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Conversation Transcript of Roger Elvick -
September 25, 2002  Re Bankruptcy – Chapter 11
R:    I called to let you know what I’m doing…
**    Oh okay.  Glad you called back cause I was in the shower your first call and you said just enough on my machine to put me in suspense… I was ready to vow to never take a shower again. (chuckling)
R:    Well I was headed down to the bankruptcy court to get the bankruptcy provisions but I think with what I see here is this is what can be used to get some of these people out of prison.  
**    Wonderful…
R:    Because what I see when I’m reading through this instead of filing the chapter 12’s and 13’s you would be filing an 11 because it recognizes the owners as the sole proprietors see and to whereas all the stock and assets are invested in that person.  
**    We’re talking Chapter 11 for re-organization?
R:    Yep… Chapter 11.  That’s for business re-organization, but that’s what it is…. It’s private business.   The reason I said that is because what I see with a lot of these people they have listed a debtor when it should have been a creditor and visa versa.  
**    Okay when they list it on their own bankruptcy filing and they are the debtor?  
R:    Yeah… they have got to list themselves as the debtor and basically and if they still have their property it would be debtor in possession.  But you see even if it’s a debtor…  you see when you list all of your creditors you can list them and all the property that they have, but you also list that as your personal property, everything that’s in those creditors possession.  
**    Oh because you know what we found out at the County Recorder.  C* found out that this lady in charge of Social Services and she’s got like thousands of properties in her name like assignment of rents, deeds on properties etc….  These guys from Social Services are taking all the equities of their clients…
R:    See what she needs to do is file bankruptcy.  Then once you got them in bankruptcy you can use administrative procedures that are available to get the enforced performance on them.
**    Okay… this sounds good.  Cause yesterday we went to court with the lady that paid her property with her private account and they started a Quiet Title action on her.   It was GE Capitol Mortgage and it was a Freddie Mac loan.   She did a summary judgment on it but they gave GE Capital a default judgment because of a technicality of her not filing an affidavit of fact.  Well she did but only after he sent her the notice of default.  That judge was so intimidated either by her or he didn’t like anyone that didn’t use an attorney.   Before she even said anything or started to talk that judge’s voice and body language changed.   She tried to hand him a paper saying who she was with the notarized copy that she is the representative and he started yelling at her.  She told him he doesn’t even have jurisdiction because she had accepted all the offers/documents presented by the plaintiff and returned them and that she had some others that she had accepted and was now returning them… she took this package out of her brief case and slide it on the table because they were standing sort of beside each other…. The judge went nuts.  He said, “you are not going to serve anything here!”  and she said, “Yes I’m returning them now.” And shoved them back at him.  About then I said, “return and leave” so there were 4 of us besides her so we started to leave and the judge was telling the clerk to call the bailiffs to escort her out of the court but we were already leaving and he yelled at her not to go anywhere and she sort of turned back and I said, “No!  Come on … come on”.  So out we went and as the 3 bailiffs got out of the elevator we got in and left the building.   Oh one of the things he did say before all the commotion was that he was going to have to rule for the plaintive because of her not doing her papers according to CCP 445 or 446.  He was really rattled.   Well he did rule for the default so now we weren’t sure of the next step.  
R:    Okay well if you’re in the bankruptcy… you got a bankruptcy petition going, now all you got to do is name that judge on there as the creditor and then request for a disclosure of his possessions.  
**    Right in the bankruptcy court…. Okay!  Well J* called me this morning and I told him about it and he suggested that she file a Motion to Reconsider and then do a Show Cause that he has to have the original document.  … But she knows he doesn’t because she does.  
R:    Yeah right!  Okay!  
**    She could do that one first before the bankruptcy since that is already in action and it will give her some extra time…
R:    Yeah and then too.  Some of the people that have already locked up… get  them to file the bankruptcy and then list the attorneys responsible for holding them… The attorneys, the wardens, the judges, everything, ---  List them as creditors in the bankruptcies then force them to disclose their financial assets on the claims that they’re holding.
**    That’s one of the things cause we were thinking that the attorney brought this action on barratry and J* said no that wasn’t barratry that would be more of a fraud action.   They are making a claim based on fraud so this is more of what you’re talking about with them making a claim without doing an assessment.  
R:    What they’re doing is they are charging a claim without an assessment and that’s a felony.
