirm that this is right on.  So it’s the people who are trying to twist it through the fear of allowing their strawman to be convicted.
►    Well I understand that but the problem is that the body follows the strawman.
B:    Well it does.  If these guys were clever enough to recognize so what if they’re there for three days.  The world won’t come to an end.  They need to say “I request an appearance bond.”  And then when that’s denied to say “O.K. well I accept your refusal and I’m going to use that as the alternative of an involuntary bankruptcy.  You know the stuff is in the transcripts.  It really is.  People need to highlight it and memorize it and get it really integrated into their thinking.
►    Well unfortunately the transcripts are somewhat rambling.  You have the feeling that things have been left out.  That these are not first-time conversations with people who are just learning “nuts and bolts.”  That they are conversations with people who already have a situation who may have talked with “RE” before.  And that there are moves that are left out.  That people are unaware of.  I’m telling you how I feel.  Because I’ve read all of the transcripts now from April 2001 up to May 2002.
B:    Well March 29th 2002 is when the new process started.  
►    That would be demanding the appearance bond?
B:    Right.  Exactly.  That’s the new procedure.
►    At any rate I have read all of that stuff and I still don’t feel too…
B:    Did you ever read the interpretive writings?  The 95 pages?  I email those out to anybody.  I ask them if they’ve got them.  It’s on a PDF file and what it does is take a lot of the conversations and kind of organize them into sections.  And that is given freely.  People are always saying, “Well, I didn’t understand.”  Well even me, a lot of times when I read something for the first time I don’t understand either.  It takes numerous readings.
►Well I have been reading this stuff over and over.  Another way that I learn is when I read a transcript I try to pull out what I feel is the essential lesson and retype the excerpted transcript.
B:    That’s why I highlight a lot of it so that people can recognize the relevance and be watching for those things.  Then they can read what the conversation pertained to.
►    Well at any rate, right now what “O” is trying to do is…
B:    I’ll tell you why people get into trouble.  People get into trouble because they mix procedures.  And then they don’t know any of them.
►    What he wants right now is a durable power of attorney.
B:    No.  What he wants is to tell them “I don’t dispute any of your charges.”  And he needs to stay firm on that.  “I don’t dispute any of the charges.”
►    Now he shouldn’t sign anything should he?
B:    Yes he should.  He should sign whatever they give him.  He is not disputing any of the charges.  He is going to sign everything because that’s in the agreement.
    Here’s what they do:  The prosecutor plays good-guy/bad-guy.  The prosecutor wants to throw the book at “O.”  But when none of the charges are disputed the judge is going to protect the back of that prosecutor.  You watch.  That’s what goes on.
    And too many people get fearful.  They think it’s happening to them – not their strawman.
►    Well I’ve tried just about everything too.  Right now my case is going really well because of “RE”s suggestion that I just go ahead and file an ex parte summary judgment.
B:    Yeah, well right now I just had my franchise tax fees, the State franchise tax board lien for 41,000 released.
►    I read that.  That’s very exciting.  But now – question:  I had emailed you a copy of an O.R. Bond which I signed when I was in jail.  And of course it stated a sum of money.
B:    Right you don’t do the bond.  You have to have them do it.
►Well I understand.  I understand that.  But it is called an O.R. Bond.  It has a place to check for “cash.” And then they put in an amount.  At any rate I’m wondering if that same document couldn’t be filled out and where it asks for “cash” just put “N/A” or “waived” and then just take it down to the clerk and ask her to sign it.  Or the judge.
B:    I wouldn’t.  I would request that the court do it.  Because they’re the employee.
►    That’s true but what I’m saying is that they pretend that they don’t understand.  Now for instance in “P”s case he was asking for an appearance bond…
B:    I know but here’s what they’re doing.  They’re on a fishing expedition.  They put the stupid ones on the front line.  Well if you hold firm and you know what you’re doing and say “I want to be released on my own personal recognizance.  I want the fees waived because I have a right to due process.  
    See and that’s been in the transcripts too.  And I have a feeling, because I’ve had other communications from him, that “O” is all over the place.  He was into all the other things.  He was into notarial protest.  He was in the common law thing.  He was all over the place.  Stick with one.  Once you make a commitment to one your mind will start working with you.
