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Credo Mutwa Reptilians







John J. Shyster

United States Magistrate Judge                                  Case # ______________

C/o Federal Public Defender                                      Request for Proof of Claim and

Jim Infidel                                                                   Bar Identification Number(s)

300 South Fourth Street

Suite 111

Somewhere, US 55343


            Regarding an Order and Findings and Recommendations signed by John J. Shyster dated (day) (month) (year), Davy C. Jones hereby requests the voucher that prove the Findings in the resulting order.  Also that the name and bar number of the Attorney General mentioned in the Order without identifying who that is, and whether or not s/he has authority to hold Davy C. Jones’s Authorized Representative in custody, in order to allege an assessment that John  J. Shyster refuses or is unable to prove (by voucher) the assessed claim, in fact, by himself, or others, he identifies and refer to, in the Findings and Recommendations Order, either in his official capacity or ex-officio capacity, admits to operating an insolvent court (which is illegal by any standards—and evidence of extortion being committed against Davy Citizen Jones, offender in this matter, and Davy C. Jones the representative for Davy Citizen Jones, the sole-proprietor of Davy Citizen Jones’ personal business and exempt from levy.)  The refusal of John J. Shyster and his confederates identified in his said insolvent order is his confession to having invested the money elsewhere for unauthorized purpose there by a criminal enterprise.

            John J. Shyster has reported to using a burdensome volume of papers repeating redundant and irrelevant cases, to disguise his absence of an assessment, (assumed to obtain the unlawful detainer for  Davy Citizen Jones) which requires a proof of claim (a check or voucher covering the amount of damages alleged in the controversy) as a matter of fact, failing to give the courts, local State and Bar Association the Certificate (voucher) of  Origin to determine that Davy C. Jones and confederates prove (subject matter) by the voucher as a matter of fact, not to be assumed.  Assuming the assessment is the practice of law in the local community without a license, and charging a claim with the assumed (non-existent assessment) is a felony by John J. Shyster and confederates, a dishonor used to detain Davy Citizen Jones and Davy Citizen Jones in an effort to create a disguise for the members identified by John J. Shyster (and the other names in the action -- good place to put all the names) on this Findings and Recommendations, to enter the Local community in disguise with a racketeering and criminal enterprise to loot and plunder and terrorize the local citizens.




Specific requests for names, bar numbers, etc might be in order with this being the reasons for requesting the information to bring Disciplinary Bar Action and Bankruptcy. 




Goes with transcript Dec 11th, 2002