**    Right!    And we found out that a claim is more under Title 26 for IRS.  Claim can be for debt or IRS which is our exemption or Insurance which is to make us whole through Grace.      
R:    Yep!   And see the bankruptcy courts will keep those judges in line.   The bankruptcy court is basically the supreme court of the land.  Because the judges that set on them can be reviewed.  
**    Oh because yesterday this judge was so nasty and rude to anybody that wasn’t an attorney.  Another person was there without an attorney and he really blasted him with fines…. And the guy was so humble and apologetic.  
R:    Okay.   Well it looks like you can keep that going.  See I’m going to use this bankruptcy to go after all my land.  See when I file that State’s attorney really summed it all up for me when I had that altercation with them up there…  So now I’m just going to bring him in as a creditor and then I’m going to list all the property that’s under that judgment as my personal property.
**    Wow… great ideal… That’s wonderful!  
R:    I’m going to list it because he’s only a holder in due course.   He wears another hat here as States Attorney.  But you see when I gave him my check to pay those fines…?
**    Right!…
R:    Those checks are warrants.  His name is on them!  See he’s holding all of that stuff in his attorney portfolio.
**    On your behalf?
R:    Sure!  So now I’m going to list him in bankruptcy and I’m going to compel disclosure.  
**    Okay so you’re going to file the bankruptcy and the petitioner?
R:    I’m going in as the debtor…
**    You’re going in as the debtor?… ??
R:    Debtor in possession.
**    … and you’re going to mention him as your creditor?
R:    humhum… see a creditor can only hold.  You see… for you.  See I had some deals here where I had some collectors come on me recently.  Here I’ll just read it to you what I’ve got:   This one was coming from an attorney:  Aldskjfla Oajsldfkj, Esquire, Attorney at Law.  He says:  As all previous attempts to resolve the above captioned debt proved unsuccessful we have been authorized by our client to offer an opportunity to settle the balance due.  This letter is an attempt to collect a debe.  (Laughing) on it’s a debe… d e b e.  and information obtained will be used for that purpose.  This communication is from a debt collector be advised should we not receive your payment in settlement of the above referenced account we have been instructed to forward the matter to the appropriate credit reporting agencies.  It is our sincere hope that you avail yourself to this opportunity.  
    Okay well anyway I just put on here:  Certificate of Origin -  Accepted and Returned for Value and Exchange.  Aldskjfla I did not find your check enclosed!  Please pay the said amounts and provide me the settlements statement.  Thank you.  Then I dated it and signed it.  But then I put a PS stating there was something on the back.  
**    Yeah!  
R:    I don’t want to let these backsides go.   Did we talk about that?
**    E* told me a little but tell me more…
R:    See what happens here is when a judge… say like when there is an attorney in there and he mentions a charge of some kind…. Then he’ll mention to the judge, “Well sir you have this before you,” and the judge will say, “Well I have it right here.”  But the judge doesn’t tell you what he’s doing is he’s turned it over and he’s looking at the backside which might be blank.
**    Usually it is because in court you have to fit their parameters….
R:    Right and of course the attorney is using that as the alleged assessment to charge a claim in criminal claim on the front side.  So that’s the way they are double dealing in there.    Anyway that’s why I wrote this on the back.  I wrote:  Aldskjfla -  It is a felony for an attorney to charge a claim without an assessment and there are also penalties for practice of law without a license in the local communities and since your license originates in a jurisdiction foreign to my community you must post your assessment for settlement, adjust my account.  You being the holder in due course and  I am the owner of the account.  Please issue my check, from my account that you are holding for me for settlement of the said charges.  The same are pre-paid and you are holding liabilities until you pay the charges as set above.  Thank you.  
**    I like that.  That is boilerplate enough to go on any one these collection letters.  
R:    Yeah and see that’s why you want to list the creditor and you want to admit everything that he has in his possession.  
**    You want him to list it?…
R:    Right when you’re listing in bankruptcy you’re listing everything… creditors and debtors and all assets.  So the stuff that you’re listing is … well your assets… well all of the property that the creditor is holding is a liability to the creditor therefore it’s an asset of yours so you list it.    
