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If you are arrested and brought before a judge:

If you are arrested and brought before a judge:


  1. Ask the 3 questions
  2. Ask for the check?  If he doesn’t have a check he doesn’t have a claim.  If he asks what check?  Say “the bond”.  You can ask for the voucher.  Where’s the voucher?  It is my personal property.  What are you doing with it?  What sort of investment are you involved in?
  3. Then tell the judge there’s been no assessment (check).  The prosecutor is in dishonor with regards to the assessment and I move to dismiss all charges and return [or release if you have it in your possession] my property immediately or whatever remedy you want.  I don’t dispute any of the facts in this case up to now.  Whether you affirm or deny my motion, I request the finding of facts, conclusion of law on those charges be provided to me, and that they be posted in the administrative and judicial record.  I need to know what facts I am going to plead to.


If you go into court after you are released and have AFV all court papers and returned to them.

When the judge starts talking just ask for the check?  Use the same speech as above but just tell the judge the prosecutor refuses to settle with me.  What is settlement since he refuses to settle?  Tell the judge:  You can give the prosecutor a written request for settlement, but if he fails to settle I request that you sanction the prosecutor and charge him with the assessment.


You can use this statement if you want to.

If you people want to bring criminal charges against my straw man you just go right ahead and bring them, but I need the Finding of Fact and conclusion of Law on those charges so I know what I’m pleading to.


If the judge denies my motion, that’s a dishonor


You can verbally say in open court, Judge the remedy that I want is a dismissal of all charges and my property returned to me.


Wait and see what he says.  If he continues to dishonor you then you can say, “I accept your refusal as a dishonor, and I will use your dishonor to charge the contract in bankruptcy to discover you personal assets.  I’m proceeding as debtor in possession because I’m reorganizing.  Under reorganization I’m the debtor in possession whereas the creditors have been in possession before.  (You can use the judges dishonor as my bond to plead to the charges.  He is given his personal guarantee to bond the case.  When he dishonors he accepts all liability.


If the judge affirms your motion


If the judge affirms, that is the finding of fact and conclusion of law because it’s an agreement, its an assessment.  Now you have the finding of facts and conclusion of law to plead to the charges.  Look at the charges and make sure you have AFV all of them before you came to court because he may add new charges that you are unaware or if you see any just tell the judge, “Where’s the check for these charges?”  (They can’t charge a claim without an assessment/check)

If the judge says there isn’t a check, then you say this information is my person property and it’s exempt from levy.


You’re asking for a check which means, I’m checking to see if the bond is any good.   Even if you got a check I’d still like to recess the court to go down to the bank and see if it’s any good.  (The check is their appearance bond.  If they don’t give it to you they aren’t bonded and don’t have a claim.)


Now if all is okay with the Finding of Fact and Conclusion of Law, you can now enter a guilty plea.


You are going to enter a guilty plea as the Authorized Representative for the debtor.


State:  “As the Authorized Representative for the debtor, I enter a guilty plea. 


You can ask the judge if he is bonded before you enter the plea if you want.  If he’s not he may say, “Oh I can’t take no plea here. 




BASIC STUDY SHEET for ACCEPTANCE (AFV) and the important things to remember.


  1. Anyone addresses you ask the 3 questions.


  1. AFV all offers and return all papers they sent you.  AFV front and back side.  Request your specific remedy and in the event they refuse your remedy give them Notice of Intent to File Chapter 11 bankruptcy, you as debtor in possession and they are the delinquent creditor.


  1. Request voucher in a Memorandum form (in other words not on the document you accepted).


  1.  I’m not in dispute of any of your facts up to now.  Since there’s no controversy, the only issue before the court is dismiss the charge, release and deliver my personal property.


  1. I’ve accepted and returned all documents back to your.


  1. If they say they have a claim against you, request or inquire about the check.  If no check then they are indicating that no charges exist.  He’s using his powers to enrich himself. (Judge)


  1. Anytime they refuse my request, it’s a dishonor.  They work for me.  They also accept all the liability (charges).  They have given their personal guarantee to bond the case.  Their dishonor is my bond.  They surrender all their equity because they can’t come to equity with unclean hands.  (Clean hands means you can’t owe anyone.)


  1. Everything is Pre-paid for us (its already paid for)


  1. When we AFV and return their original documents the account goes to zero right then.  If they send us a late bill they’re trying to get paid twice.


  1.  In court they are always prosecuting the straw man, not us!


  1.  Continually ask them to produce the check.  The check is their bond.  If they don’t have a check their not bonded and don’t have a claim.  You’re a foreigner.  Foreigners can’t practice law in the local community without a license/bond.


  1.  Do you have the charges in front of you?  Would you read them please or What do they say.


  1.  If they hand you any papers, look at it and give it right back.  Mach sure you touch their body if you can.


  1.  If you don’t get a check, request the voucher.  The voucher is the proof of the Claim in Fact.  Tell them that the voucher is my personal property and I want it.  What are you using it for?  Where is it?  What sort of investment are you involved in?


  1.  Request Motion to Dismiss, finding of fact, conclusion of law anytime a judge makes a Motion.


  1.  Have the US Marshals go and ask for the voucher from the people who dishonor you.


  1.  Your court case #, any number on a bill, tax bill property number is an account number making it commercial paper.


  1. To have an agreement, one must be assessed first before one can agree.  They have to assess you in a civil matter before they can assess you criminally.  If anyone charges a claim before an assessment, it is a felony.  When they assess me, it has to have my agreement.


If they don’t produce a check when you ask for it in court, it means they don’t have a bond.  You have to have a bond to bring a claim against anyone in contract law and statutory.  No check-no bond-no claim in fact.