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Secret Societies

Secret Societies control the world. That's all there is to it. They always have and until people wake up and learn their secrets and how they control us, they always will. There are many secret societies in the world today and not all of them are on the same side. Some secret societies create BOTH SIDES, and really work together although it would not appear so on the surface. Probably, the most secret, mysterious, oldest and most powerful secret society is the Priory Of Sion. This is only an estimation, not an accusation. I would not assume they are the most dangerous, although I cannot say for sure either way. They are definitely near the top of the research ladder. I do not consider Leonardo Da Vinci or Sir Isaac Newton to be Evil Men, on the contrary, they were probably wise benevolent Illuminated Rosicrusions. One thing for sure, they were Rosicrusions and both members of the Royal Society and their knowledge did not come from inside them. It was passed on to them . They were Both Grand Masters of the Priory Of Sion.
From the earliest times of Egypt and the bricklayers of the pyramids, the MASONS have been a storehouse of information. To protect their trade and to retain the secrets of the sacred geometry sciences, they revealed little information. Later in England, Spain, France and Germany, and on the Continental United States, the lodges were the perfect opportunity to meet together, discuss business, share secrets, and recruit members. Freemasonry in general poses the greatest threat to the world. This does not mean all Freemasons are bad. Some are very good, the only problem is the good ones don't seem to live too long.
Secret Societies maintain their power over members through "RITUAL"  programming and members are required to share deep, personal secrets with the other members which are used to blackmail members who would choose to leave or reveal the secrets. In the Case of Captain William Morgan Author of the book "Illustrations of Freemasonry", they just killed him, slit his
throat from ear to ear and left his body floating in the river. This act caused an outrage in America in the 1830's and the first third party in the American political system was created, "The Anti-Masons Party". There are literally hundreds of books published throughout Europe spanning several centuries revealing the dangerous existence of these groups and exposing their plans. The Masons themselves claim to be victims of persecution by the catholic church over the centuries, which indeed is the way it would seem on the surface, but a deeper investigation reveals the Vatican to be an element of secret societies.
In 1776, when Adam Weishaupt formed the Illuminati in Bavaria, he had a plan to draft his organization onto freemasonry and use the secrecy of the Masonic lodges to recruit members from within freemasonry into the Illuminati by telling them that it was he who held the key to the higher degrees. His plan was to create a secret organization that would control the world behind the scenes for the ultimate "benefit" of humanity by making wars obsolete, the poor wealthy, removing racial and national boundaries, removing the responsibilty of the parents to raise their children and forming a communist one-world government, but the only problem was first he would have to create a few wars, abolish religion, and many people would have to die in the process. Well, this was o.k. to Weishaupt because " THE ENDS JUSTIFIED THE MEANS" as he was quoted to
say. So he figured he wouldn't tell anyone the bad part until later as they climbed the latter and would put up with more in order to retain their position and power in society. Weishaupt went to work to recruit the leaders of society as well as the rich and prestigious. Within a few short years there were hundreds of  "Illuminated Lodges" in Europe and dozens in America. At the time of the Revolutionary War and the signing of the Declaration of Independance, the Illuminati were rumored to be working to destroy the republic. George Washington wrote about them in his diaries and discussed the possible links to the Eastern Banking Establishment as well as the dissention in his ranks being possibly attributed to their propaganda.
The Illuminati seized on their opportunity to grab power in 1789 in France during the French Revolution. Sentiments against religion and the Monarchy were spread by the Illuminati controlled printing presses and the booksellers pushed all kinds of new propaganda to incite the people to revolution. When it was all over and the people thought they had taken the power for themselves, "SURPRISE", the Illuminati secretly held the reigns of new power in the French Assembly.

The Jesuits :
The Freemasons :
The Illuminati :
Skull & Bones :
The Knights Templar :
The Priory of Sion :
The Rosicrucians :
Ordo Templi Orientis :
The Golden Dawn :
The Club of Rome :
The Bilderburgs :
The Knights of Malta :
The Bohemian Grove :
The Hashishans or Assassins :
The Trilateral Commission :
The Council on Foreign Relations :

Judean People's Front : The Most Important, Secretive, highly organized and dangerous secret society of them all. Don't even "Click Here" or they will know. (And not to be confused with the prissy, powerless, wanna-be group called the "People's Front of Judea", and also not to be confused with the "People's Popular Front", or the "Popular Peoples") This is the only known picture to exist of this elusive, highly powerful, highly secretive society.

Judean Peoples Front

In case you weren't aware, this part is a joke.

Great Site to do research on various Royal Families, Orders, and Bloodlines

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