**    Oh… okay it’s a liability of theirs… exactly!
R:    That’s why people never get this into evidence is because they get into this adversarial position.  They deny the evidence of what the creditor is confessing.   Okay then another way that we can move on them is you see but it reaches a point… see what you ought to do it you’ve got to give a general reorganization plan.  Well my reorganization plan is to pay all the debts.  100% --  Okay!  Even if we have to convert to a chapter 7 which you can when you’re in chapter 11.  You can convert to a chapter 7 for a total liquidation.
**    So when you’re talking total liquidation, you’re liquidating your assets of owning them in both of their capacities?
R:    Humhum.  And what we’ll do is place their property up for option and reserve the right to reject any and all bids.  
**    That would be good!
R:    Right and see if you get a good bid then we’ll let it go we’ll get the money and if not now we’ve reserved that bid.  And now we’ve got the social security number or the bank account number of the guy that made the bid… and it’s reserved.  
**    If the debt goes over and above lets say of the injury caused by the dishonor… who would get the excessive funds or does it all belong to you?
R:    Well it belongs to you because you’re not talking about just the credit here you’re talking about the property that the credit represents.   See if they haven’t paid out the credit you can make them pay it out in a check     if they haven’t paid out the credit for which the credit was offered.   And you accepted and lets say you had a line of credit at the bank for $100,000 and you only used $50,000 of it.  You could make them cough up the other $50,000.  
**    Oh I see.  This is getting clearer.   I was thinking of like K*’s property with it being 208 units and he accepted and wanted only $40,000 for the injury and now because they refused to settle they will loose the whole thing which is probably worth millions.  
R:    Well he’s going to claim both sides of the account.  So it doesn’t make any difference.
**    Of course that’s true the same with property….they take the whole house even if you only owe one more payment the repossess it.    Like with E* house he showed $117,000 for the mortgage owing and it is worth probably somewhere around $450,000.  
R:    Oh sure!  But don’t get into that.  Don’t get into that now because see what you want to do if this starts to stay sticking with her just have her file the bankruptcy.  Then you’re going to list all of the assets that the creditors are going to have.  What you’re going to do is put a “Notice of Confession and Discovery.”   So they have to confess all their assets that they have and you’re going to list them as your personal property.  
**    When we do the filing for the bankruptcy are we going to pay with our private check or how we would we use the law suite that would charge it or what…
R:    I don’t know …  I haven’t got that far.  I just got a package from the bankruptcy court and it’s about 3/8 of an inch thick.  Get everything.
**    Maybe I can get it on the internet… course you got a package.
R:    Right just tell them you want Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  In there I just took a quick thumb through and I could see there are provisions in there that allow the use of set-off.  
**    Okay it’ll probably be easier for at least a sample to get one from there and see what they give you and study it a little bit.
R:    Yes because that set-off is the closed check.  So that even gives you the statutory titles under which they’re authorized.  
**    Interesting … Oh good.  I was talking to E* and he was talking about all kind of different symbols and colors.  Are we going to be doing all of that?  
R:    Well I understand what he’s saying.  He’s into higher octaves and on some deals it may require more finesse’ to it so sometimes I’ll send my checks signed in gold ink but other then that I don’t get into that too much.  When I was in Texas I did what is called a ‘Good Samaritan Act’ and even the lawyers congratulate each other for Good Samaritan acts, but it’s when I paid up one guys taxes on his house.   I did it to demonstrate how it works and just how neat it goes and it worked just zip….  I just used a gold pen to sign the check is all.  
**    That’s terrific.  I know there are a lot of people that are getting very creative on the different things they are doing.  For example one thing being done is instead of putting the bank they put the US Treasury and then they put their social number and their UCC filing number…
R:    Well I think I’ll stick with the bank checks and let the bank get it into the treasury.  
**    Agree
R:    Oh I had a little altercation yesterday with the U S Marshals…
**    Oh what happened?
R:    They were trying to serve a subpoena on me to appear as a witness at some insignificant fellow over in Wisconsin.   Anyway I wouldn’t take it without a check.  I looked at it and I said, “Where’s the check?”  and he said, “Well you got to go over there to get it and this and that….” And I said, “here you take this back, I’m returning it.  With no check, no subpoena.”  I shoved it back at him and he tried to drop it and run and everything else.  I just walked away from it too and we just left the subpoena laying there in front of the restaurant.