►    Well I agree there.  But I was talking about “P” experience.  When he was in court asking for an appearance bond the prosecutor said, “Well I don’t know what you’re talking about.  Do you, your honor? What the heck does he want?”  And this went back and forth for a while and then the prosecutor finally said “Well I’ll just type up a bond for him.  And so he took a sheet of paper and typed in the center “BOND.”  And under that he put $500.
B:    Perfect!  That’s exactly it!  Go for it!  That’s it exactly!
►So that is…
B:    You bet!  You bet.
►    But that had an amount of money in there.
B:    That’s right.  You need an assessment that has the amount.  When he accepts it and gives it back (returns it) that is public policy.  Public policy says you cannot give anything of substance.  This is perfect.
►    I thought that the appearance bond should have been at no cost and that the fees are waived.
B:    That’s right.  But when he accepts it then whoever brings the charges is now responsible for paying it.  See otherwise it could be a lot more than that.  That prosecutor’s protecting his own butt.
►    O.K.  Then he should just go ahead and accept that bond.
B:    Oh you bet!  He should just go ahead and sign it.
►    And then he hands it back to the prosecutor.
B:    Right!  “This is a tax return.  Here.”
►    Now I don’t know how to get in to see “O.”  I’ll see if I can talk to his girlfriend.
B:    Right! Just tell him not to dispute any of the charges.  Even if he can get five things down firm.  Just do it.  Just roll with it.  He’s not disputing anything.
►    O.K. So he’s just absolutely not disputing anything.
B:    Right.  He’s pleading guilty and wants to be out on his own recognizance so he can plead.  If he tries to put conditions in there he’ll be given “not guilty.”  And it’ll go before a jury and he’s going to be thrown in jail.  So he needs to have no conditions in there at all.  See they try to trick you.
►    Now in my case when they came after me and tried to get me in court again, I took the thing to a Federal District Court.  And of course I got probably one of the most crooked judges there.  But he seems to be scared.  He’s not answering anything now because I took this thing commercial actually.
B:    Yeah but with the new information we’re getting from “RE” and the other guys…  There’s a bunch of Philipinos in my group who’re very aggressive who are studying this.  And they’re a great group.  And there’s a Sheriff who loves this information, absolutely loves it.  So he’s been explaining how you remove this stuff off of you credit and how you get a totally new slate of credit like you don’t have any credit at all.  And you move it all off of there.  And that even includes bankruptcies and all the other stuff.  So as soon as I get that I’ll figure out how I can put it out.  He told me he would share this information.  He was sharing it with his group.  And he’s got about twenty people in his group.
►Yeah, well right now they have defaulted so bad in my situation so what I tried to do was file my lawsuit on my UCC but they sent it back saying the collateral is unacceptable.  I didn’t know what the heck they were talking about.  See they’re all debtors.  But to get it on the UCC  I have to make sure there’s a signature, that they acknowledge the debt.
B:    But here’s the thing.  See we have judiciary debtors and judiciary creditors.  That’s why we request the 1099 OID because they’re supposed to be insulating us from any charges.  So see one of them is a holder in due course.  So they need to give you that information on a discovery so that you know which one has to pay you.
►    Well what I did was I sent the clerk of the court my settlement instructions.  I’m just proceeding as though I have a judge’s signature.  And I don’t.  But at any rate it’s my case and it’s my court and they can just go jump in the lake.
B:    Yeah but see that’s if you’ve got a common law thinking.  Course you’re bring the action you’re actually being the executor. However, if you go in and whether you win lose or draw you just accept that court case and file it on your UCC3 and you put that in the body of it that you’ve accepted the outcome, whatever it is, now you make the Secretary of State the assignee.  And it’s him, or her, that has to go after it.
►    Well I’ve already basically done that in my court instructions.  I spelled out exactly how I should be paid but then again I need to get all of the debtors’ signatures.  So I have some friends in Albuquerque who have just drafted a document that basically does to them what they do to us.
B:    Is that “L”?
►    Yeah.  So he just drafted a document for me that I will be filing once I get my copyright notice filed.
B:    See there’s where you’re screwing up.  See if you know that all of your power comes from within, that copyright is no different from a UCC.  And the only reason you do a UCC is to displace their presumption.  That copyright is not a silver bullet.  That copyright does absolutely nada, zip for you.  And to do that you’re bringing in controversy.  If you don’t use it then it’s no big deal but if you think you’re going to get something out of it through the court you’re totally creating controversy that’ll bring different things up which will distract from what you want to accomplish.
