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Sovereignty / Citizenship

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      Just how exactly do you suppose we got into the present situation where the police and the government tell the people what to do instead of the PEOPLE, who created the government telling the HIRED PUBLIC SERVANTS what to do?

     There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that we have been hoodwinked by the Freemasons into CONTRACTING our NATURAL LAW RIGHTS UNDER GOD away for PRIVELIGES & IMMUNITIES from the state.

     All over the world our Commercial Credit and contract system of government is being currently being applied and enforced often against the will of the participants. IS THIS FREEDOM? Adopt this defunct constitution that we give you, Borrow our money, pay us interest and give us your natural resources when you can't afford to pay back your debts!!   SOUNDS LIKE DEMOCRACY TO ME!!

     The only difference here in this country is that when we went bankrupt in 1933, WE, THE PEOPLE WERE PUT UP AS COLLATERAL FOR THE DEBT THAT WE OWED. In essence, this is what is going on all over the world as the International Bankers attempt to collect the loans made by the IMF and the World Bank. There is one problem for them however.....


     The SOVEREIGNTY movement is really the core of the FREEDOM movement. People are revoking their social security numbers, returning their driver's licenses, cancelling their voter registrations and closing their bank accounts. Why? Because these are all contracts that have been used to enslave us. THIS IS HOW WE BECOME SOVEREIGN AGAIN ! We, the people (The Principle in contract law (The Constitution is a Contract)), created the government (Our Agent).


Not the other way around!

     So, if social security and U.S. Citizenship were created by the government, which was created by US the free people, then we join up to become joint-venturers with the state, or employees of the state and thus become agents of the agency we created. The Government Employees and all public officers who swore an oath to uphold and defend the constitution (contract) are the only ones bound by it and all of the laws, codes, rules, statutes and regulations passed by the legislature.


      The Sovereign is the highest authority and owes their allegience to no one but God and is answerable to no one except those who they have tresspassed against. The only crimes are common law crimes such as Rape, Robbery and Murder. THERE HAS TO BE AN INJURED PARTY FOR A CRIME TO HAVE BEEN COMMITTED!!  -- Then the injured party files charges against the defendant. The STATE CANNOT BE AN INJURED PARTY The State is a fiction, a piece of paper, not a flesh and blood human being.

     So, what must be really going on is that the government must be SILENTLY claiming a breach of contract when you fail to obey the codes, rules and regulations set forth by the CORPORATION for it's EMPLOYEES. (Remember, the U.S. citizen is a creation of the District of Columbia, which is a corporation itself.). WITHOUT A CONTRACT, YOU CANNOT BE COMPELLED TO PERFORM.

    One thing that is VERY IMPORTANT is the ISSUE of the ORIGINAL 13th AMENDMENT!! See Both Research Options Below
     What if you found out that there was a hidden Amendment to the Constitution that was so devastating that the LAWYERS HAD TO BURY IT SECRETLY?? What if it could be proven that every law passed by congress as well as every session has been VOID because the lawmakers themselves were forbidden from holding office and had actually LOST THEIR CITIZENSHIP? This would not be a pretty thought having gone this far into our present society. But does time make a VOID ACT Lawful? The answer is NO!! Read More about the Original 13th Amendment below!!

     There are several different takes on what exactly happened to the uncontracted, unenfranchised Sovereign Free individual in this country so I will attempt to present all of the various and sometimes conflicting views.

* REDEMPTION : The Peak of the Sovereignty Pyramid?

* The United States Is Still A British Colony by James Montgomery --1998

     The Truth about the Montana Freemen : Principle over the agent, supreme Court in the county, Liens for failure to uphold oath of office and lack of Bond of substance, Taking back government at the local level, and Torture in Prison, Obstruction of Justice.

* Letters By Leroy Schweitzer From Prison : Exposing the Corporate Tribunals - From Nov. 1996, Oct. 1997, & 9-7-99

* Have you ever been told that you need the council of an Attorney? -- Read this article about Early Government in Cecil County, the Justices, & Constables

* Commercial Liens : A Most Potent Weapon

* An Open Letter by Bill Medina - Silver Bulletin - This One Is Hot!

The Informer (Premier Researcher)

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* The Genesis of Emergency War Powers Act - By The Informer

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* "Understanding the Tax Fraud and the Real Criminals". It is several years old but his research is meticulous and groundbreaking.

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* How about that F.O.I.A.?! (State level request for documents) by American's Bulletin Staff

* "Ain't That Fringe Purdy?" --By Randy Lee -From American's Bulletin - Jan. 1997

On the Original 13th Amendment

* On the "Original 13th Amendment" by Researcher David Dodge - A Summary --Anti-shyster - 1991

* The Original 13th Amendment - Book By David Dodge and Tom Dunn

* Legal Fictions and Common Law Legal Theory : Some Historical Reflections  - By Eben Moglen

                               Right To Travel Issues

* Traffic Court - Presenting the Right Questions (This is known to work)

* Violation Tickets and Appearance Notices Deconstructed - Vol. 2 - Robert Arthur Maynard

(Coming Soon)  

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