**    chuckling…  They’ll say they gave it too you…
R:    Anyway what I did cause I didn’t know how much they were going to try to press me so I went down to the police dept. to file a 9 1 1 complaint.  I wanted the Incident Report.  Then of course they’ve got their interrogator in there and said, “Oh we’re not going to do this and that here.”  I said, “Oh okay in that case get you’re supervisor.”  But the supervisor wouldn’t come out.  So I said, “Okay”.  See when he found out it was federal subpoena….  The guy threatened me with arrest if I didn’t take it.  Anyway I told the police, “This man threatened me!  He threatened a personal injury on me.”
**    Oh sure if something was forced it would be personal injury.
R:    Damn right it is and it’s not eligible in evidence either that you might plead guilty to.  They can’t take it as evidence when it’s forced like that.  See there’s a lot of reasons that they can’t use it and the Marshals aren’t going to get into anything like that… it’s either good service or its not.   But anyway I forced them out enough to where they had to send the subpoena back and of course if he’s stating that it was good service he’s going to find out that his name might go up in lights in bankruptcy.    I think if people do get some of these actions served on them for one thing and another then go down and immediately and call 9 1 1 and report the incident.  Just so there is an incident report on it.  Make sure it’s in the report that you’ve been threatened if they threaten to arrest you.
**    So we can just call a report in.  We wouldn’t use the one that ** made up.  
R:    No! No! We don’t have to at this point.  You just make the Incident Report and that can actually be subpoened if gets to be a criminal prosecution of any of them characters.  
**    We were wondering if it would be wise, since there were four of us witnessing how that judge acted in court yesterday to write an affidavit indicating how prejudice he behaved?
R:    No!  No I don’t think so.  It would take up a lot of your time and I don’t think it will resolve much.  
**    I was just thinking that if she did a motion for reconsideration …
R:    You don’t have to have anybody witness to it.  All you have to do is allege what he did.  We’re dealing in the court of conscience.  Once they do these things that’s when we need to slap them into bankruptcy.  I think that’s the only way we’re going to make them come to terms.  
**    So when we’re filing bankruptcy we’re taking our strawman into the bankruptcy and we’re the debtor and they’re the creditors and what if the bankruptcy denies us?
R:    Well like what?  
**    Doesn’t have to go through trustees and they determine the worthiness…
R:    Yeah you’ve got trustees but they have to operate according to the rules and it’s your court and it’s your process and the judge, all he is there for is the finding of fact.  He makes finding of fact and conclusions of law.   If it ever comes to a point that they are going to dismiss the bankruptcy that judge has to make findings of fact and conclusions of law.  When he does that those facts are going to condemn those attorneys.
**    Oh I get it!  So she can actually put all kinds of things on her bankruptcy and add and subtract things for re-organization…
R:    Right! That’s what I’m going to do.  I’ve got some banks however there is one of my banks that I don’t want to drag into it and I’m going to tell him, “you clean up this little mess cause I’m going to file bankruptcy and if you clean up this mess up I won’t have to list you otherwise I’m going to put you on the other side of the ledger and you’re going to have to make disclosures.  
**    That’s so interesting…  I went over to the County Recorder on Friday and they released my Franchise Tax Lien in February when I wrote them my first check, but then Washington Mutual Bank levied my open account in May.
R:    Okay!  What you do is you write to them and tell them that that levy has got to be based on an assessment and if you don’t have an assessment then you’ve committed a felony.   Also let them know that if you wish to persist in NOT making settlement with me then I’m going to list you in a bankruptcy re-organization and ask for a full disclosure of your assets.
**    Perfect!  This is going to solve a lot of problems that some of these people that say these collection calls just don’t go away!    However some interesting thing did happen with C* the shopper because her purse got stolen or I should say burglarized and the police came out there doing this investigation and telling her that the person who took her purse wrote checks a couple of days before she said it was taken and she tells them… “Oh no that was me!  That is my private account, I wrote those checks.  She stole my identity.”  But the interesting thing that the cop said was, “I can’t touch you because you’re on the other side.”   Apparently they admitted to her that they know her and the gal up the street are writing private checks and they’ve been told not to touch her.  
R:    That’s right!
**    But he actually admitted that.  And another thing with a group that has a sheriff coming to the meetings and he was very helpful in some information about the credit report being like divided so that your bad credit didn’t show it just looked like you didn’t have any.