►    Well right now we are in a sort of controversy because I said “Hey, you either come up with the Constitutional authority to do what you’re doing or you’re in commercial default.  So that’s a controversy right there.
B:    Well they know they’re in commercial default.  Now I would be asking for their insurance.  See you were injured when they dishonored you.  They’ve waived any of their equity.  They can’t even come into an equity court.  And that’s the court.  They’ve got dirty hands and they’re not honorable.  And that’s what you’ve got to tell them.  You’re not honorable.  You have already forfeited all of your equity.  I want a list of all of your assets.  Including those that are operated and controlled through other people.
►    Yeah well I have basically done that but I haven’t gotten an answer.  The whole thing went dead.  I haven’t received any paperwork.  I haven’t received any answers.  I haven’t received anything. And that Includes anything from the court itself too.
B:    Right.  Now’s when you want to go in with your summary judgment.
►    Well I’ve already done that.
B:    O.K.  Then you want the whole thing dismissed and now the judge has to rule on the facts and the law.
►    Well he’s not dismissing anything.  He’s just pretending I don’t exist.  So at that point I said I’m going to file this on my UCC.  And so that’s what I tried to do.
B:    What is this.  Is this court action just stagnant?  Has it been suspended?
►    Well no.  I have filed all sorts of documents here including an Order for injunctive relief for the last time I was arrested.  And they’re going for the three strikes you’re out here.  I’m convinced of it because they would like to somehow just get rid of me.  But at any rate nobody has said “boo” about anything.
B:    Well they have to answer within X amount of days.
►    Well I know but they don’t.
B:    All right then I would say that the court is in default.
►    The court is in default.
B:    O.K.  Then I would put a notice in that it is your court and that the court is in default and now the judge is in contempt and now you want to know who his insurance company is.  And I would file that with the Governor.
►    Well the Governor is one of the defendants as well.
B:    Well see “C” does this sort of thing too. We went all over the place last Friday and she found out that the Judge who ruled on her Social Security case doesn’t have an oath of office.  She found his house and then she also found out through the Secretary of State that Social Security is not registered to do business in the State of California.  So now we’re going to all go after them based on that with a whole bunch of other people.
►    I bet they’re not registered to do business anywhere.
B:    They’re not!  As a matter of fact one gal from the County Recorder’s has really been working with us and saying the book was missing she said “We had a book and they were all there, and now we don’t know where this book is.”  And So now we’ve been contacting the U.S. Marshals and the police on this.  We’re saying if these guys aren’t registered and these are the laws, how do we know that they aren’t terrorists infiltrating our government.  Why aren’t they following the law so that the people can be secure?
►    Good grief I’ve gotten more information from you than… I wish I’d had my whole list of questions to ask you. But I basically I was just calling about “O.”  I guess I’ll just call his girlfriend and tell her to instruct him to accept everything.
B:    Exactly.  Just have a few little phrases. They’re easy to remember.  “I don’t dispute any of the facts.  I want an appearance bond.”  If they don’t give him one then “O.K. I accept that as a dishonor and I’ll use that to charge involuntary bankruptcy.”
►    O.K.  But now that just sounds like an empty threat.  Especially when you’re standing there in handcuffs.
B:    Yeah but you know what?  You have to be released on your own personal recognizance in order to plea.  We already ran this by a judge and he said I would do what “RE” says.  Because if the injury you’re claiming or that the prosecutor is putting against you – isn’t covered by that bond he can come after me for being dishonorable.  See they play this stupid game but when you call them on it, and don’t let fear interfere with your thinking, that’s when you have to say “I’m not disputing any of your charges.”  What can that judge do?  His hands are tied.  
    And then you say “I need to be released on my own personal recognizance.  Waive all the fees to enable me to plea.”  Because you can’t plead when you’re in handcuffs because then it looks like you’ve been coerced into pleading guilty.  And the court doesn’t want that liability.  And then you also say “I want an Affidavit of Surety.  Who is insuring this Municipal Corporation.”
►How do you get this information.
B:    Don’t even worry about that right now.  Just worry about getting him out. That’s all going to be coming.  We’ve got all sorts of people behind the scenes that are discovering this stuff.  There’s a very active group out here.
►    Well I have to admit that if I can ever get what “RE” is teaching under my belt, that will be like total liberation for me.
