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Illegal phone charges

 **********by the INFORMER


   Did you know that the federal excise tax was repealed way back in 1965 according to the regulation found in 26 CFR and  the tax was repealed by Statute in 1968 ?

Below is the definition of excise tax.  Do you find any hint of the use of the telephone to transmit free speech therein.?

Statutes at Large, I.R.C. volume 53, Part 1, page 115, Subch. D. Unjust Enrichment. Definition of Federal Excise Tax: (j) As used in this section –
(1) The term "Federal excise tax" means a tax or exaction with respect to the sale, lease, manufacture, production, processing, ginning, importation, transportation, refining, recovery, or holding for sale or other disposition of commodities or articles, provided for by any Federal statute, whether valid or invalid, if denominated a "tax" by such statute. A Federal excise tax shall be deemed to have been imposed with respect to an article if it was imposed with respect to (or with respect to the processing of) any commodity or other article, from which such article was processed.

Since 26 CFR (1997 Edition) specifically states "termination of tax" was on July 1, 1965, please read the following
  from the same Statute from above.
(2) The term "date of the termination of the Federal excise tax held invalid by a decision of the Supreme
Court  the date of such decision."

  Such is the reason for the termination of the tax in 1965 as stated in the regulation.  Where has all this money gone?Those taking it are unjustly enriched by color of law to exact a tax from you that was repealed over 30 years ago.  Did you know that all  has to be given back, provided you knew about it ? This is your opportunity to get it
back from those who took it under artifice.

  What about all the carrier line charges, network access charges, 911 charges, relay carrier charges that have not been authorized by Congress or and State legislators.

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) exceeded its authority when it directed the National Exchange Carriers Association, Inc.  (NECA) to create the Schools and Libraries Corporation and the Rural Health Care Corporation.

    The Government Corporate Control Act specifies that "[a]n agency may establish or acquire a corporation to act as an agency only by or under a law of the United States specifically authorizing the action". 31 USC 9102
These entities act as the agents of the Commission (FCC) and, therefore, could only be created pursuant to specific statutory authority.  Because the commission has not been provided such authority, creation of the two corporations violated the Government Corporation Control Act.

In plain English, the FCC has created two private corporations, chartered them in Delaware and these two private corporations are telling  the phone companies their costs of doing business must be paid by you, the slave to the system.  Did you know that these two corporations were dissolved and put into another corporation when a man in North Carolina filed a Complaint with that State's Public Utility Commission. Then the company that absorbed it was merged with the NECA and that is how they were and are still are robbing you.

    Could it be that the Universal Service Tax  which funds Universal Access is merely a hidden expansion of Government spending..

Federal excise taxes are a tax on Speech

    Ok people, you gripe, complain, moan, pitch a fit, talk, talk, and talk about all the taxes you pay on phone service, but where does it get you?  Nowhere.  Do you love to be ravished, pillaged and plundered by the
phone companies acting as agents for the shadow government? They are collecting taxes that Are not authorized by Public Law or the CFR.  Have you read the 1st Amendment lately..?
You might also consider:  An exaction by the U.S. government, which is not based upon law, statutory or otherwise, is a taking of property without Due Process of law. And that folks,  is a  violation of the 5th  Amendment to the US Constitution.

Action………..not TALK

     A North Carolina  man did his research and  found the above  to be true and entered the evidence to the Public Utilities Commission.  Well this is all true and the phone companies sued cannot and have not to date,  produce one shred of evidence to dispute the man's complaint. In fact the man has been in contact with the General Accounting Office (GAO)  personnel who wrote the report that the FCC violated the corporation control act of the United States and all the charges are NON-CONSTITUTIONAL. The man then had the GAO send to the Public Utilities Commission all the report that backs up this man 100 percent.

 Any one from North Carolina or any other State wanting to become an intervenor*  and join in the action should contact:

N.C. Public Utilities Commission
Clerk, Geneva Thigpen,
430 N. Salisbury St.,  Dobbs Bldg.
Raleigh, North Carolina
telephone:  919-733-7328

Ask for the Complaint and exhibits in case number P-89 Sub 69, then if you want, ask for the phone companies response. Those legalese responses ought to tick you off to no end. For those in other States wanting to start their own actions/or class actions can also obtain the NC  Complaint and exhibits and use that as a guide to file in your State.  You will likely have to pay for the copy costs.

Now is the time to act, the action is laid out for you.  Get off your collective rears and do something about a government run by agencies that you have no control over.  Otherwise stop whining and complaining.

  • Intervenor.  NC Public Service Commission allows intervention under R1-19
Rule R1-19:  (a) contents of Petition.  Any person having an interest in the subject matter of any hearing  or investigation pending before the Commission may become a party thereto and have the right to call and examine witnesses, cross-examine opposing witnesses, and be hard on all matters relative to the issues involved, by filing a verified petition with the Commission giving the docket number and title of the proceeding and the following information in separately numbered paragraphs.