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Credo Mutwa Reptilians


Informer's Tax Series #8

    Did you know that an Internal Revenue Service Agent is not authorized by law to file a Federal Tax Lien? Did you know that the 668Y Notice of Tax Lien is not authorized by regulation and is not recognized by the Office of Management and Budget as a Form to be used by the Internal Revenue Service agent? Do you know that there is only one Lien Form authorized by regulations and published in the Federal Register and it is not the 668Y Form? Do you know that all Notices of Federal Tax Lien fail the UCC section verification parameters for a Notice of Lien to be filed?

    Just thought you would like to know that these facts exist. Therefore, isn't this as violation of the law that fobids the filing of false documents, 18 USC 1001, for the purpose of extortion, 18 USC 872, and they are involved in R.I.C.O. 18 USC 1962 to 1963, slander, violation of 26 USC 6103 in divulging information that is private which costs the 1000 bucks for each person that has seen it? So besides all the personnel in the filing of the lien process has seen it and all the TRW, Equa-fax people and if it is published in the newspapers as sometimes is done, that that constitutes at least 100,000 bucks. What if the paper has a subscription list of 90,000 and all others that have seen it amounts to 10,000 others, that's where the 100,000 bucks comes in. Now you move for civil damages and ask for criminal prosecution from the Attorney General of your State on all those involved. There is no immunity as the Public Law waived immunity on even the District Directors and stated they can be sued. So Congress has authorized suit and waived any immunity whatsoever.

The Informer