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Credo Mutwa Reptilians


 Some people think that you have to believe in God or go to Church or even pray to be spiritual. Doing these things will not detract from your over all spirituality, but being spiritual doesn't necessitate doing any of these.
    I have believed in God my whole life, but that has not made me any more spiritual. I am a spiritual being, because I AM a spiritual being and I understand that. The "fear of God" has not made me any more kinder and gentler than I am as a person in general. I believe spirituality has more to do with growth than belief systems. I think that if you are determined to grow, then that is spiritual. I believe your spirit lives on after death and that you are always growing. Karma, is therefore, not what must return to you for equality in the universe, but rather, what you would have come back at you to teach you a lesson, or make you move foreward. I do not believe that "God Punishes". Rather I believe that we punish ourselves for not growing fast enough, or rather we do what is necessary to force ourselves to move onward toward our individual growth. (Not necessarily punishment)
    I believe, my idea of "God" is different than most individual's idea of "God". That is because when I talk to most people about "God" they believe that "God" is a vengeful diety. They believe that because of what has happened to the world in the last few thousand years, that "God" has foresaken mankind and is taking his wrath out on humanity at this time. This is TOTAL BULLS**T. Sorry, But,
    "Everything in this world as far as reality is concerned is made up every day by nitwit morons who do not know what is really going on, controlled on top by nitwit morons who DO KNOW what is going on" --Quote by ME
    In other words, most people believe what they are told, by people who don't have a clue, and reinforced daily throughout society by those that KNOW what going on but want to prevent you from finding out. This control is maintained PRIMARILY BY THE CHURCH!. Probably the "evilest" of Institutions, because "they" know you are coming seeking spiritual guidance, but it is in their best interest to have you "kept in the dark" as to true spirituality and your "personal" relationship with "God".
    This is not a bash on religion, for that Go Here!. Rather, this is an exploration of true "spirituality". If one is spiritual, then one is also inclined to progress. Hence, one is going to recognize "truth" for what it is and not be biased, based on their previous belief systems.
    Most of this section is written by me, personally. I believe that spirituality is the essence of our manifestation on Earth. We are here to grow and learn, kinda like nursery or elementary school. Some of us realize that, and some of us don't. That is our object here. To transcend the truth as to our individual "stations in life". What are we here to learn about or grow to understand? Sometimes, it is many things. Sometimes, for some of us, it is to help others move up a level or notch in growth. After all, we cannot all go on with our growth, if some of us are left behind. Then we have to live in a world dominated by those that do not understand the "true nature" of things, especially spirituality.
    So, in life there are many stations. And each one of these is where we are individually positioned at, to learn a certain amount of things that will take us up to the next level of understanding. Who knows what that is, we are not there yet. Our goal is to learn and comprehend enough that will enable us to reach a new, higher level of consciousness. From that result, the entire world will benefit.
    Something to look at as far as spirituality is concerned, I believe, is Rupert Sheldrake's "Morphic Resonance". Here he postulates that the world is infused with ideas and thoughts that trickle down into our awareness from higher spiritual dimensions. (These, some say, are already under the control of the Masons and secret societies). This makes sense, when one examines it carefully.
    We are all spiritual beings. This means that each of our thoughts affects the "Earth Plane" and dimension that we exist in. Our higher selves, which cannot and should not exist in this frequency capacity, are with us all the time. We are universally connected with our "higher selves". This, incidentally, is our connection with "God". Our "Higher Selves" are connected with "God" and how we connect with "God" is through our "Higher Selves". All of us is not here incarnate on the Earth. A part of us is spiritual and is connected with the "Ethereal" plane of existance. This is where we are all connected and "One", I believe.
    We each come here to experience what we choose for our utmost benefit and learning experience. What we fail to learn the first time, or second, we ultimately learn the third or fourth, or fifth time. That depends on our own chosen rate of learning. Just think about the all-forgiving father or mother who wants you to learn. Is punishing you going to make you learn faster? Of course not. But, encouraging you to learn fast for your own benefit would ultimately benefit you, would it not? Of course it would! So, it is more likely that we each decide what is best for us so that we can learn at our own growth rate, correct? Is it not a free-will universe?
    Therefore, I believe that it is up to us to GROW individually. That can be done by accepting the "truth" that resonates with your individual conciousness, and not going along with "the game". Going along with the status quo is what keeps up in a perpetual state of "New World Order Servitude". And by this I mean, When we think for ourselves, we decide and ultimately plan for ourselves, the future state of world affairs, instead of letting the corporate controlled media sell us lies about reality.
    I believe that this is the most important MOVE for humanity at this time. To WAKE UP! to the Corporate New World Order Control mechanisms that are in place today and to realize and actualize the individual powers of manifestation of reality that each of us with "good" intentions have in the world today. We must each "come together" for a shared understanding of basic spiritual "truths".
    These "truths" I am attempting to lay out here!
    We are all humans on the earth together. We share the same habitat. Why should we not share common beliefs about spirituality. It is O.K. if we don't. We don't have the same beliefs in "God". And that is O.K. (What is more important is that we respect each others individual beliefs than agree with them). But, we should all agree that "God" is good and wants us to benefit from our existence, if not, then what is life worth? I believe that "God" is "good". And that "God" wants us to benefit from our existence here. (If not, why would we be here?) And for those of you who do not believe in "God", I suggest you adopt some belief in "God" whatever that may be, because without "God" there is no "light" and "way". "God is Good" and all the evil in the world is due to man's inability to recognize "God" and behave accordingly.
    Even though, in ancient times, the "Axe" was "God" to the ancient people. That does not negate my idea of "God" as "All there is and all there will ever be". We are all connected, from the lowly homeless person on the street to the rich Mr. Bill Gates or President in the White House, we are all part of "God" and interconnected to each other in a family way that can never be seperated. Even from the "African American" to the "Chinaman" to the "President" we are all part of the "One" and that is "God" and with that I say "God Loves You, All of You", and that is my piece on Spirituality. Thank you for your attention!
    God Bless.

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