B:    I made a total commitment to this.  I used to do all of that common law, all of that legal research.  I was totally familiar with all of the stuff of Hartford Van Dyke.  I know Victoria Joy.  I know all of these people but when I started typing these transcripts I went “Wow! This is absolutely right!  I just knew it.  I just resonated with what this man was saying.  
►Well what I really like is… I did a study on the Law out of the Bible.  And basically it says you’re beaten before you even begin if you ever find yourself in their courts.  And it says agree with your adversary lest you find yourself in front of a judge and be thrown in jail – which is exactly what’s happening!
B:    Yeah! You never win
1 When they say you can’t fight City Hall you can’t.  Agree with them.  Because whoever brings the claim has to pay the charge.  And that’s in Title 26 §4701.
►    I don’t remember coming across that but I used to do a seminar entitled Navigating Title 26 in which I went in to the law in depth and pulled out all the operative language that shows that there is absolutely no law that obliges anyone to pay anything.  Or be assessed.  Or be punished for anything.
B:    That’s exactly the opposite of what “RE” teaches.  He says we must go register so that we are the taxpayers giving them our exemption in the exchange in the absence of money.  So that’s when things really started happening.  And I went Oh my God!  This is just phenomenal!  And all of a sudden you want to be a taxpayer.
►    Well I never wanted to be before, believe me.
B:    Yeah but by being a taxpayer, that’s how you get everything.
►    Are you operating off of these closed accounts?  
B:    Oh you bet!  That’s how I paid the Franchise Tax Board.
►    Well I know that “C” is out there even grocery shopping on a closed account.
B:    Oh yeah but she doesn’t want me giving out the name of the store.  See here’s the problem.  People don’t think for themselves.  They think that they’re going to ride on someone else’s coat tail.  If somebody were to go get a car at a certain dealership then everybody would flock to that dealership.  See that’s why we have to keep the stuff quiet.
►    I am a little concerned because I don’t really feel grounded in this stuff yet and so I’m still trying to get the bank to tell me that it has closed my account.  This is a five-year old former bank account that I have.
B:    Just start writing checks.  If you don’t get statements from them, then it’s closed.
►    Well they don’t have my current address.  So then I sent the bank a letter with my address saying that according to my records I have a balance of X thousands of dollars and would appreciate receiving a balance statement including any interest deposits ASAP.  And if I don’t hear from you within ten days that means that the bank acknowledges that that much is in my account and that I have their authorization to write checks on that balance.  So if I don’t hear from them in ten days that means I either have that much money in my account or I have a closed account.  That’s my opinion.  I’m just trying to get a rise out of these people so that they’ll say “Wait a minute!  You don’t have all that money in an account here.  Your account was closed.
B:    Well you know what?  That doesn’t accomplish anything.
►I was hoping that they would say that my account had been closed.  
B:    You should just call them up on the phone and ask for information on your account..
►Well I did.  They checked the computer and told me that my account was not listed and that it had probably been closed.  And I asked for them to send me that information in writing.  And she said “Oh, no, we don’t do that.
B:    Well I’d just start writing checks on it.
►Well then I’ll end up like “O” and “P.”
B:    No!  “O” thought he was going to educate them.  And all he did was let them go on a fishing trip with him.  He gave them all this information and showed them exactly how much he doesn’t know.  So all you do is expose yourself with that.  That’s why we don’t testify.  And we say “Do not testify, do not testify.”
We had to kind of smack “C” a couple of time because she was saying “Oh, I’ve got to tell them.  I’ve got to tell them. They don’t understand.”  But you know what?  It’s not your job to educate these people.  What they do is put the dummies on the front line and keep badgering them until they get this information.  And the whole idea is “No.  You go badger your supervisor until he tells you the truth.”
►Well I thank you so much.  You’ve given so much information.  I’m going to try to pass this on to “O” and hope he doesn’t blow it.
B:    Yeah, I do too. Because it really is relatively simple.  And if people would just be patient, set it out, and stay in agreement.  “I do not dispute anything.”  You’ve got to have the plead guilty or the whole thing turns into the hoax.
►Have you ever listened to “JS”?
B:    Yeah, I like him but he’s not on point at all.  He does not understand redemption.  The only person I pay attention to is “RE.”  I am his echo.  If “RE” doesn’t say it, then I don’t do it.  That’s how simple it gets for my life.