R:    That’s good because we don’t need it.   But you see the creditor, well when the collector comes because the creditor is his client and he says,  “my client says you owe this much money and any information that we get from you will be used to collect it.”  The information that they are going to collect you say, “Yeah, I owe the debt!”  (My strawman does) Then you say, “Yes and would you please write my check from my account that you are the holder of and pay the debt.”
**    Oh that is going to change some thinking…
R:    Yeah it’s going to change their boilerplate collection practices.  
**    Right!  When you tell them that you don’t dispute any of the charges they argue with you that you are disputing because they aren’t getting your check.  I ask them what did you do with the last check I sent you and they will ask you to hold for a supervisor and one never comes on the line or they’ll hang up or they’ll say you are uncooperative.
R:    Well then just tell them if you don’t take care of this then you’re going to be listed as a creditor in bankruptcy and you’ll have to disclosure all of the account matters that you have with me.    
**    Oh another thing we found and I’m not sure if this will be solved with the bankruptcy but we found that the judge in the Social Services does not have an oath of office nor is Social Security registered with the Secretary of State.  
R:    Well what you do is you accuse him of practicing law without a license in an effort to obtain an assessment.
**    Oh cause he is the one that makes the assessments… They’re stealing…
R:    And then you state and any attorney that charges a claim without an assessment is a felony.  
**    Well he’s a judge…
R:    Doesn’t make any difference.  Anybody that does that.  And if this is what you want that and if you can’t take this little prodding to make settlement then you’re name is going to go on the bankruptcy petition with compelled discovery of your personal assets.   See here’s the thing with a chapter 11 you need to have at least 3 creditors.   
**    Okay….  
R:    And see all these people are creditors.  Anyone that wants to hassle you…
**    That would include anyone that you want to buy something from and they want to dishonor you?
R:    Yes!  So you see they’re all of a sudden when they start getting named they’re going to come out and want to make settlement on all this little knit pick stuff…   
**    If we write our checks and sign them with a gold ink pen it will make things happen a little easier?  Also to make sure we write something on the back if they don’t have printing on the back.  
R:    This should be enough to keep your mind busy for awhile… and the other thing with K*’s deal he might consider filing a bankruptcy and listing everybody in there as the creditor.  See he’s already making noise about the business management has failed to turn over the money to the owner of the building and that’s why they are being removed and why the tenants are told to send their rents elsewhere.  
**    So he could actually put each one of those tenants as a creditor?
R:    Yes and you see any of those who fail he could just let them know that he will file a bankruptcy petition and they will be listed as creditors and will be required to make a financial disclosure of all their personal assets.  
**    Oh okay I’ll get that to him.  Right now I’m doing the conversation that you had with him and that was a good conversation with lots of new information.  
R:    Oh!
**    Sometimes when things are just said a different way or when someone has heard it several times one of the times it will just seem to hit the needed understanding.  
R:    Just thought I better give you a call since it’ll be long before I get a chance to talk to you with any of this new information about this bankruptcy.   
**     Boy I’m glad you did call back to me I would of gone crazy with curiosity cause I was trying your house about every hour…
R:    You can consider too that any one getting papers served remember 9 1 1.  If the check isn’t in there you just give it back.   That’s for the purpose of making an incident report.  That’ll sort of set a time element in place pursuant to those Incident Reports of E*’s.  
**    Oh you know the guys in Idaho that the Sheriff or I should say a detective came over with a warrant and took his computer and other information.  He heard they were going to be arresting a bunch of people and went over to find out when he would get it back… He asked, “What can I do to get my property back.”   This started by them saying he was writing checks on ‘non-existing’ account instead of closed account.
R:    Okay but the non-existing account is the claim that is made without an assessment…. That’s made by the states attorney.  The States Attorney has actually purchased United States Treasuries which are basically insurance policies to cover the indebtedness of everything.   So you see he’s already written them and those are the ones he’s referring to.   Everybody thinks it’s the ones you did but it’s not.
**    Right!  
R:    Another thing he can tell the Sheriff, is you boy’s names are going to go up in lights because I’m going to file bankruptcy and I’m going to list you as a creditor on there and you’re going to furnish all your personal records and have to make disclosure of your personal property.   “You can’t hold a claim in equity in public policy the way you’re going buddy”, tell him.
**    Good.  The dirty hands and bad faith is not allowed in equity courts.
R:    Yep!  If he’s going to proceed along this line, then you see now he can tell him he’s empowered to request discovery of all his assets that he owns and controls.  Directly or indirectly.  
**    Because I was under the impression and I could be wrong cause I don’t know enough about it.  I was under the impression that the bankruptcy court could actually throw your cases out just as easy as the superior court.
R:    If you let them.  But you see the minute they want to do that then just name him and he can be reviewed too.  
**    Okay.  I guess I’ll have to go get a book or some information or the packet to get more of a feel for this…
R:    Yep and then the other thing is the complaint to the bar association.
**    Oh yes I did get that form.
R:    When I brought that up to the U S Marshal …  He said, “you mean you’re contesting that Wisconsin attorney is practicing law here in Minnesota?   I said, “Oh yeah!”  I said, “He can’t have an assessment.  I’m not going to volunteer an assessment because he didn’t provide me with a check.”  
**    Yeah well they’re all foreign because the bar is also chartered from England….
R:    Oh yeah … he knows and he knows that I know and I said, “That’s the reason that I’m taking this to task and now I’m going to file bankruptcy.  I don’t really want to file this quick cause I’ve got work to do and things like that and I need to have time to do it and I will do it if that’s what it takes to put this particular case to rest.  
**    Okay Good!  Now what do you think about these people that are making up their own checks and what they’re doing is writing in their social security number and UCC 1 filing number and then it goes to the U S Treasury and they call that Treasury Direct.
R:    I don’t think the Treasury has the machinery to do the electronic funds transfer.
**     Oh right.  They wouldn’t have a need to.
  ***          Information missed because tape was turned over….
R:    Some of these attorneys are phonies all the way.   These attorneys are frauds, phonies because they fake it.    I had one fake it on me years ago.  They use to attend these quarterly meetings faithfully and carried on as if this had been a registered corporation and it wasn’t.  They furnished me with a corporate seal and everything else but never registered.  
**    Right!  E* found out that GE Capitol is not registered to do business in California and the attorney she go correspondence from was up in northern Calif.  Supposedly they get sourced from Wells Fargo…
R:    Well run some of those other name through the Sec of State… I think that’s a 3…
**    Yeah it is and I think she did that but not sure what all names she checked on.  She did get a certificate of non-filing and that went with her Summary Judgment as an exhibit.
R:    Okay now she can tell them they are candidates for being listed for disclosure of their assets in a bankruptcy action and that’s what you intend to do unless they remedy this right now.   She could carry that one farther that the attorney doesn’t have a license to do business in the state unless they put their check to cover the indebtedness.  That’s what a foreigner, when they’re foreign in the community, they come in there and lay down the money for the indemnity to cover any damages caused while I’m here.  
**    Well the Bar Association being chartered out of England doesn’t that make all of them foreign?
R:    Right!  So as long as they’re foreign and they come in and don’t have the bond in there now they’re subject to disclose their personal assets.  Then you just simple tell them they will be listed on a bankruptcy petition and they are also going to be required to have and produce a license… a licensed lawyer from this state to enter the action.  Otherwise a judgment will be taken and your property will be taken and sold.   We can use the bankruptcy and they can’t stop that and it’s federal.  
**    This is good.  Things are starting to come together.  I know you’ve been thinking that it has to be bankruptcy for a long time…
R:    Right and here’s the other thing you can do in the bankruptcy you can challenge them for having a bar license or the absence of a bar license.  If they’re going to practice they’re going to have to post bond or surrender a confession of their personal assets.   Through discovery….
**    Gottcha
R:    Through the discovery of the personal assets otherwise they’ll have to produce their bond and their license which can be attached.  
**    Okay so their license can be attached?  The bar association is not really a government agency…
R:    I know but lets not get into that because what we’re going to do is we’re just going is to state here that they are required to have a license of the state as a matter of contract.  What it is it’s an agreement by the association by the Bar Association.  That’s a contract so you see in federal court the only jurisdiction they have is breach of contract.
**    Oh I didn’t know that.  That’s why the bankruptcy will work.
R:    That’ why the bankruptcy will work because now since the attorney has failed to provide the court with the sufficient bond he’s now subject to confession of his assets…to the discovery of his personal assets.  So that’s the way you let these boys know….   Tell them you settle or we’re going to bankruptcy.
**    This has cleared up a lot.  Oh Thank you!  Thank you!  For all this good information you share!!!!